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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 139

Some of Si TuZhao's subordinates had already left the Immortal Palace during the day, and at this time they were outside to regathered with them.

Xi Ning has made it a habit to go to bed early every night.

He yawned again and again after traveling for a while.

Si TuZhao stopped walking when he saw this and asked Xi Ning,  “Do you want to rest for a while”

Or find a place to spend the night.

There was still half a day's journey from here to the nearest teleportation magic formation, and it was not too late to leave after dawn tomorrow.

Xi Ning tried to stay awake and shook his head.

“No need.”

If the Immortal Emperor discovered that he had escaped, he would definitely send someone to pursue him, and Yuan Ting…...

Their actions had provoked both the immortal realm and the spirit clan at the same time.

But Si TuZhao and Xi Ning were not afraid.

He smiled at Si TuZhao.

“I want to return to the Devil Realm with you as soon as possible.”

Si TuZhao's expression soften, and he kissed Xi Ning’s lips affectionately.

“Sorry that you have to go through this.”

Xi Ning grew up in the immortal realm and he had never been out of the Immortal Palace, but now he wanted to leave everything behind and go to the Devil Realm with him.

If it weren't because of the Immortal Emperor, he wouldn't want to do that.

The surrounding devils all looked at Xi Ning curiously.

They didn't dare to watch them for long, but they had never seen Si TuZhao treat anyone so gently and so affectionately.

He didn't even want the treasures of the Devil Realm and only wanted to take Xi Ning away.

Si TuZhao raised his head again, and the devils stood still and looked away.

He held Xi Ning’s hands and said, “Let's go.”

At dawn, they arrived at the teleportation magic formation.

The formation could directly teleport to the Devil Realm.

Except for the devil clan, others rarely stumbled upon it.

The number of people who could pass through the teleportation magic formation at one time was limited.

Si TuZhao’s subordinates injected devil energy into the formation, letting Si TuZhao and Xi Ning go first.

Xi Ning buried his face in while hugging Si TuZhao.

He felt the space around him twist for a while, and when he looked up, he was already at a different place.

They were now in the woods.

It was a little far from the devil palace, but this teleportation magic formation was the closest to the devil palace.

Si TuZhao loosened his embrace.

“There should be a town nearby.

Let’s find an inn to rest first.”

From what Si TuZhao knew, Xi Ning should not understand this, so he explained, “It is a place where you pay for accommodation and meals.”

Xi Ning was very curious.

“I've heard of it before, does the Devil Realm also have an inn”

The regions with low-level devils are actually similar to many places in the mortal realm, except that the devils have a longer life span, and they admire power and bloodlines.

Si TuZhao made up a disguise for Xi Ning, and used an illusion to cover the dragon horns on his forehead.

Now Xi Ning looked like a high level devil who had just grown up.

His subordinates also came out of the teleportation magic formation.

Si TuZhao was going to take Xi Ning to find a place to rest.

They have too many people in the group and it was too conspicuous to appear in this remote place.

So he asked his subordinates to scatter and go back to the devil palace first.

He and Xi Ning went out of the woods alone, and as expected they found a small city not far away.

Si TuZhao also hid part of his aura.

There was a devil guarding the city outside the city gate.

He saw two high level devils coming over and let them pass.

After entering the city, Xi Ning quietly looked at the surrounding environment.

He had never been to the ancient world before, but he had seen it on TV.

It was quite similar to the mortal world.

He could see some men, women and children, but they seemed to be afraid of them.

Si TuZhao explained to him in a low voice, “They are mostly low-level devils here, and higher level devils are relatively rare.

It's normal for them to be afraid of us.”

He found an inn and asked for a room, and ordered some snacks and a pot of hot tea.

The room that they picked was the best they have in the inn.

Although it was not as good as the Immortal Palace, it was clean and tidy.

Si TuZhao was barely satisfied.

He frowned when the snack was served.

“What are these”

The waiter was a young devil.

Seeing Si TuZhao angry, he was very frightened.

Xi Ning pulled Si TuZhao’s sleeve.

“It looks good.

We will just have this.”

The devils are not as sensitive to the taste of the food as other clans.

Except for those with higher status who will eat something more exquisite, the low level devils only need to fill their stomachs, so the pastries served here were not very good.

It also seemed to have a weird smell.

Xi Ning picked it up and wanted to eat, Si TuZhao reached out and grabbed it.

He threw the plate with the pastry together.

“What are you doing,” Xi Ning couldn't stop Si TuZhao, and felt it a pity to throw away.

“Why don't you let me eat."

Si TuZhao's face turned gloomy.

He opened the teapot and smelled it, and poured the tea away as well.

“The things here are not good.

I'll have someone make a better one for you when we return to the devil palace, okay” Si TuZhao apologized, lowered his head and rubbed the tip of Xi Ning's nose.

“If I realized this earlier, I would have brought some food before I left.”

It turned out that he cared about this.

Xi Ning laughed and said, “I don’t really need to eat, since I'm not a mortal.”

Si TuZhao pulled him over and held him on his lap.

He said while touching Xi Ning's chin, “You ran away with me like this, do you regret it”

Without waiting for Xi Ning's answer, he said again, “Since you have already agreed, I can't let you go back, and you may never go back to the Immortal Palace again.”

Xi Ning didn't seem to care much about it, and Si TuZhao was inexplicably anxious.

He was afraid that Xi Ning actually didn't want to just go with him like this and Xi Ning was just pretending to be calm, since in the past Xi Ning always refused to go back with him.


even if you regret it, it's too late.” Si TuZhao whispered, “You are already mine.”

Xi Ning felt really sleepy, leaning in Si TuZhao’s arms and closed his eyes.


Si TuZhao stared at him for a long while, he hugged Xi Ning and sat on the chair, letting Xi Ning sleep in his arms.

As it approached noon, a paper crow flew in from the window and landed on Si TuZhao's hand.

After reading the letter on the crow, he crushed it without any expression.

Xi Ning, who was originally asleep, was awakened by the system.

He frowned and moved.

Si TuZhao lowered his head and called him.

“You are awake already”

Xi Ning opened his eyes and sat up in a daze, but he suddenly fell back into Si TuZhao's arms again.

Si TuZhao hugged him and touched his face.

“What's the matter”

Xi Ning was breathing heavily.

He held Si TuZhao's hand and rubbed his cheek against his palm, and said with a trembling voice, “Touch me…...”

He was woken up by the system just now, and he was notified of his mission.

This time his mission points were deducted.

[Tian Wu Zhu has been confirmed to have been obtained by the Immortal Emperor, and the plot had huge changes.

Although there is no need for manual interference, 10 mission points are deducted.

Please take it as a warning.


[Punishment: Your illness will be worsen for 16 hours, and it will take effect immediately.



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