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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 143

After the system asked Xi Ning, it went back offline.

Si TuZhao’s residence was quite hidden, the Immortal Emperor couldn't find it for the time being.

Si TuZhao also received some news here.

The Immortal Emperor really sent someone to the Devil Palace and even found the other Devil Lords and wanted to ask them about his whereabouts.

But because Si TuZhao had previously mentioned that he would go to the Immortal Palace to look for Tian Wu Zhu, when the other Devil Lords saw people from the Immortal Palace, they thought they came here to send back Tian Wu Zhu.

In the end, not only did they not manage to ask for any information, when the Devil Lords were told that they didn't bring anything, they had also been kicked out of the place.

After the limelight passed, Si TuZhao wanted to take Xi Ning back to his Devil Palace.

He and Xi Ning had not officially gotten married, let alone told others about their relationship.

He always felt that he owed Xi Ning, and this place was too remote, so it was better to return to the Devil Palace.

So Si TuZhao seized the opportunity and quietly took Xi Ning back to the Devil Palace.

Si TuZhao also put a disguise on Xi Ning on the way back.

When he reached the Devil Palace, Xi Ning raised his gaze and saw the Devil Palace and realized why Si TuZhao always wanted to bring him here.

Si TuZhao was not the oldest among the Devil Lords, but his Devil Palace was much more luxurious than the Immortal Emperor's Palace.

Even the flower beds on the periphery of the corridor are decorated with glowing warm jade.

It was just that there were not so many halls, and very few servants.

Si TuZhao had never mentioned this before, and when he was getting along with Xi Ning, he had never shown his attitude as Devil Lord.

Xi Ning had never had a sense or concept of his identity, and now he has a clearer understanding.

Si TuZhao led him to the front hall in the center, and asked him to sit down on the chair above.

“This is all yours.” Si TuZhao kissed the back of his hand, “Do you like it”

Xi Ning leaned forward and kissed the corner of Si TuZhao’s lips.

“I like it if you are here.”

Si TuZhao got excited and pressed him and did it once on the chair.

It was still broad daylight.

Although Si TuZhao said that no one would come over, Xi Ning was very nervous.

In addition, the hall was very empty and spacious.

Xi Ning could hear the echo of their sound clearly, and he couldn't stop blushing.

But the chair was too hard, so Si TuZhao quickly took him back to the bedroom.


A few days later, the wedding gown ordered by Si TuZhao was delivered.

Devils rarely get married.

Si TuZhao doesn't know much about this aspect, so he made reference to the marriage ceremony of the immortal world and the human race, and made two wedding gowns of the same style.

At first, he was worried that Xi Ning would not agree.

After all, this was quite different from his promise to marry him.

But, Xi Ning happily took the wedding gown and tried it on.

The cloth used to make the wedding gown was not ordinary.

It could be automatically scaled to the size of the person as soon as they put it on.

Si TuZhao also put on his.

When it was near the auspicious hour, they exchange bows between wife and husband in the front hall to complete the tradition of the wedding ceremony.

Some subordinates in the palace were ordered to observe the ceremony.

Xi Ning kept lowering his head and dared not look at the chair above.

After the ceremony was completed, he immediately pulled Si TuZhao and went back.

This period was the most relaxing and happiest time for Xi Ning, and it made up for the regret of leaving the previous world in a hurry.

He would be willing to live like this for a lifetime if he was given the opportunity.

When he woke up in the palace one day, Si TuZhao was lying beside him and stroking his cheek.

“Ning Ning, all my memories are restored.”

Xi Ning was still not awake at that time.

His first reaction was that it really was as Si TuZhao said, that he will remember more after they do it a few more times…...

He asked in a daze, only to realize what he was talking about, and awkwardly pulled the blanket to cover his face.

Si TuZhao smiled lightly.

“It’s not that.”

Actually his memory had been gradually recovering during this time, but there had not been much progress every day, so he didn't tell Xi Ning.

And today he remembered everything, including all the details of the previous world, and everything before the journey with Xi Ning.

Xi Ning asked him, “Did you remember all the previous memories”

“Yes.” Si TuZhao hugged him tightly, rubbing his lips.

“My dear, I'm here for you."

Xi Ning was stunned.

Si TuZhao’s memory didn't recover much last time, so he didn't think too much about it, but now Si TuZhao really remembered all of them.


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