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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 127

“It will take some time to deliver things from the Devil Realm.” Si TuZhao planned to propose marriage to Xi Ning first, while waiting for the betrothal gift to be delivered.

“You will just have to wait for me in the palace obediently.”

He took Xi Ning's hand and rubbed it.

Xi Ning sat down near him and felt a little worried.

“Will the Immortal Emperor disagree”


If he wouldn’t agree, he would have just rejected me this morning.”

Si TuZhao actually knew that behind Yuan Ting was the entire spirit clan.

But the Devil Realm had a different hierarchy.

He could not represent the devil clan.

To put it bluntly, the marriage between him and Xi Ning did not have anything to do with the other Devil Lords.

If Si TuZhao wanted to get the support of the other Devil Lords, he would have to work hard for it.

Si TuZhao didn't tell Xi Ning about these issues as he didn't want him to worry about it.

His fingertips followed Xi Ning's collar and gradually touched the back of Xi Ning’s neck.

After a while, Xi Ning relaxed a lot and leaned quietly in his arms.

“By the way, did you choose the name Xi Ning yourself” Si TuZhao remembered this.

He didn't pay much attention to those surnames in the Immortal Palace.

When Xi Ning told him his name, he also didn't think much about it.


it was the nickname my mother gave me a long time ago.” The mother of the seventh prince had already passed away, so Si TuZhao couldn't verify this even if he wanted to.

“Except for myself, only you know about this.”

“Only me” Si TuZhao was pleasantly surprised and satisfied.

He hugged Xi Ning tightly.

“But your name Jing Yu must be written on the marriage proposal letter.”

Jing Yu is the name of the seventh prince.

Usually no one called him by his name.

The name sounded very unfamiliar to Xi Ning when he heard it.

He nodded and replied.



Si TuZhao did what he said, and he handed a marriage proposal letter to the Immortal Emperor, saying that the betrothal gift was already on the way.

The news spread quickly in the Immortal Palace.

Some insiders were very confused.

Wasn’t the seventh prince already preparing to marry into the spirit clan The Crown Prince Yuan Ting came to the Immortal Palace for this purpose.

But why did the Devil Lord…..

Within a few days, Yuan Ting also handed in a marriage proposal letter to the Immortal Emperor.

Suddenly, the unknown seventh prince became the center of the conversation.

The spirit clan originally came to request a marriage, so it was not surprising that Yuan Ting handed the marriage proposal letter.

But didn't Si TuZhao just come to the Immortal Palace not long ago Many people guessed that he didn't really like Xi Ning, but had another purpose.

The Immortal Emperor was in an awkward situation as he didn’t want to offend either side.

Later, he said that he would need to see how Xi Ning thought.

However, Yuan Ting and Si TuZhao had not been in contact with Xi Ning for a long time, so the matter was put on hold.

The innocent Yuan Ting really thought that Xi Ning and Si TuZhao were not familiar with each other, so he came to visit Xi Ning very often and wanted to get acquainted with him.

Xi Ning refused to meet him several times with various reasons, but the other party was not discouraged from his refusal.

Later, Xi Ning felt a little sorry for his constant refusal, so he finally decided to meet Yuan Ting.

Yuan Ting brought some special treasures of the spirit clan to give to Xi Ning.

Xi Ning glanced at them.

They were all impractical but beautiful small objects.

He politely refused.

“Spirit clan’s prince, thank you for your consideration, but I didn't really have any use for these.”


okay.” Yuan Ting did not insist that Xi Ning accept the gifts, and ordered his subordinates to take the things back again.

“If Xiao Qi has something you want, just tell me, the spirit clan has everything.”

He felt that addressing Xi Ning as “seventh prince” was too unfriendly, but it was not appropriate to call Xi Ning’s name directly.

So just like the Immortal Emperor, he called him Xiao Qi, a name which seemed more intimate.

Xi Ning said that there was nothing he wanted.

Yuan Ting chatted with him about other things, and it didn't take long for him to bring up Si TuZhao intentionally or unintentionally.

“From what I've heard, this is the first time the Devil Lord has come to the Immortal Palace.

He must have something extremely important to deal with.” Yuan Ting seemed curious, wanting to see how Xi Ning's attitude towards Si TuZhao was.

“But Xiao Qi usually stays in your own palace, so you shouldn't have much opportunity to meet the Devil Lord.”

Xi Ning didn't know how to answer him.

They were sitting in the courtyard outside.

Suddenly, there was a small noise coming from Xi Ning’s bedroom not far away, as if something had been dropped and broken.

Yuan Ting also heard it and turned his head to look.

“Is there someone inside tidying up your bedroom”

But the door of the bedroom was closed, and usually no one would enter Xi Ning’s bedroom without his permission.

Xi Ning noticed something was wrong.

He got up and said, “Spirit clan’s prince, you stay here first.

I'll go and take a look.”

Yuan Ting originally wanted to let Uncle Rong, who was standing beside them, to check it, as maybe it was because the wind had blown something down.

But Xi Ning had already walked out of the courtyard quickly, and Uncle Rong was refilling his tea, so he shut his mouth.


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