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Xi Ning went home at night and, as usual, he only drank some porridge.

After finishing his homework, he took out Song Zhous notebook and looked through it.

Song Zhou was an attentive person.

He wrote and recorded all tenses and grammar, words that were easily misunderstood, records of incorrectly answered questions, and so on.

Xi Ning read it and sighed after comparing Song Zhou with himself.

Fortunately, this book did not fall into Lin Mians hands since attentive people were favored by everyone.

The system didnt like to be outdone.

“Hes not that great.

I can list five solutions to the question asked today in one minute, can he”

Speaking of this, Xi Ning was a little worried.

“Did I OOCd again I should not be good at studying.”

“Master, you can make up an excuse, such as having done this problem elsewhere before.

It should be sufficient to fool others.”

“But…… I still have to tutor Song Zhou.”

Song Zhou gave him his English notes and even told him to go to the English tutoring tomorrow.

He snatched Song Zhou from Lin Mian, so how could he leave him alone.

The system could not understand him.

In its perspective, Song Zhou was just a BUG.

“It would be better to buy him a few physics workbooks, its more convenient and easy that way.”

Xi Ning turned a deaf ear.

“You help me to choose some physics questions for today, and I will copy them down.”

Xi Ning pulled out a brand new notebook from the drawer and copied down a dozen physics questions and answers until his hands were sore.

He then put the notebook in his backpack.

The next day, Xi Ning passed by the dining room before leaving the house.

He took a cake, but then he hesitated when he was walking away.

He then walked two steps back and took another one.

He purposely got up very early today and left before Xiao CongYi.

When he arrived at the classroom, Lin Mian happened to be there.

Xi Ning put a small cake on his desk.

“My brother asked me to bring it for you.”

Before Lin Mian could react, Xi Ning bent down and threatened him in a low voice.

“You have to finish it all.

If you dare to throw it away……”

He didnt finish saying the second half of the sentence, Lin Mian made up that part in his mind and nodded quickly.

He gave the other one to Song Zhou.

Song Zhou also refused like last time but Xi Ning insisted.  “I have already eaten.

This was specially brought for you.”

Song Zhou hesitated for a moment, but finally took it.

Because it was left in a backpack the cream on the cake was squashed, and it was pasted to the transparent wrapping paper, however you could still see its exquisiteness.

He put the cake away and Xi Ning leaned close to him.

“What did you eat in the morning Did you make your breakfast at home”


Song Zhou responded and pointed to the English textbook to signal for him to start reading.

He did eat at home, but he didnt make it himself.

He ate the bread that he took back from Xin Xin Bakery two days ago.

Seeing that he didnt want to say more, Xi Ning stopped asking and took out the physics notebook he copied last night.

“This is for you.

If there is anything that you dont understand, you can ask me.”

With the system by his side, he can even list more than five solutions for each problem.

Song Zhou took the notebook and glanced at it.

It was obviously a new notebook and most of the handwriting in the notebook looked as though it was copied by Xi Ning last night.

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Xi Ning took out the English textbook but his eyes were still looking at Song Zhous direction.

Seeing him put the notebook away, he felt an inexplicable sense of accomplishment.

“Im really a good classmate.”

“Master is awesome.” The system also praised itself, “With me by your side, Master can get any grades desired for exams.”

At noon, the driver gave Xi Ning his food in advance at the same time as yesterday.

Xi Ning then exchanged his food with Song Zhou.

Song Zhou acted more naturally this time, eating whatever he should eat, even drinking the bowl of soup.

He ate gracefully and chewed his food slowly.


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