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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 140

This time more mission points were deducted, and the symptoms caused by the punishment became more intense.

The touch on his face was no longer enough to satisfy Xi Ning.

He rubbed against Si TuZhao's body while questioning the system.

“What does this mean Has the Immortal Emperor’s character also collapsed...…”

Why did his mission points suddenly get deducted…...

Didn't Shu Xiu hand in Tian Wu Zhu two days ago.

The system was still checking, Xi Ning couldn't help but pull open his collar and grab Si TuZhao's hand to put it on his skin.

“Where do you feel uncomfortable” Si TuZhao touched Xi Ning for a while.

He was also checking Xi Ning's body, but found nothing wrong.

“What is this all of a sudden”

He simply hugged Xi Ning and went to the bed, letting down the heavy bed curtain.

His vision immediately dimmed a lot, and Xi Ning came closer to him again.

At this time, the system was explaining to Xi Ning.

“In the original book, the Immortal Emperor did not obtain Tian Wu Zhu.

Now the plot has changed.

The central system calculated that the subsequent plot will also undergo some changes.

At the same time, the protagonist’s future path will also be changed.

He will have to face bigger obstacles, but overall it will develop towards a normal ending.

There is no longer a reason for master to intervene in the plot, so only a few mission points were deducted.”

There were more complicated things that the system didn’t tell Xi Ning.

Because of this small change, the protagonist would have two paths to follow in the future.

One was to follow the story of the original book step by step.

Although it was more difficult, it still could be achieved.

And the other one was to replace the Immortal Emperor and become the new lord of the immortal world…...

which path it took depended on the protagonist himself.

Although this allowed the protagonist to reach a higher status and go further, Xi Ning had indeed changed a lot of plot, so his mission points had to be deducted.

But Huo Xiu was not mentioned in the prompt, so Xi Ning should have already completed all the missions of this character.

Xi Ning had no time to worry about this now.

He felt very uncomfortable.

The clothes on his body were ripped off by himself.

He just wanted Si TuZhao to touch him more.

He raised his head and kissed Si TuZhao’s lips in front of him, but he was nowhere near as comfortable as when Si TuZhao took the initiative to kiss him.

Xi Ning pulled back a bit while pouting and said, “Why didn't you kiss me back...…”

Si TuZhao was almost unable to control himself when he saw Xi Ning acting like this.

He gripped Xi Ning’s hand harder.

“Are you seducing me”

Xi Ning was flustered.

Apart from the worsening of his illness, he also felt there was something wrong with him.

He pursed his lips.

“I didn't……”

Si TuZhao was fighting with the devil and angel in his mind.

He had long wanted to do something to Xi Ning, but he didn't want to treat Xi Ning badly.

He wanted to wait until they get married.

But their marriage had also already been ruined.

Although he didn’t mind about these things, Xi Ning had just come to the Devil Realm with him.

They are also staying in an inn in this poor city, and the bed is not soft at all.

Si TuZhao was silent for a long time.

Xi Ning knew that his behaviour right now was strange, but he was affected by the symptoms of his illness.

He felt very anxious.

“Do you not like me anymore since you don’t even want to kiss me”

“What are you thinking about” Si TuZhao said with difficulty.

“How can I not like you”

Si TuZhao tried to calm Xi Ning down.

He lowered his head and kissed his lips lightly, but couldn't help going deeper when he touched Xi Ning, and his hands’ movement became more presumptuous.

Xi Ning grabbed the bed sheet and let Si TuZhao do whatever he wanted.

But the symptoms of his illness did not seem to be alleviated.

Si TuZhao still had a trace of sense.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Xi Ning's current state was not right.

He raised his head from Xi Ning's body, stretched out his hand and probed down, as expected, he felt a dampness down there.

Si TuZhao looked at Xi Ning's dragon horns again, and after a while he picked up Xi Ning, sighing, and said, “My dear, you have turned into an adult.”

His shirt was also loosened a lot.

Xi Ning was leaning his face on Si TuZhao, and said dazedly, “Turned into an adult”

The system was about to go offline so as not to disturb them.

At this moment, it received Xi Ning's question and went online again.

After Xi Ning asked about the system, he knew that he was undergoing adulthood at this time.

He had dragon bloodline, and undergoing adulthood also meant that he would also go into heat at the same time.

No wonder he was still uncomfortable despite that Si TuZhao was already helping him.

“Well, your dragon horns are fully grown.” No wonder he behaved abnormally, and Si TuZhao felt that he couldn't continue staying here anymore.

“After becoming an adult……”

He whispered a few words in Xi Ning's ear, asking for his opinion.

He had heard that the dragon clan would have such a reaction when they undergo adulthood.

If they were still in the Immortal Palace, there might be medicine that could suppress it, but the Devil Realm did not have such a thing.

Si TuZhao really didn't want to be so rushed on this matter, but since it had happened, if Xi Ning could not be relieved, he would have to suffer for several days.

Even though it was two different worlds, he had to experience the same thing.

Xi Ning did not hesitate for long and agreed.

Si TuZhao couldn't help kissing him, and coaxed, “Be patient, I will take you to another place now.”

Before Xi Ning woke up, he received a letter from his subordinates saying that the Immortal Emperor had discovered that Xi Ning and he had gone missing.

Since the Immortal Emperor had already obtained the Tian Wu Zhu, he would definitely not want to return it.

This deal was disgraceful so he wanted to hide it from the public, relying on the fact that Si TuZhao has no evidence.

But if the news that Xi Ning had escaped from his marriage spread, he would lose face and it would also make Yuan Ting angry.

The subordinates said that the Immortal Emperor had suppressed the news from spreading, and convinced Yuan Ting and asked him to go back to wait for the wedding date, and then secretly send someone to pursue them.


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