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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 133

The sight of the two holding hands in front of him appeared extremely dazzling.

Yuan Ting struggled and only sat for a while, then he stood up to leave.

“I have something to do, so I need to leave now.

Xiao Qi, if you have any needs, just tell me directly.”

He still had one last hope.

He would wait until the moment when the Immortal Emperor makes the final decision.

During this period, if he found out that Si TuZhao or Xi Ning had any abnormalities, he would definitely not let the matter drop.

Si TuZhao still wanted to insult him, but Yuan Ting turned around and left without hesitation.

Shu Xiu also bowed to the two before leaving the pavilion.

After he walked away, Si TuZhao raised his brows.

“Did he just give up so easily I thought he had a lot of determination.”

It would be even better if Yuan Ting took the initiative to tell the Immortal Emperor that he will give up the marriage.

The person beside him was very quiet.

Si TuZhao turned his head to find that Xi Ning was a little absent-minded, staring in the direction where Yuan Ting left.

He was immediately unhappy.

He squeezed Xi Ning’s face with his palm and turned it to his side, then he said with jealousy, “What are you looking at”

The system was talking to Xi Ning about Huo Xiu’s son, saying that this opportunity was very rare and it suggested that he try to get Shu Xiu and Huo Xiu get to know each other, to see if they liked each other.

If Shu Xiu got pregnant early, it could also compare the supporting character data.

After such a long time, Xi Ning had forgotten who Huo Xiu’s son was, and the system explained once more, “His son plays an important supporting role in the book.

With him, the protagonist can overcome all difficulties and climb his way to the top, so he must be born.”

But Shu Xiu and Huo Xiu didn't seem to match at all.

Xi Ning even suspected that Shu Xiu's combat power was higher than Huo Xiu's.

Moreover, the two of them were still strangers now.

Even if there was a period in the future they might have something happen between them, it would be in the future.

Xi Ning felt weird to force a match between them at this time.

After being pinched, Xi Ning came back to his senses.

Seeing Si TuZhao getting jealous, he got up and sat on his lap.

“I'm looking at the spirit that was beside Yuan Ting.”

Si TuZhao's expression eased a little, but he frowned after some thought.

“There’s nothing to look at.

You are not allowed to look at women as well.”

“I haven't seen a lot of spirit clan before, so I just took a few more glances since she looked special.” Xi Ning pulled Si TuZhao's hair with dissatisfaction.

“Why are you so possessive now”

Si TuZhao was not so possessive before, or did he not realize it before

Si TuZhao lowered his eyes and said, “You just realize it But it's already too late.”

Xi Ning wanted to get up from his lap, but Si TuZhao didn't let him move, and his fingertips slipped in from his sleeves, his lips rubbed against his dragon horns.

He found that as long as he did this, Xi Ning would become more obedient and basically let him do whatever he wanted.

The two stayed in the pavilion for a long time before Si TuZhao went back.


After Shu Xiu sent the betrothal gift, she stayed in the Immortal Palace with Yuan Ting, and she would probably go back with him.

Xi Ning had been struggling in his thoughts for a long time.

Should he match Shu Xiu and Huo Xiu But even if he wanted to matchmake them, he may not be able to do it in the current situation.

Shu Xiu looked like she won’t be at the mercy of others, and Huo Xiu was not in a normal state now.

He received several mission prompts that showed the probability of Huo Xiu's character collapse rose by 50% for a while, and then dropped by 50% after a while, repeatedly and unpredictably.

A few days later, the system finally showed a complete mission instruction.

[Due to the interference of the devil’s treasure, Tian Wu Zhu, the probability of character collapse has increased by 50%.

Please intervene as soon as possible.


This was the first time the name of Tian Wu Zhu appeared in the mission instructions.

It seemed that the central system had finally discovered the connection between the collapse of Huo Xiu's character and Tian Wu Zhu, and Xi Ning's mission points were not deducted for this collapse.

“Then......then I don't need to match Shu Xiu and Huo Xiu, right” Xi Ning thought, “I only need to return Tian Wu Zhu to its original owner.”

The system thought for a while, and then replied, “Let's take it one step at a time.

To be honest, I don't know what happened to Huo Xiu.

We can’t kill this person yet…...

It's really troublesome.”

But how can he get Huo Xiu to hand over Tian Wu Zhu Huo Xiu is now very cautious.

Even Si TuZhao couldn't find where he hid Tian Wu Zhu.

A few days ago, Si TuZhao used the name of the Immortal Emperor and went to the West Hall to search for the magic storage item of everyone including Huo Xiu, but Tian Wu Zhu was still not found.


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