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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 175

He looked at Xi Ning's face, and suddenly smiled.

“I did say something to him yesterday, and I also found out an interesting thing.”

Xi Ning's heart tightened when he heard the words.

He tilted his head to look at Xu Si, obviously very concerned.

Xu Si's face was as usual and said, “If you kiss me, I will tell you everything.”

“......” Xi Ning just wanted to open the door and go out.

The system knew he was reluctant, so he quickly persuaded.

“Isn't it just a kiss You guys already kissed once yesterday anyway.

Master can only make judgments and interventions after knowing the details.

You can't just give up like that!”

Xu Si saw Xi Ning was struggling but didn’t have the intention to leave.

After a while, he changed his words.

“Well, it’s fine if you don't want to kiss, let me hug you for a while.”

For a moment, Xi Ning felt that this condition was acceptable, and the system was also urging him to agree.

He still wanted to struggle a bit more.

Even if Xu Si didn’t tell him, he could try to find out from other places, or tell Jian Yue to be more careful from now on.

Besides, the mission instruction only suggested intervention.

It was not a not a mandatory task that would deduct mission points.

However, even Xi Ning had thought so much, he still did not leave, and even wanted to agree to it.

Xu Si was already impatient.

He sat a little closer, reached out his arm around Xi Ning's waist and hugged him directly.

He had a leg ailment, but the strength of his hands was not weak.

He let Xi Ning sit facing towards himself and they were very close to each other, almost touching each other.

Xi Ning had also sat on Xu Si's lap several times when he drank blood, but he was completely awake now.

His face was starting to get red.

He was struggling and trying to push Xu Si away.

“Don't move.” Xu Si hugged him tightly, pinched the back of Xi Ning's neck and said with a very gentle voice, “Don't you want to know I'll tell you everything.”

Before Xi Ning's eyes was the skin on the side of his neck that he had bitten several times.

He was so close to it that he could smell the scent of blood leaking out of the tiny skin pores little by little.

He sniffed it a little, raised his head and pulled a distance away because he was afraid that he couldn't control himself and would bite it.

He thought calmly that the reason he was attracted to Xu Si was not only because he can relieve his explosive disorder, it might also be because of his blood.

Who could refuse such sweet food Xi Ning kept persuading himself in his mind, his tightly clenched palms revealing his nervousness.

Xu Si grabbed his hand and gently opened his fingers, kissing the tip of each finger while his other hand slowly caressed Xi Ning’s back, and whispered, “Look, you also like me hugging you, right”

He raised his head slightly to kiss Xi Ning's lips.

Xi Ning tilted his head to avoid it, and the warm lips brushed the side of his face.

Xi Ning's brain immediately went blank.

He didn't know what he was doing now anymore.

This development was obviously wrong, but he didn’t want to leave for some reason.

As if to be more convincing, Xi Ning buried his head and bit the side of Xu Si's neck, Xu Si did not refuse.

He only took a sip, not knowing if it was a psychological effect.

Xi Ning felt that he was indeed more awake and calm.

He raised his head and looked at Xu Si with misty eyes.


Aren't you going to tell me”

Xu Si saw him like this and his heart was softened.

He didn't push Xi Ning further anymore, just holding his hand without letting go.

“Well, he came to the company to find me yesterday and said he wanted to see you.”

Since he had agreed to tell Xi Ning, Xu Si no longer concealed it, and told him that Jian Yue came here disguised as a bodyguard last night.

Xi Ning was surprised.

“He has been here You…....”

No wonder he thought that Xu Si's attitude was weird last night.

He deliberately said those words to let Jian Yue hear it.

“Why didn't you let me see him” Xi Ning was very puzzled.

When he came here, Xu Si also hid his whereabouts from Jian Yue.

“Even if I don't see him now, I will go back to the shop in the future…...”

Xu Si's face instantly became gloomy.

“You want to go back”

Xu Si grabbed the palm of Xi Ning’s hand tighter.

Xi Ning had not realized why he was angry, but subconsciously explained, “No…… I mean, I will go back to visit him in the future.”

Jian Yue was the protagonist.

As long as he was still doing missions in this world, it was impossible to avoid him completely, let alone when Jian Yue still cared about him so much.

Xu Si carefully checked Xi Ning’s expression, confirming that he had not lied.

His expression eased a lot, and he whispered, “I’m afraid you will regret staying with me after you meet him.”


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