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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 154

Although the dream that he saw was not very clear, and some scenes are intermittent, Xu Si saw that Xi Ning was his lover in his dreams.

Vampires had a very long life span and their appearance would not grow old.

Xi Ning’s age would not be the same as what he looks like.

Maybe those dreams were real.

They were something that happened in his previous life.

He fell in love with Xi Ning as an ordinary human and then they separated because of death or other reasons.

As a vampire, Xi Ning was immortal and might have met his reincarnation by chance.

This was the most perfect reason that he could think of, but Xi Ning's attitude towards him was not up to this speculation.

Regardless of the truth, Xu Si was very interested in Xi Ning, and he wanted to keep hold of this vampire to stay by his side to prove it.

In addition, Xi Ning was indeed very in line with Xu Si's preferences.

When they were in the alley, Xi Ning leaned in his arms and licked his lips, making Xu Si want to kiss him directly like they had done countless times in his dreams.

He was a person that would not go against his desires.

He would definitely get the person or thing he wanted.

Xi Ning fled in front of him twice, but it didn't matter to him since he had patience.

After Xi Ning ran out of the shop, he randomly found a place where there was no one.

He stopped there and leaned against the wall, rubbing the fingers that Xu Si had touched.

Xi Ning panicked and said to the system, “What the hell is going on I feel something is wrong with me, and this villain.

Why was he holding my hand”

The system coughed slightly.

“It was master who was the one who touched him first.

He might think…… that you have something you want to say to him”

It really seemed that he was the one that stretched out his hand first…...

Xi Ning regretted what he had done.

He had only met with Xu Si twice, so why couldn't he control himself every time.

He didn't want to go back now.

He squatted against the wall for a long time, then got up and walked around in a circle a few times irritably, rubbing his fingers, and suddenly stopped.

“Can I just kill him”

Xi Ning regretted it immediately after he finished speaking.

If he killed Xu Si, wouldn't he not able to drink his blood anymore And his own explosive disorder......

The system hurriedly said, “Of course not, he still has an important role.


are you willing to really kill him”

Xi Ning leaned back against the wall and looked up at the street light.

“I think I am not acting normal.

Is it because of my illness Because he can relieve my symptoms, that’s why I was acting like this”

“Master, why do you feel that you are not acting normal” The system's voice softened and slowly guided Xi Ning.

“I can help the master analyze it.”

Xi Ning frowned and thought for a long time before saying, “No need to analyze it, it's definitely because of this explosive disorder.”

“The villain must be ill-intentioned.” He started to walk around in a circle again and again.

“He wanted to attack the protagonist, but he saw that I was also in the shop.”

“The master might as well go back first” The system was worried about his state.

“Master, did you notice that when you see Xu Si, it can relieve some of the symptoms of your illness, but it is only effective for a very short time.”

The system told Xi Ning that according to its analysis and speculation on Xi Ning’s body data, Xi Ning’s illness could be alleviated in a short period of time through simple and short contact with Xu Si.

If he drank Xu Si’s blood directly, it would probably be able to maintain his normal mood for the whole day, but then begin to gradually lose its effectiveness.

Long-term or more in-depth contact, such as hugs, kissing, etc…… Since the system had no data comparison.

It was temporarily unable to analyze it, so it did not say anything about it.

Xi Ning’s illness in this world had a huge impact on emotions, and it was more complicated to control and ease.

In fact, it would be the best choice if Xi Ning could always stay by Xu Si's side.

“But I don't want to see him.”

Xi Ning directly refused, he squatted down again.

“I don't want to see him.”

The system was so anxious that it had to lie to Xi Ning and say, “It's already so late, Xu Si must have left the shop already.”

Xi Ning hesitated after hearing the system’s words, then got up obediently and walked back slowly.

When he saw the shop from a distance, Xu Si's car was still parked outside.

No matter what the system said, Xi Ning was reluctant to go there anymore and even got angry about it.

“You said Xu Si has already left, why is he still here You deliberately lied to me, right”

The system did not dare to make a sound, and finally, Xi Ning hid in the passage between the two shops.

He didn't go back to the shop until he saw Xu Si get in the car and leave.


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