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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 155

Jian Yue saw that he was finally willing to come back.

He sighed and sat down at a table, he then pointed to the other side.

“Come here, I have something I need to ask you.”

Wen Xue was wiping the table, ignoring what happened there.

Xi Ning sat down opposite to Jian Yue, lowered his head, and said nothing.

“You and Xu Si knew each other before, right Don't say that you are unfamiliar with him, he even knows your name.” Besides that, Jian Yue cares about one thing the most.

“Does he know that you are a vampire”

Xi Ning felt nervous and lied, “I don't know.”

He realized how the mission instruction came not long ago.

He was a vampire, and Xu Si must suspect that the people around him were also vampires.

Jian Yue's expression on his face relaxed, and he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“That's a relief.”

He also asked Xi Ning why he had a bad attitude towards Xu Si, and why he suddenly ran out.

Xi Ning's tone was obvious that he didn't want to say, so Jian Yue didn't ask further.

Finally, Jian Yue said, “You should have more control over your temper.

I don't want to see an incident like today in the future.”

“I still meant what I had said before.” He got up and patted Xi Ning's shoulder.

“As long as you don’t break the law or cause trouble, you can stay here as long as you want.”

It was normal for Xi Ning to have his own secrets.

He also had them.

As long as he did not violate his principles, he was still willing to take him in.

Wen Xue seemed to glance their way, but did not say anything and took the plates into the back kitchen.

After it was almost time, Jian Yue and Wen Xue left together.

Xi Ning lay on the small bed in the room rolling over and over.

“Is it a bad decision to come to find the protagonist” He was still thinking about what Jian Yue said, “If it weren't for me, the villain wouldn't doubt his identity so quickly.”

The system also admitted that it was a relatively wrong decision to let Xi Ning come here.

It comforted Xi Ning.

“The mission instruction did not reappear afterward.

It seems that the villain shouldn't have thought of it for now.”

The previous prompt was just a suggestion, and it did not appear again, proving that what Xi Ning did had an effect.

Xi Ning sat up and hammered the pillow in the dimly lighted room.

“It's all Xu Si’s fault, why did he have to come here to eat supper…...”

The system was still mumbling in his ears, saying that Xu Si had only met with Jian Yue once.

He came here this time maybe because of Xi Ning.

If Xi Ning was still worried, it was better to ask the villain directly.

Xu Si knew that he was a vampire and searched for him.

If he really wanted to do something bad to Xi Ning, he would not appear so blatantly.

Xi Ning didn't say a word.

It didn't take long for him to stop what he was doing, he frowned and said, “You are right, I can't stay with the protagonist anymore.”

The system didn't know what he was thinking about and thought he was going to see Xu Si, but Xi Ning said again, “You can help me think whether there is any night shift work that comes with accommodation.”

As he said, he got up and quickly packed his things and his toiletries.

He didn’t even take the clothes.

Xi Ning then opened the other back door of the room and saw the sunlight outside, only then did he remember that it was still daytime.

The system took the opportunity to persuade him, “If master is in a hurry, you can actually go to find Xu Si.”

“Why do you want me to find him” Xi Ning's expression did not look very good.

“Even if he allowed me to stay, I'm worried that I will bite him till death.”

He closed the door and sat on the side of his bed again.

He decided to wait.

If Xu Si dared to come again, he would make another decision.

Besides, Xi Ning now felt that he was quite sober.

Even without Xu Si, he can still control himself.


A few days later, Xi Ning had a fight with a customer again.

There were a lot of customers tonight.

There is a table of customers who are impatiently waiting and pats the table hard.

“What's the matter We'll leave if you don’t serve us immediately.”

Xi Ning was just holding their dishes in his hands.

He placed them on the table without a bit of expression on his face, and he put them down with a bit of strength.

The customer was immediately dissatisfied and shouting, “What kind of attitude is this” while pushing the dishes away.

Xi Ning quickly took a step back.

The plate fell to the ground and broke.

It is currently summer.

The female customer's exposed leg at the same table was injured by broken plate pieces, and a bit of blood appeared on her skin.

The smell of a stranger’s blood flowed in the air.

Ever since he bit Xu Si, Xi Ning hadn't drunk anything.

Wen Xue brought him a bit of dog blood but he didn't want it.

Now facing the blood of a stranger, he has no appetite at all, and only felt nausea.

Xi Ning grabbed the female customer by the arm, dragged her out of the night snack shop, and threw her outside the door.


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