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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 115

Xi Ning didn’t dare look at him, so he simply buried his face in Si TuZhao’s shirt and didn’t want to raise his head even if Si TuZhao kept calling him.

His dragon horns were more sensitive than before.

He noticed it when Si TuZhao kissed him just now, but he didn't expect him to even…...

It didn't really feel uncomfortable, it was just that his senses were so sensitive that his hand that was grabbing on Si TuZhao's shirt was still trembling.

Seeing that Xi Ning was so shy, Si TuZhao couldn't bear to do anything more, so he caressed his hair.

“Okay, I won't tease you anymore.”

Xi Ning's dragon horns had not yet fully grown.

In short, he was still very young, compared to Si TuZhao.

He was already old enough he could even be the Immortal King's brother, but now he was in love with his son.

After he married Xi Ning, wouldn't he become the son-in-law of the Immortal Emperor No wonder he always thought the Immortal Emperor knew something, but didn't mention a word, and continued acting with him…...

“I have to take great pains to marry you.” Si TuZhao hugged Xi Ning up a little bit, and kissed his earlobe.

“When you follow me back to the Devil Realm, I won't let you go again so easily.”

Xi Ning didn't understand it for a while, so he raised his face and retorted, “You wanting to marry me is your own business.

I haven't even agreed yet.”

“Then do you agree”

Si TuZhao directly turned over and propped himself on Xi Ning, wanting to kiss his dragon horns again, but then he heard the sound of footsteps coming outside the bedroom.

Uncle Rong knocked on Xi Ning’s bedroom door.

“Your Royal Highness You haven't gone to bed yet”

The two people in the room froze, Xi Ning cleared his throat and said, “Not yet, what's the matter”

Uncle Rong replied outside the door, “It's just that I saw Your Royal Highness was going to sleep very late today so I got a bit concerned.

If it's nothing, please rest early.”

Normally at this time Xi Ning had already gone to bed, but today the lights in the room were on for so long.

Uncle Rong was worried that something had happened, so he knocked on the door, but he didn't hear any sound in the room.

Uncle Rong left after a moment.

It was indeed already late at this time.

Si TuZhao sat up and asked Xi Ning, “Do you want to go to bed”

Xi Ning also felt sleepy after hearing his question, so Si TuZhao took him to the bed and prepared him for sleep as before.

When untying the robe for Xi Ning, Si TuZhao suddenly realized that he was no longer Chu Yi, but he did these things so naturally.

Xi Ning's expression was also very natural, without any psychological burden in the slightest.

Si TuZhao slowed down.

He lowered his head and took a bite of the tip of Xi Ning's nose.

Xi Ning raised his head and stepped back a bit while covering his face.

“What are you doing Why did you bite me”


Si TuZhao was in a good mood.

After he hung up Xi Ning’s robe, he made Xi Ning lie down.

He then took out the ointment and sat on a stool, and applied the ointment and massaged Xi Ning’s horns like before.

“Go to sleep.

I'll be here with you.” Si TuZhao put out the lights in the bedroom and sat quietly in the dark.

Xi Ning actually wanted Si TuZhao to sleep together with him.

In the last world, they had also shared a bed before.

But the situation was different at that time.

In the end, Xi Ning did not speak up and went to sleep while holding Si TuZhao's hand on his side.

When he woke up the next day, Si TuZhao was still sitting on the bed in the same posture.

“Are you awake” Si TuZhao leaned closer and kissed Xi Ning's lips.

“I'm leaving soon.

You can sleep for a while longer.”

Hearing that Si TuZhao said he was leaving, Xi Ning became awake instantly and sat up.

“Did you sit here all night"


Si TuZhao squeezed Xi Ning's palm.

“Hurry up and kiss me.

I will come to find you again later.”

Xi Ning leaned over and kissed Si TuZhao’s lips, and Si TuZhao got up and left with satisfaction.


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