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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 120

“Your Royal Highness, go back to your room and get some rest for now.” Seeing that his mood finally improved, Uncle Rong urged, “It's getting late.”

Xi Ning got up and went into his bedroom.

Uncle Rong waited until he turned off the lights before leaving.

The next morning, Uncle Rong brought servant clothes with him.

Xi Ning put them on and they fit him perfectly.

He then wore a bandana to cover the dragon's horns in front of his forehead.

His figure looked thin and other than his face, he looked no different from ordinary servants.

“I will say that when the Devil Lord brought people to search yesterday, someone accidentally angered the Devil Lord and Your Royal Highness asked me to come here to apologize.” Uncle Rong took a small box and gave it to Xi Ning.

Inside the box, there were some items that were prepared as a gift to give Si TuZhao, Uncle Rong then cast a spell on Xi Ning's face to change his appearance.

“I feel sorry for Your Royal Highness.”

Xi Ning kept repeating “it’s alright”, and followed Uncle Rong all the way to the palace where Si TuZhao lived.

Uncle Rong intentionally chose a small path that only had a few people.

He used his spiritual power to walk and soon arrived.

Xi Ning saw some devils guarding the gate from a distance.

Both of them came forward to explain their intentions, and the devils at the door were unmoved.

“The Devil Lord has issued an order that he is not seeing any guests.”

Uncle Rong turned his head and looked at Xi Ning.

It was embarrassing to keep standing in front of the door.

Xi Ning couldn't help but say, “You go to inform the Devil Lord and say that we are servants of the seventh prince.”

The devils remained unmoved.

“The Devil Lord has already issued an order that he is not seeing any guests.”

Uncle Rong pulled Xi Ning's sleeves when he heard the words, and wanted to go back first and think again.

Xi Ning didn't want to give up, and said, “I advise you to ask first, if the Devil Lord blames you......”

With his attitude, the devil hesitated.

He turned his head and talked with his companion in a low voice and said, “Then you two stay here first.”

Xi Ning breathed a sigh of relief, holding the small box and looking up at the door, but he couldn't see anything.

After he saw Si TuZhao, who must still be angry, he planned to coax him first, and then......

The devil who had just visited came back soon.

He looked angry, and his attitude was worse than before.

“No! Take those things away as well, the Devil Lord won't accept it either.”

“No” Xi Ning couldn't believe it.

“I don't believe……”

Seeing that the devils became more and more impatient, Uncle Rong pulled Xi Ning and whispered.

“Forget it, Your Royal Highness, let's go.”

Si TuZhao didn't accept anything, so Xi Ning had to carry back the small box that he had brought.

He lowered his head and said nothing all the way back to the palace.

It seems that he underestimated the seriousness of this matter.

Si TuZhao must be very angry now.

Xi Ning could understand…...

Uncle Rong didn’t know what had happened between them, so he only persuaded, “The Devil Lord does not want to see Your Royal Highness and does not accept anything.

He must also have his consideration.

Maybe it’s better to wait for a while.”

What he meant was that Si TuZhao also had to consider what the Immortal Emperor would think, and worried that others would gossip about them, but Xi Ning knew that he was angry with himself.

Because Si TuZhao was not afraid to get discovered when he came to find him at night and even stayed in his palace a few days ago.

“Master, wait for a while.

Maybe he will come over by himself in a few days.

You have to give him some time to calm down.” The system thought for a while and volunteered, “If he comes secretly at night, I will immediately wake you up.”

There was nothing else he could do for now, so Xi Ning responded, “Okay.”


However, Xi Ning never saw Si TuZhao again in the next few days.

He slept very late every day.

After putting out the lights, he would wait for a long time with his eyes open in bed.

However, Si TuZhao didn't come at all, and the system said that it didn't find anything abnormal at night.

Xi Ning really panicked.

What if Si TuZhao continued to ignore him

He also said that he wanted to propose marriage to him, but there was still no news until now.

If he was angry and changed his mind, would he go back to the Devil Realm directly after finding Tian Wu Zhu If so, then Xi Ning would not be able to find him.

Just as Xi Ning was in a panic, the Immortal Emperor sent someone to ask him for a visit.

The servants were people from the Immortal Emperor Hall.

After Xi Ning had cleaned up, they led him to where the Immortal Emperor was.

Xi Ning asked while he was on the way, “Did the Immortal Emperor say the reason that he wanted me to come over”

“You will know when you arrive at the hall,” the servant replied.

He also said after a short pause, “The Devil Lord is also in the Immortal Emperor Hall.”

Si TuZhao was also there.

Xi Ning had his hopes up, and even urged the servant to go faster.


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