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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 103

Huo Xiu really settled down as Xi Ning expected.

There was no movement from him for several days, as if he had forgotten what he said to Xi Ning last time.

Xi Ning breathed a sigh of relief, and he relaxed for a moment.

Recently, Chu Yi came to his bedroom every night.

He changed back to the original appearance, and then kissed and hugged Xi Ning.

After that he would go to Huo Xiu’s place to check whether Han Ji had returned.

He also brought all the magic items that Xi Ning gave him.

Although these were not very useful to Chu Yi, he was still very happy.

Especially when Xi Ning waited for him to come back every time.

He would check Chu Yi’s whole body to make sure that he was unharmed, and then go to sleep at ease.

Chu Yi had never experienced this feeling before.

He always thought of Xi Ning when he was outside, and wanted to go back to sleep with him earlier.

Devils had never liked to start families and Chu Yi was also deeply affected.

But now he was seriously considering marrying Xi Ning and taking him back to the Devil Realm in the future.

Even though they just met each other not long ago, Chu Yi never felt this way for anyone before.

But now the Immortal Emperor wanted to send Xi Ning away to marry, so he had no more time to lose.

“Your Royal Highness,” Chu Yi said to Xi Ning after returning, “If I can't find Han Ji tomorrow night, I have to go back to the Devil Realm."

While Chu Yi was saying that, he gave Xi Ning a defensive magic weapon.

If someone wanted to attack Xi Ning, this magic weapon was not only able to withstand part of the damage, but could also release three powerful attacks.

Although it could not kill Huo Xiu directly, it could buy some time for Xi Ning to escape.

Huo Xiu had not shown any movement recently, but Xi Ning still had to keep his guard up.

Chu Yi thought that Han Ji was injured and had nowhere to go, and had Tian Wu Zhu with him besides, which made it hard for him to hide.

He would definitely find a chance to come back again or return to the Devil Realm.

However, the people that Chu Yi arranged to guard in the Devil Realm told him that they didn’t find traces of Han Ji.

If Han Ji hadn't returned to Huo Xiu's palace tomorrow night, he planned to go back to prepare for his marriage with Xi Ning, and find Han Ji's trace along the way.

As for the matter of snatching a marriage partner from the spirit clan, Chu Yi didn't tell Xi Ning for the time being.

He would tell Xi Ning about it when he was going to return to the Immortal Palace, and give him a surprise.

“Are you leaving” Xi Ning was very surprised, but Chu Yi was a devil and he still has his own business to do.

It was impossible for Chu Yi to stay with him for a lifetime according to his current identity.

“Will you come back”

Chu Yi touched his dragon's horn and calmly said, “Yes, I will go back to deal with some things, but I will come back to you soon.”

This was a small discovery he made recently.

When Xi Ning's mood was not very good, touching his dragon's horns would relieve him a lot.

Xi Ning didn’t know how long it would take for Chu Yi to return.

He was very reluctant to see Chu Yi leave and he became intimate with him for a longer time before falling asleep.


The next night, after Chu Yi left, Xi Ning waited for a long time but didn't see him come back.

He was very worried and felt restless when sitting in his bedroom.

The system comforted him, “Chu Yi may have just returned to the Devil Realm when he did not find Han Ji.

I think he looks very powerful.

Han Ji has greatly increased his power by relying on Tian Wu Zhu but he only made some slight injuries on Chu Yi.

So master, you don't need to worry too much.”

So he didn't even want to say goodbye to himself

Xi Ning didn't sleep all night.

At dawn, he heard some commotion coming from outside.

He got up and put on his clothes, and Uncle Rong hurriedly knocked on his door.

“Your Royal Highness, General Huo brought people over and said that he would want to…...

search the entire palace.”

Xi Ning’s heart sank to the bottom, he opened the door and asked, “Search for what”


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