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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 161

The system urged, “Master, quickly agree to his suggestion.

It is such a good opportunity, not only can you alleviate your illness, but also keep an eye on him to prevent him from attacking Jian Yue! Hurry, hurry!”

The system’s voice was very loud.

Xi Ning was still a little hesitant, but Xu Si said, “You can try to stay here for the time being.

If you really don't really like to live here, it won't be too late to make other plans.”

Xu Si had said everything that he could to persuade Xi Ning.

Xi Ning also thought what the system said made a lot of sense.

When Xi Ning came to see Xu Si, he was worried that Xu Si would perform human experiments on him, but he didn't expect it to develop like this.

He struggled a bit.

Normally working for the villain did not mean that he was in the same way as the villain.

Besides, Xu Si had not done the bad things that was stated in the original book yet.

Xu Si waited patiently until he saw Xi Ning nod his head to agree, and he smile even more.

“Okay, do you want to take a rest now”

Normally vampires would rest during the day and be active at night.

When he brought Xi Ning back, he did not communicate properly with his subordinates, which not only caused him to be treated poorly, but also injured his hands.

Xu Si's voice became more gentle.

“You can go to sleep first, We can talk about it further tonight.”

“I have one more request, I have to inform Jian Yue.” Xi Ning ran out in a hurry last night and didn't inform Jian Yue.

Even if he didn't tell him that he was with Xu Si, he should report his safety.

Xu Si quickly said, “Okay, I will contact and inform him.”

Since Xi Ning came to this world, he had never had a mobile phone on him, let alone know Jian Yue's phone number, so he nodded hesitantly.

He also wanted to ask, would he be a vampire bodyguard that only works at night......

But since Xu Si has persisted like this, he must be fully prepared, so he didn’t bother to ask, and followed No.1 to the room that had been prepared for him.

His room was the guest room located opposite Xu Si’s room.

Just as Xi Ning was wondering if all the bodyguards here were treated so well like this, someone also delivered a few sets of clothes and new toiletries for him, and all his clothes and shoes fit well on him.

Before Xi Ning was brought over here, Xu Si already prepared it for him.

Xi Ning picked up the clothes and took a look.

They were all casual styles, which were also different from the black uniform of Xu Si's bodyguards.

Xi Ning was puzzled, but he still went to the bathroom to take a shower, put on clean clothes and prepared to rest.

After drinking Xu Si's blood, he was not only in good condition, but his sleep deprivation seemed to have improved significantly.

He quickly became sleepy on the soft big bed.

Before falling asleep, Xi Ning thought in a daze, it wasn't that he disliked Jian Yue's night snack shop.

The conditions in Xu Si’s house were indeed much better than that of the small room at the shop.


Xi Ning stayed here with Xu Si for these few days, sleeping during the day and doing nothing at night when he was awake.

Occasionally he would appear in front of Xu Si, and other times he would wander around in the villa or watching TV alone in the room.

Xu Si hadn't arranged anything for him, and only said that he would give Xi Ning a few days to get used to the environment here.

Xi Ning was also not polite to him.

His normal routine was originally different from ordinary people.

When he woke up every night, it happened to be the time for Xu Si's dinner at 9 o'clock in the evening.

He tidied up himself and went downstairs.

After walking through the living room, he saw Xu Si in the dining room.

Xu Si waved to him.

“You are awake Come and sit down here.”

Xi Ning hesitated but he still walked over.

He hadn't sat with Xu Si while dining like this.

The bodyguards behind Xu Si stood meticulously, but he was sitting at the dinner table like a guest.

Isn't this…...

not too good

Xu Si seemed to have guessed what he was thinking and said, “Sit down.

You are my personal bodyguard, and of course your identity is different from others.”

No.1 silently complained behind them.

When they were recruited, they were also personal bodyguards.

Xi Ning saw that the rest of the bodyguards or the servants who cleaned the table didn't respond, so he pulled a chair and sat down with confidence.

Xu Si said again, “Get closer to me.”

Xi Ning was stunned for a while.

Then he slowly approached Xu Si and sat down on a chair that was one chair separated from Xu Si.

Xu Si had almost finished eating.

He took up a napkin and wiped the corners of his mouth, turning his head to ask Xi Ning, “Are you hungry”

Xi Ning looked at him strangely, and shook his head.

“I can't eat these.”

He is a vampire.

He can eat ordinary food, but he can't digest it at all.

If he eats too much, he may have to undergo surgery.

It is actually very difficult for vampires to integrate into the human world, except for Jian Yue.

Xu Si stared at him and he reached out to Xi Ning and asked him for help.

“Push me to my study room first.”

Xu Si didn't like to sit in a wheelchair while eating, but wasn't he able to stand up for a while As a new employee, Xi Ning obediently helped Xu Si up.

The sweet smell oozing from under the other person's skin lingered on the tip of Xi Ning's nose, but Xi Ning already drank blood not too long ago so he was not hungry.

So he helped Xu Si to sit in the wheelchair and rubbed the tip of his nose.

Xi Ning still didn’t know where the study was.

No.1 led the way and they took a small elevator up to the third floor.


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