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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 185

To be on the safe side, Xi Ning also asked the system whether he could use the remedy on Xu Si.

The system replied, “Yes, not only can it cure Xu Si’s leg ailment, but also restore his health completely.

In fact, Xu Si is not young anymore.

On the surface, he looks the same as other ordinary people, but actually he is weaker compared to people of the same age, let alone he still has to provide blood for master…...”

“I see,” Xi Ning rolled over on the bed and quietly reached out to hug Xu Si's waist, “So when can you tell me the truth”

The system stuttered for a long time before answering, “Master I…… I do this for the sake of master.

Please give me some more time.

I need to verify something.”

Xi Ning kept silent.

He recalled that when Xu Si kissed him yesterday, some pictures had flashed in his mind.

He already felt that something was wrong at the time.

So those were his memories that had been erased.

But why did it appear at that time…...

Xi Ning guessed, “Did I lose my memories because of Xu Si”

The system didn’t dare to answer.

Xi Ning took the silence as admission.

But he lost his memory before he came to this world.

He hasn't met Xu Si yet, how could he lose his memory because of him Xi Ning tried to think back.

The pictures were mostly made up of a very blurred figure.

He wasn't able to see it, but the familiar feeling was still there.

He started to guess in an unlikely direction, and continued to ask the system, “This isn't the first time that I have met Xu Si"

The system also kept silent.

Xi Ning blinked his dry eyes and buried his face in Xu Si's neck and rubbed it.

Xu Si seemed to feel something and his arms tightened to hold Xi Ning more firmly.

Xi Ning originally thought that this world may have been reset for some reason and he has been doing a repeat mission.

The system also seemed to keep guiding him to stay with Xu Si.

Xi Ning told his thoughts to the system, and the system said, “No, this world has not been reset.”

This world was not reset…...So that meant that the extra mission points he had were from other worlds.

But it was not the first time he and Xu Si met......

Xi Ning was a little confused for a while, and the system refused to tell him directly.

The system also discovered a suspected loophole.

Xi Ning was convicted of cheating because in the previous world Si TuZhao directly told him something.

And now Xi Ning was discovering the truth by himself, and he was obviously getting very near to the truth, but there was still no indication that he was cheating.

This also happens when he found out that Si TuZhao was Song Zhou.

Xi Ning first discovered this possibility before asking the system to compare the character data for confirmation.

But what could it do to let Xi Ning know all the truth on his own It must be unrealistic to rely on him to guess like this.

The system was thinking hard about the solution, but Xi Ning didn’t dig deeper into it anymore.

He was now punished to do the missions and could not go against the central system.

Everything he could think of had been confirmed.

The most important thing was to complete the current mission.

And also for the second type of panacea.

The root cause of Xu Si becoming a villain is because of his leg ailment.

As long as it could be cured by other methods, why bother to spend more time doing human experiments.

Xi Ning also remembered that Xu Si still had some important plot in the original book.

He asked the system to help him find out what else he could do in the subsequent plot.

After checking, the system said, “In the early stage of the original plot, the relationship between Xu Si and Jian Yue was actually quite good.

But when Xu Si doubted Jian Yue’s identity, he deliberately became friendlier with him, while the most recent plot at the moment…… Jian Yue will encounter the werewolves who come to Wen Xue for revenge, they will ask Xu Si for help when the confrontation is fruitless and Xu Si has provided them with a temporary shelter.”

According to the current relationship between them, of course Jian Yue would not ask Xu Si for help.

But it was still possible that Jian Yue would ask Xi Ning for help.

The next mission that the system speculated was to get Xu Si to agree to provide shelter for Jian Yue.

It said in a relaxed tone, “Easy peasy.

Given the current relationship between master and Xu Si, you can convince him easily.”

Xi Ning did not say anything, lying in Xu Si's arms with his eyes closed, as if he was asleep.

The system stopped disturbing him, and wondering alone how to use the loophole to let Xi Ning know the truth.

It opened the mission panel, where Xi Ning had no permission to enter just now.

It also had no permission.

But it was an artificial intelligence system, so it could use some small means to invade the back-end database.

The permission security couldn’t stop it at all.

Xi Ning did not mention anything in this regard.

The system would also look for a chance to let Xi Ning see it so that it would become what Xi Ning “discovered”.

As long as it was carried out secretly, and kept hidden from the central system, there should be no problem.


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