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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 191

This electronic device belonged to Xu Si, and there is also a fingerprint unlocking place at the back.

Xi Ning thought that Xu Si would take it down soon, but instead he was looking at himself in silence.

Xi Ning suddenly felt a little scared.

“Are you angry”

He reached out and groped for the back of the collar, but he couldn't unlock it.

Xu Si pulled down his hand and rubbed the inside of his wrist.

“Do you like this”

In Xu Si's view, Xi Ning usually does not look like a vampire at all except when he was drinking blood, so he was caught off guard.

He originally wanted to use this on Xi Ning, but Xi Ning struck back at him and put it on his neck.

But he didn't mind it.

Only he can control this collar so it was just a normal black necklace on him.

There were still tooth marks on the side of his neck that Xu Si had bitten just now.

Xi Ning saw all of this in his eyes, and a strange feeling rose in his heart.

He stretched out his fingertips to hook the edge of the collar, blushing and said, “I like it.”

Xu Si's current appearance looked like a human that was secretly hidden away by a vampire, and could not go anywhere except this room.

This is exactly the opposite of what Xu Si had threatened him before.

Xi Ning didn't know where the excitement came from, and threw himself into Xu Si’s arm and kissed his neck and collarbone.

Soon both of them changed positions.

Xu Si pulled up Xi Ning's shirt and lowered his head to kiss and even used his teeth.

Xi Ning turned his head in embarrassment and reached out to touch the collar on Xu Si's neck and his hair.

He thought that Xu Si would do something, but Xu Si quickly got up and even helped him to tidy up his clothes and his slightly messy hair.

After messing around for so long, Xi Ning got sleepy again.

He only slept for half a day during the afternoon, and he basically can be counted as staying up late.

Xu Si saw that he wanted to sleep, so he lowered his head and kissed his forehead softly.

“Do you want to sleep right here”

Xi Ning nodded.

He went back to his room and took a shower first.

After that, he returned to Xu Si's bedroom in his pajamas.

Xu Si also cleaned up, but he had not taken off the collar on his neck.

“It's better to just move your things here in the future,” Xu Si suggested.

They are basically living together, even though their daily routine was a bit different.

He lay down and hugged Xi Ning, and tentatively said, “Tomorrow......

Do you still want to go to the company with me”

Xi Ning didn't even think about it.

“I want to go.”

Xu Si kissed the side of his cheek and reached out to turn off the wall lamp beside the bed.

When Xi Ning was about to fall asleep, he vaguely heard the sound of the phone, and Xu Si turned his head to check the phone.

He hugged closer to Xu Si, and said dissatisfied, “Who is it...…”

Xu Si briefly glanced at his phone, and quickly turned it off and lied down again.

“It was just a small matter.”

It was a message sended by No.1 telling him that he had gotten all of Jian Yue’s information.

There’s an important past record written on it.

Jian Yue had end-stage cancer before and it was diagnosed by the hospital, saying that his life expectancy was less than one year.

A year later, Jian Yue did not die.

Instead, his mental state got better and better.

He never went to the hospital again, as if his cancer had already been cured, but there was no record of him seeing a doctor.

Wen Yuan, another vampire that was by his side, appeared when he was seriously ill.

After that, Wen Xue lived with him.

When Xi Ning went out desperately to prevent him from testing Jian Yue, Xu Si was somewhat certain of his guess.

The information was actually no longer needed, but it was beyond his expectation that Jian Yue had been seriously ill.

This confirmed Jian Yue's identity even more.

Although there was no more intuitive evidence, he was at least 90% sure.

He was really jealous of a vampire who can only walk in the sun.

When Xu Si learned that his leg alignment might never be cured, it was not that he never thought of seeking other methods, but he gave up because he was uncertain about the consequences.

If he could know why Jian Yue became such a vampire, would he......

He looked down at Xi Ning, who was already asleep in his arms, and remembered his skin that had been burned by the sun.

With the healing power of a vampire, it still took several days to recover.

Xi Ning must also know the identity of Jian Yue.

When he stayed with Jian Yue, was he sad when he saw Jian Yue standing fearlessly in the sun while he could only hide in the dark

Xu Si wasn't able to fall asleep.

He kept thinking about this for a long time in the quiet night before eventually falling asleep.



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