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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 152

Since Xu Si was in a wheelchair, Wen Xue removed the chair and moved other tables and chairs backward so that the wheelchair could be pushed forward.

When Xi Ning saw Xu Si, he obviously felt that his irritability and depressive emotions had been suppressed a lot.

The system told him before that Xu Si was the one who could relieve his illness, but Xi Ning still had doubts about it.

When he had just come to this world.

He hadn't fully adapted to his identity, but suddenly had a strong desire to suck blood from a stranger.

After he drank the blood, not only did he not reject it in the slightest, instead he felt very satisfied.

Moreover, from Xu Si's unusual reaction and attitude, it was like…… Xu Si knew him.

But Xi Ning subconsciously avoided thinking about it, because the more he recalled, the more he missed the taste of the sweet blood that had flowed through his mouth.

During the day when he should have been resting, he couldn't even sleep when he thought about it.

In fact, even if he didn't think about anything, he still couldn't fall asleep.

It was probably because of explosive disorder, but he didn't feel tired and sleepy for the time being.

Xi Ning tried to recall the reason why he was being punished to do the missions these few days, but he had no memory of it.

He always felt that what happened after he came to this world was a bit strange, but he couldn't grasp the source.

For example, like what was happening right now.

As the villain, there was a high probability that Xu Si appeared here because of the protagonist, Jian Yue, but Xi Ning thought that he was here because of him.

Or was he being too narcissistic

The relieving effect through the encounter was only for a brief moment.

Xi Ning soon began to be sure that Xu Si really came for him.

Last time, because his body had just woken up in the cemetery, his hunger caused him to act recklessly and he bit Xu Si regardless of any consequences.

Although Xi Ning still wanted to bite him, Xu Si was the villain in this world, so he must be cautious.

He thought so, but his body walked directly in front of Xu Si and said with a cold face, “You shouldn't be here.”

The system was originally worried that the villain was targeting Xi Ning, but now he was eager for Xu Si to target Xi Ning and urged, “Threat him so that he will never show up again!”

No.1, who was behind Xu Si, recognized Xi Ning as the person who attacked them in the hospital that day and immediately put his guard up.

Xi Ning showed his fangs at an angle that only the two of them could see, and No.

1 almost reached out and touched his gun.

Xu Si was not affected at all and smiled lightly.

Jian Yue in the back saw that the atmosphere between them was not right.

He stepped forward and asked, “Xiao Ning, is this your friend Eh”

After he saw Xu Si's appearance, he was surprised and said, “Mr.


Xi Ning felt inexplicably uncomfortable and asked the system, “The protagonist and the villain met before”

He hadn’t paid much attention to the plot and timeline of the original book.

After the system checked it, it replied, “Yes, some time ago, Xu Si’s business competitors hired some delinquents who tried to trouble Xu Si, but Jian Yue who happened to pass by.

He couldn't stand to see them bullying Xu Si, so he drove those people away.”

Even if Jian Yue hadn’t been there, Xu Si could also solve the matter by himself.

But this was an opportunity for the two to meet for the first time.

In the early plot of the original book, Xu Si and Jian Yue had a good relationship.

Xu Si also recognized Jian Yue and nodded to him.

“It's you.”

Wen Xue took the menu and put it on the table.

Jian Yue then mentioned that he had met with Xu Si before.

Xu Si also seemed to know Xi Ning, which was considered fate.

“By the way, Mr.

Xu and Xiao Ning…...

are you two friends or” Jian Yue looked at the two of them.

Xi Ning had not been out of the shop during this period.

According to what Xi Ning said before about his background, it should be impossible to know Xu Si.

Xu Si was about to speak, Xi Ning said in a harsh tone before him, “He is not a friend of mine and I am not familiar with him.”

Jian Yue doesn’t believe it, but it was not appropriate to ask more now.

If they were not friends, how could they know each other's names And Xi Ning acted impolitely towards Xu Si just now.

Xu Si didn't refute.

He still had the same expression on his face, and looked down at the menu, as if he had tacitly agreed with what Xi Ning had said.

His eyes stayed on the menu and looked carefully, but Xi Ning received the first mission instruction.

[Xu Si is suspicious of Jian Yue’s identity, the plot will be changed or will happen early, and intervention is recommended.]

Only Jian Yue was written in the mission instructions.

Xu Si knew that Xi Ning was a vampire, and guessed that most of the people who were with him were also vampires.

But last time he met Jian Yue in broad daylight, other than that he was good at combat, there was nothing unusual.

He hadn't thought about it at a deeper level yet, but he was puzzled that Xi Ning would be with a human being.

Would Xi Ning also lay on another person, bite his neck, and suck his blood


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