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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 174

Xi Ning didn't mention whether Xu Si would agree, but promised Jian Yue that he would contact him later when he had time.

Both of them had a little chat and hung up the phone afterwards.

Xi Ning threw away the phone and sighed.

After talking to Jian Yue for so long, he still didn't find any useful information.

Xu Si had finished eating and went upstairs, calling him from outside the door.

“Xi Ning”

Xi Ning opened the door to reveal half of his face.

Xu Si was alone in the corridor, sitting in his wheelchair and looking up.

“Why did you stay in the room and not come out today”

Usually when Xu Si was eating, Xi Ning would go downstairs and hang out, but today he hid in his room and never went out.

Xu Si said in a gentle voice, “If you are not busy, push me over to the study.”

Xi Ning's eyes were looking away.

He was a little afraid to meet with Xu Si's gaze.

There was nothing he could be busy with.

In fact, he recently discovered that Xu Si can accomplish many things independently, and he does not need his help at all, such as asking himself to push him to the study…...

But Xi Ning was still Xu Si’s employee, so he slowly came out of his room and shut the door.

He then walked to Xu Si’s back and pushed the wheelchair up to the third floor.

They were silent along the way.

When they arrived at the study, Xu Si asked Xi Ning to help him sit down on the sofa.

After Xi Ning had done all this, he turned and wanted to leave.

Xu Si stopped him.

“Why are you in such a hurry Come here first, let me take a look at your hands.”

The system also shouted.

“Master, don't leave yet.

Just ask him about Jian Yue.”

Xi Ning stopped walking, but did not leave.

He was wearing long sleeves today.

Xu Si asked him to sit down beside him, rolled up his sleeves and looked at his arms.

The bruises that were previously on his arm disappeared, and there was no trace of the cut wound caused by the glass fragments.

Only the little burn scar that was caused by the sun was left at his fingertips.

Xu Si gently rubbed Xi Ning’s fingertips, and said softly, “It doesn't hurt anymore, right”

Xi Ning lowered his eyes and shook his head.

He wanted to ask if Xu Si was suspicious of Jian Yue's identity, and he didn't know how to ask in a better way.

His hand was still held by Xu Si and he looked very obedient in Xu Si's eyes.

Xu Si was very satisfied.

He especially liked when Xi Ning behaved like this.

As long as he looked at Xi Ning, he really wanted to care for and smother him with love.

He leaned closer.

Stretching out his hand to squeeze Xi Ning's chin, he pressed his fingertips on his lower lip, revealing his neat and clean teeth.

“Did I kiss you last night” Xu Si hesitated.

He really couldn't remember.

But when he looked at Xi Ning's reaction, it seemed that he had really kissed him.

“That's why you asked me that”

Xi Ning turned his head and broke free of Xu Si’s hand.

He retreated back a little bit.

“Are you not embarrassed from saying this Out of kindness, I helped to cover the blanket over you, but you……”

It seemed that he really kissed Xi Ning, but he couldn't remember the details.

There was a trace of regret in Xu Si's eyes, but his lips curled upward.

“I just can't help it.”

Xi Ning stared at him without speaking, and Xu Si explained, “The love at first sight that I said last night is also true.”

Even though he still can’t confirm whether his dream is real, he could indeed confirm that it was love at first sight.

Otherwise, why should he let Xi Ning bite himself repeatedly and bring him to his side.

He knew that Xi Ning might not believe it and sighed.

“Think about it, did I harm you when I brought you back after so long”

“Not only did I give you a place to live, I also agreed to let you drink my blood.

Even though I say you are my bodyguard, I haven’t made you do anything.”

As Xu Si was talking, he was observing Xi Ning, not letting the slight change of expression on Xi Ning's face.

He wanted to see how Xi Ning would react.

Xi Ning looked away.

“Let’s stop talking about this…....

I have something I want to ask you.”

“What is it”

“It's…… when Jian Yue came to find you yesterday, you didn’t put him in an awkward situation”

Hearing him mention Jian Yue, Xu Si’s expression turned gloomy.

“Did you contact him again What did he tell you”

“It's nothing serious.” Xi Ning frowned, feeling that Xu Si’s attitude was a bit weird but he couldn't tell what’s wrong with it.

“I just want to ask.”

Xu Si thought that Jian Yue told Xi Ning that he had been to Xu's house last night, but Xi Ning didn't mention that, so that was probably not the case.


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