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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 195

Although Xu Si didn't know their past grudge, if Jian Yue was caught, Xi Ning might also get involved, even if it was for Xi Ning's safety, he had to help Jian Yue this time.

But when confronted with such supernatural creatures, of course he can’t be careless.

Xu Si still needs some time to prepare, in case he encounters any other problems.

He had already made a decision, but he didn’t say anything on the spot.

Xi Ning saw that his attitude seemed to have loosen a bit, but he still didn’t say anything.

He then said while looking at him with expectation in his eyes.

“Just help them this time Those werewolves will leave after some time."

Xu Si said with a light tone.

“You are so kind to him.”

Xi Ning lay on his side and said, “Jian Yue is a nice guy, and he has always been nice to me.”

Xi Ning said that after waking up from the cemetery, he had forgotten a lot of things.

After biting Xu Si in the hospital, he ran into Jian Yue.

He never talked in detail about what happened before living with Xu Si.

Xu Si listened very carefully at what he said.

He heard Xi Ning say that Jian Yue noticed his identity at first sight, so he took him in that night and let him stay in the shop and even give Xi Ning a place to live, let him work there, and even pay him wages.

At that time, Xi Ning was penniless and homeless.

If he did not find a place to live before dawn, he would be in danger.

Xi Ning was very grateful to Jian Yue, but it was a pity that he later found that he couldn't control his emotions and would often have conflict with customers, so Xi Ning decided to leave.

“Why can't you control your emotions” Xu Si caressed Xi Ning's back slowly.

After Xi Ning lived with him, everything was fine, except the time when he went abroad for a business trip and stayed there for half a month before coming back…..

Xi Ning thought for a while, but still didn't tell him about his explosive disorder and only said, “Because I couldn't drink your blood at that time.”

This was also one of the reasons.

Xu Si's lips curled up.

“When I came out of the hospital, I wanted to bring you back with me.

It's a pity that you ran away too fast.”

It would be better if Xi Ning did not leave and just followed him home.

“You looked like a bad guy.” Even called him babe.

A normal person would never go home with him.

Xi Ning said, “Then you……”

Xu Si interrupted him, “Let’s chat again during the day.

It's already very late.

Let’s go to bed.”

But Xu Si didn't directly refuse his request.

Xi Ning felt that there was still hope, so he didn't say anything more and obediently went to sleep.


Early the next morning, Xu Si ordered No.1 to find out if there was a suitable place for vampires to hide, and let him study the characteristics and habits of the werewolves.

No.1 was confused when he heard that, and subconsciously thought it was because of Xi Ning, but Xu Si said that he will explain it to him later and told him to get ready what he requested as soon as possible.

Xi Ning was cleaning himself at that time and didn’t know about their conversation.

Regarding Jian Yue’s troubles, the system had already issued mission instructions.

[Due to the plot changes, Jian Yue cannot seek help from Xu Si.

Please find a hiding place for the protagonist as soon as possible.


Because of the existence of Xi Ning, the current relationship between Xu Si and Jian Yue was not as good as in the original book.

There was no reason for Xu Si to take the initiative to provide shelter for Jian Yue like in the original book.

Xi Ning must use other methods.

Xu Si didn't take the initiative to mention what happened last night.

Xi Ning was not sure of his attitude, and worried that he would get jealous again if he said too much, so he decided to let Xu Si consider it for two more days.

Jian Yue had already been attacked once.

The night when he and Wen Xue left the cinema early, Wen Xue received a threatening text message from a werewolf on her cell phone.

Later, Jian Yue went out during the day, and when he returned, he found a big hole in the door, the silver door handle was missing, and Wen Xue was hiding in the room, shivering.

The werewolves already knew where they lived.

Today was just an early warning.

They also threw a note inside the door and asked Wen Xue to obediently go to them.

If not, after two days, on the day of fullmoon, they would come to kill her personally.

The place where Wen Yuan lived also had his door destroyed.

The werewolf had been watching over them secretly and knew that Wen Xue and the two of them were running a late-night snack shop.

At the same time, he also told Wen Xue that she would be found no matter where she hid.

Wen Xue blamed herself very much.

In order not to be a burden for Jian Yue and Wen Yuan, she even wanted to find those werewolves by herself, but Jian Yue stopped her.


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