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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 193

This hall was very big.

They were late when entering.

There were less than one-tenth of the max occupancy sitting in it.

Xu Si bought the ticket early.

The seats were a little behind the center.

Xi Ning lowered his head to find the row of their seats.

When he walked over and was about to sit down, a familiar voice came from behind.

“Xiao Ning”

He looked back and saw that Jian Yue and Wen Xue were sitting behind them, separated by a row of chairs.

They must have come on a date, then…...

he and Xu Si too.

Xi Ning was getting a little nervous inexplicably, and greeted awkwardly, “What a coincidence.”

Wen Xue was a vampire who could only come out at night.

This place is not far from the night snack shop.

It was normal for them to run into Xi Ning.

Xu Si also turned around and said hello, and was not having an attitude of exclusion towards Jian Yue like he used to be.

The movie was about to begin.

Xi Ning turned around and sat down, and Xu Si leaned closer and asked in a low voice, “Should we change our seats or come back another day”

He saw that Xi Ning was a bit uncomfortable, but Xi Ning relaxed quickly and shook his head.

“It's okay.”

Anyway, it was so dark here.

They were too busy dating and couldn’t bother to mind him.

Xi Ning pressed down the armrest between the two of them, and quietly leaned toward Xu Si to hold his hand.

He intentionally went down a bit, so he wouldn’t be visible from behind.

Only Xu Si would lower his head occasionally and get up again later.

The movie was a very ordinary romance movie.

Xi Ning actually was not interested in it.

His mind wandered off a few times while watching.

Xu Si also didn't watch the movie much.

His attention was entirely on Xi NIng.

Halfway through the movie, Xi Ning keenly heard some sound from behind.

He straightened up and saw that it was Jian Yue and Wen Xue who hurriedly ran out.

He had a bad feeling and asked the system, “Is the plot happening soon”

The system replied, “Yes, master.

You can prepare in advance.”

Xu Si stretched out his hand to turn Xi Ning's face back, and said, displeased, “They've already left.

Don't look at them anymore.”

There was no one in a large area behind them, and their acquaintances also left.

Xi Ning got bold, and sat on Xu Si’s lap, blocking his gaze from the screen.

“You also don’t watch it anymore, there’s nothing interesting.”

Xu Si patted his leg and whispered, “Behave, there are surveillance cameras around.”

“I didn't do anything.

Why didn't you say that there was surveillance when you kissed me” Xi Ning turned around and wanted to get up, but Xu Si hugged him again and refused to let him go.

Xi Ning lay down obediently, opened Xu Si’s shirt collar and looked around.

“If I bite you here, will I be found out”

“Are you hungry” Xu Si reached out and touched his fangs, and he hesitated.

“Here, drink.”

It should be fine as long as Xi Ning's movements were a bit hidden and their actions were not visible.

Xi Ning lowered his head and took a bite carefully.

He quickly raised his head, looked at the tooth mark he left, and said with satisfaction, “I'm not hungry, I just want to bite you.”

Drinking blood in a place like this, there was a sense of tension and excitement of getting discovered.

Even though they didn’t watch the movie, they were still having a great time.

The lights in the hall were turned on after the movie ended.

When Xi Ning and Xu Si went out, No.1 was still waiting outside.

It was already late at this time, so they got into the car and went straight home.

The system also reminded him to test out Xu Si’s intentions.

The plot this time was very critical, and he could probably get 5 to 10 mission points after completing it.

Xi Ning only needs 11 mission points more.

If he can get to 10 mission points, then he can buy the remedy after completing one more mission without worrying much.

Before going to bed, Xi Ning talked about meeting Jian Yue just now.

“Are you still jealous of him”

Xu Si frowned.


“By the way, they walked away so hurriedly.

I was worried that something might happen to them.

So when you were taking a shower, I called Jian Yue.” Xi Ning observed Xu Si's expression and saw that he didn't show any signs of dissatisfaction, so he continued, “They didn't say it clearly on the phone…...

but Jian Yue seems to be facing some trouble.”

Xu Si's expression was calm.

“What trouble is he facing”

Xi Ning tentatively said, “Jian Yue didn't say it in detail, but it seems to be very serious, since the other party cornered them at their home.”

Xu Si had no reaction, he closed his eyes as if he was asleep.

Xi Ning finally stated his purpose.

“If it is not convenient for them to go home during this period, can we take them in”

He touched the curve of Xu Si's jaw, and his voice was very soft.

“Jian Yue treated me well, but he is in trouble this time...…”

Xu Si said, “You have been so well behaved recently, is it for this”

Xi Ning was stunned, he raised his head and met Xu Si’s gaze.

Xu Si rubbed Xi Ning’s lips with his fingertips, and put some force at it, half-closing his eyes.

“If you are more obedient, I’ll promise you.”


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