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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 144

He guess was right.

The person who could relieve his illness did not appear for no reason.

For some reason, Xi Ning suddenly wanted to cry.

“Why did you get upset” Si TuZhao wiped off the tears from the corner of Xi Ning's eyes.

“Don't be afraid, I will accompany you to complete all missions.”

“Really” Although Xi Ning guessed it, he was very happy to hear Si TuZhao's personal confirmation.

“When I go to the next world, will you be there too”

Si TuZhao responded, “Not only the next world.

I will be in all the world.”

Xi Ning still had many things to ask him, such as why he was punished and what was their relationship before he transmigrated to do his missions.

“After I came to do the missions, there are some memories that I can't remember.”

Si TuZhao also noticed this.

He frowned.

“Did the Three Thousand World Bureau erase your memories”

When he first came in with Xi Ning, he was not prepared enough.

He was regarded as an ordinary character by the central system, and all his memories were directly erased.

He was only able to remember it at the last moment in the previous world.

But why had Xi Ning’s memories also been erased And it now seemed that he only lost all the memories about him.

Xi Ning shook his head.

“Maybe…..I can't remember either.”

From what he remembered, the Three Thousand World Bureau hadn't told him about this.

But if it wasn't them, who else could it be

Si TuZhao was about to explain more to him, but the system suddenly went online and said, “Master, Huo Xiu's character evaluation has passed.

Your mission has been successfully completed, master will be transferred to the next world immediately.”

Xi Ning sat up quickly.

“So fast”

[The character evaluation has passed, the plot is back on track, 20 mission points are rewarded.


[The mission has been completed, ready to leave and transfer to the next world, countdown to 20, 19, 18…....]

The familiar countdown sounded, and it seems that Si TuZhao also knew this.

He comforted Xi Ning.

“Don't worry, I will be waiting for you in the next world.”

Before Xi Ning woke up, he had made some preparations.

He would retain some memories in the next world, but he now existed as a BUG to the central system.

It was not easy to completely modify his own data, so there was no guarantee that he could completely recover his memories.

Time was running out, Si TuZhao told Xi Ning, “In the next world, my name is Xu Si, and I can also alleviate your illness.”

He paused for a while and kissed Xi Ning's lips.

“Remember to come to find me.”

[3, 2, 1…....

Countdown completed and the transfer begins now.


Although in this world he was able to spend more time with Si TuZhao before leaving, Xi Ning still felt he left very suddenly.

He was dragged into the void to wait for the transfer, and he said angrily to the system, “Why do you have to be so anxious Couldn't I even stay for a while after I completed the mission”

The system replied in a very low voice, “Um…...I can't do anything about this.

The central system arranged it to be like this.

Maybe I can try to send a request about that after you successfully transfer to the next world……”

Xi Ning only had his consciousness in the void.

He wanted to pinch his eyebrows, but couldn't do it.

He sighed.

“If I stay a little longer, I can get to know why I was punished in the first place.”

But he was not completely ignorant of the situation.

He at least knew who Si TuZhao would be in the next world, and his illness could also be relieved.

As soon as the transfer was successful, he would go to find him.

Not sure how long Xi Ning had waited, the system tremblingly said, “Master…....before going to the next world, we have to erase all master’s memories of the two worlds……”

These words were like a blow to the head, Xi Ning was silent for a long time before asking, “Why”

“Because the central system has detected that there’s content that shouldn't be in the master's memory, which is what Si TuZhao told master in the end…....

Master is currently on a single-player mission with punishment.

This situation is defined as cheating.

To ensure fairness, the central system has decided to temporarily erase part of the master’s memory.”

Originally they should have just erased the part of memory at the end before leaving this world, so at least Xi Ning would not forget Si TuZhao.

But the central system checked what Xi Ning experienced in these two worlds, and found that some places were too coincidental, and for some reason it could not eliminate this BUG called Si TuZhao, so it made such a decision.

The system’s voice was very low, and after speaking, he comforted Xi Ning, “Erasing the memory is only temporary, and based on the relationship between the master and Si TuZhao, even if there is no memory, you will notice each other at one glance.

If master looks back at the experience in the two worlds, isn't this the truth”

It seemed to be the truth when it said so, and Xi Ning couldn't resist the command and said helplessly, “Okay.”


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