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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 183

Xu Si took the pajamas and put them on, he reached out and patted the sofa next to him.

“Come here and sit down.”

This small sofa can only have two people sit on it at the same time.

Xu Si sat in the middle of the seat which made the two sides a bit crowded.

He didn't have any intention to move.

Xi Ning walked to the sofa side and hesitated.

Xu Si directly pulled him and embraced him on his own lap.

“If you don't want to sit on the sofa, then I’ll just hug you.”

Xu Si hugged Xi Ning's waist to prevent him from moving, slightly raised his head and leaned against the back of the sofa, Xi Ning was worried about putting weight on his legs, and wanted to get up.

“But your legs......”

“It's okay, you are not heavy at all,” Xu Si said.

Vampires only drink a little blood, so Xi Ning was much lighter than normal people of the same size.

Xi Ning stopped struggling, slowly relaxed his body and leaned against Xu Si's shoulder.

Once he had accepted the fact that he liked Xu Si, Xi Ning always felt that he wanted to get closer to Xu Si.

This person has a very nice scent on him.

Xi Ning wanted to take a bite, but he had already drunk blood twice today so he had to restrain himself.

Xu Si stroked Xi Ning's hair, tilted his head and said, “Has Jian Yue contacted you”

Jian Yue saw him in the afternoon.

Xu Si guessed that he would notice what happened.

Sure enough he saw Xi Ning nodded.

“He said he saw me today.”

“I didn't tell the truth so he doesn't know anything.” Xi Ning raised his head and sat up a little bit, looking distraught.

“Don't worry about him anymore.

He is just a night snack shop owner.”

Xu Si kept silent, so Xi Ning said again.

“I won't run away again like today.

And I will never go out again during the day.”

When he mentioned it, Xu Si remembered that Xi Ning had been running under the sun for a long time in the afternoon.

He pinched Xi Ning's cheek with anger and distress.

“If this happened again……”

He only said half of the sentence, but because of this incident Xi Ning was finally willing to take the initiative.

Xu Si was rather surprised by it, which offset some of the uneasy feeling at the bottom of his heart.

Does this mean that Xi Ning also liked him more than he thought

Xu Si hooked onto Xi Ning's neck and kissed him.

Feeling that Xi Ning was slowly relaxing and indulging in the kiss, he whispered, “Do you like me kissing you like this”

Their lips were still touching while they were talking.

Xi Ning blushed and asked, “Have you kissed anyone before”

Xu Si was taken aback and denied.


He only kissed Xi Ning, who had appeared in his dreams before, in Xu Si's heart it was the same person.

Xi Ning was restraining himself from smiling, and changed the subject with a light cough.

“Your hair is still wet.

How about I help to blow dry it.”

He got up and wanted to get the hair dryer.

Xu Si responded, “The hair dryer is inside the bedside table drawer.”

Xi Ning walked over and opened the drawer of the bedside table.

Other than the hair dryer, he also saw a circular electronic device.

He picked it up and looked at it, curiously asked Xu Si, “What is this”

Xu Si stepped forward and hugged Xi Ning from behind, he said in his ear, “This is…...

a collar.”

This was given to him by No.1 after he brought Xi Ning back.

No.1 said that Xi Ning shouldn't be running around too freely in Xu's house, but Xu Si did not want to let Xi Ning wear a headgear that would cover half of his face, so No.1 recommended this type that was small and exquisite.

Xi Ning looked at this collar and guessed, “......

this is for me.”

Xu Si pressed on Xi Ning's shoulder and turned him around to face him, pushing him to the side of the bed.

He leaned over and pressed his hands, and then kissed Xi Ning's nose.


If you run away during the day again, I'll put this on you and lock you in bed, okay”

Those are threatening words, Xi Ning's expression seemed to be a bit stunned, and Xu Si chuckled lightly.

“It's just a joke.”

Xu Si hugged Xi Ning and sat up, rubbing the corners of his eyes with his fingers.

“Don't be afraid, babe.”

Xi Ning still remembered to blow his hair.

He put the collar back in place, took out the hair dryer and turned on the gentlest warm air to dry Xu Si hair slowly.

After he finished blowing Xu Si’s hair, it was already late, but Xi Ning couldn't sleep at this time, so he simply stayed in the bedroom, lying next to Xu Si and acting like a human-shaped pillow.

Under the faint moonlight, Xi Ning stretched out his fingertips to trace the outline of Xu Si's face, recalling everything that happened today.

Except that it was a bit uncomfortable to go out during the day, everything else was fine, and the mission was successfully completed.

This was the first time he received a mission reward.

Thinking of this, Xi Ning opened the mission panel and wanted to see how much the mission points he received.

He clicked on the mission details, but he saw that the mission points in the corner displayed as: “89 points”.


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