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During the afternoon class, the system suddenly sent a mission reminder.

[The school will try out a one-to-one assistance program.

The chance of a relationship happening between Lin Mian and Song Zhou is 30%, so the probability of a plot changing will reach as high as 70%.


With only this short line of words, Xi Ning was still puzzled when the teacher walked in with a stack of forms after class.

“Soon, there will be an assistance program between students in the same class.

I have communicated with the teachers for all of the subjects.

We have assigned members to you in advance for the time being.

Everyone should take a look first.”

When Xi Ning got the form and looked at it, he immediately understood what was going on.

What kind of assistance program required two students to form a group and study together The names of Lin Mian and Song Zhou were written in the same column which means that they are divided into the same group.

By taking gender into consideration, both alphas and omegas were either in a same sex group or grouped with a beta.

It also depended on each persons strengths and weaknesses in the subjects.

Xi Nings group member is an omega girl.

On the form, it was written that Song Zhous weakness was physics, and Lin Mian happened to be the representative of the physics class and also always got first for the physics test.

The teacher knocked on the desk.

“Students who have objections to the group can bring it up.

The testing period for the program will be one month…”

This is obviously an opportunity for Lin Mian and Song Zhou to be alone.

Maybe the two would meet together to do homework on the weekend.

Xi Ning got very concerned.

He must stop Lin Mian and Song Zhou from being in the same group.

He raised his hand high, “Teacher, I want to switch groups.”

It was Xi Ning.

The teacher had a headache, but he nodded to let him speak.

Xi Ning stood up and said, “Teacher, I want to group with Song Zhou.”

The teacher was petrified and suspected that he had misheard it, there is no answer from the teacher so Xi Ning repeated it again.

The teacher repeated his sentence again, “You want to group with Song Zhou What can you help him with”

Song Zhous other grades are good, only his physics grade is poor.

However, the overall results will be also affected even if one of the subjects is poor.

The teacher was the one who taught physics, so he was the one who assigned Lin Mian.

Besides that, the teacher also wanted Song Zhou to help with Lin Mians English.

He tried to negotiate with Xi Ning, “The assistance program is not childs play.

Although this time is still a trial period for the program, the school leaders will check the results at the end of the semester, so everyone must take it seriously.”

Xi Ning stubbornly said, “I know Song Zhou is not good at physics, I can help him.”

With the system by his side, he could explain quantum mechanics clearly to Song Zhou, let alone a mere high school physics problem.

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Song Zhou raised his head to look at Xi Nings face.

Xi Ning looked serious and determined, but everyone knew that his physics score was only average.

The teacher laughed angrily and shook his head.

He picked up a physics workbook to turn to a random page.

“Well then, come here and write down the solution for the fifth problem on page 14, if you can write it correctly, I will let you group with Song Zhou.”

If Xi Ning couldnt solve it, not only would he be unable to group with Song Zhou, but he would also be humiliated.

Xi Ning went to the podium immediately fearlessly.

Instead of taking his own workbook, he used the teachers workbook to indicate that he was not cheating.

The original Xi Ning used to be very arrogant and looked down on everyone.

Even after studying for more than a year in high school, he didnt make even one friend.

He was disliked by everyone in the class, so all of his classmates turned their workbook page to the question that was mentioned by the teacher as they wanted to see Xi Ning making a fool of himself.


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