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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 180

The task that Xu Si arranged for No.1, No.1 reported every step to Xu Si before everything was confirmed.

When he received the news from No.1 today, he saw Xi Ning's locator heading all the way to Jian Yue.

Later when he arrived at the scene, he also saw Xi Ning rush to save the little girl in front of Jian Yue.

He didn't believe it at all even if Xi Ning said it was a coincidence.

Although he didn't know how Xi Ning knew about No.1's plan, his explanations were just too clumsy.

Xu Si pulled Xi Ning's right hand.

His skin was smooth and soft and the burn scars had completely disappeared.

His attitude eased a little, and he whispered, “Do you know how worried I was”

Xi Ning only took an umbrella with him.

If there was any accident along the way, Xi Ning would be exposed to the sun, and the consequences would be disastrous.

Xu Si let out a breath, with a tired look on his face, he let go of Xi Ning.

“You can go back first.”

Xi Ning felt depressed and flustered.

He asked the system for help, but the system deliberately kept silent.

He was still sitting on Xu Si’s lap, and finally he plucked up the courage to say.

“Don’t be angry anymore…...”

Xi Ning remembered what the system had said about “coaxing him”, and slowly got close and kissed Xu Si's cheek.

Xu Si turned his head to look at him without much reaction.

Xi Ning was a little frustrated, but he refused to give up, and moved to kiss Xu Si's lips again.

He only slightly touched Xu Si’s lips.

Just a second after their lips separated, Xu Si followed up after him by pressing the back of Xi Ning's neck, gently prying open his teeth and kissing him deeply.

Xi Ning lost all the strength on his hands and feet.

He unconsciously placed his arm around Xu Si's neck, sticking out the tip of his tongue and responding to Xu Si.

He could clearly feel his inner feeling, it was comfort and affection towards Xu Si.

Not because of illness or blood.

He just simply liked the kiss.

It took a long time before Xu Si let go of Xi Ning, and he gently kissed off the wetness on his lips.

Xi Ning rubbed on Xu Si's face and whispered, “Don't be angry...…”

Xu Si's Adam's apple rolled up and down, and he hugged Xi Ning tightly.


Xi Ning was woken up by the system when he was still asleep, and now that he relaxed physically and mentally, he felt sleepy while leaning on Xu Si's shoulder.

There was also a bed in the study.

Xu Si went to the bedside in his wheelchair.

He held Xi Ning and put him on the bed.

Xi Ning was not asleep yet.

He half-opened his eyes to see that Xu Si was also in bed, lying beside him.

Xu Si was hugging Xi Ning sideways.

He brushed his back slowly and said softly, “Go to sleep.”

Xi Ning fell asleep quickly.

Xu Si looked at this quiet sleeping face for a long time, before picking up the phone on the bedside table.

No.1 sent him a message not long ago saying that the scene had been cleaned up, including the surveillance of nearby streets, but Jian Yue must already be suspicious of them.

Xu Si replied, “Don't worry about that first.

Have you got his information”

It took a while for the No.1 to reply back, saying that it would take two more days.

Xu Si hesitated for a long time looking at the reply, and finally put down the phone and didn't look at it again.

He was also a little tired, so he hugged Xi Ning tightly, closed his eyes, and fell asleep together.


It was 10 o'clock in the evening when Xi Ning woke up.

By the small night light on the bedside, he saw Xu Si was still lying beside him, and he unconsciously stretched out his hand and hugged Xu Si’s waist tightly in his sleep.

“You are awake” Xu Si woke up after sleeping for only a while, and had been here with Xi Ning even after he woke up.

He lowered his head and kissed the tip of Xi Ning's nose.

“Is there anywhere that you are feeling uncomfortable”

He was also worried about there’s side effects of Xi Ning staying in the sun for too long.

Xi Ning shook his head.


Under the faint light, the two of them hugged each other, and the atmosphere between them had become more intimate than in the afternoon.

Xu Si couldn't help but get close and seemed to want to kiss Xi Ning’s lips.

Xi Ning stretched out his hand to stop him.

“You…… you are not angry with me anymore”

Xu Si pulled away his hand, and the warm breath fell on Xi Ning's lips.

“Why If I am still angry, you won’t let me kiss you”

In the afternoon, he had indeed taken the initiative to kiss Xu Si on his own.

Xi Ning's face became redder and red, and he stammered, “No, it's not……”

Xu Si turned over and pressed Xi Ning down, lowered his head and kissed him.

Xi Ning still wanted to struggle, but Xu Si directly grabbed his hands and raised it on top of the pillow.

Xi Ning thought in a daze, Xu Si seemed to be pretty good at kissing.

Has he ever kissed anyone before When he was thinking about this, he felt there was a sense of familiarity that he couldn't explain.


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