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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 204

After a while, Xi Ning felt the aquarium he was in get set down, the water on the surface shaking and wetting the black cloth that was covering it.

Among the people who brought him back, someone lifted the black cloth that was covering the aquarium.

There was a very obvious amazement and greed in his eyes when he saw Xi Ning, and he even wanted to reach out his hand into the water to touch his fish tail.

They hijacked the Federal's spaceship, and all the things and people inside the spaceship had become their trophies, including Xi Ning.

Before departure, they heard that the prince would be exchanged for ransom, but the boss had an unpredictable temper and could change his decision anytime.

No one could tell whether he was willing to negotiate with the Federation or not, and besides they had already taken back a lot of supplies from the spaceship today.

The boss had never been attracted to any beauty.

If this prince stayed with them, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it……

The companion beside him stretched out his hand to stop him, then kicked and scolded him.

“You slut.

Didn't you hear what Langdon said This is the prince of the Sea Clan! He is not something that you can lay your hands on!”

The pirate withdrew his hand and said stubbornly, “I'll just want to have a touch, just a touch!”

“Don’t even think about it.” His companion looked at him coldly, pulling him by the collar to get him up.

“You think that I just got to know you This time can't be compared to the people that we robbed in the past.

I advise you not to have any wicked thoughts.”

After he finished speaking, he covered the aquarium with the black cloth again and yelled at his other companion to get out.

“There are still a lot of supplies over there, hurry up and pack up so we can retreat early.”

The pirates walked out one after another.

Xi Ning heard the sound of the door being locked and then the whole room became quiet.

Occasionally, he could hear the sound of someone walking and talking not far away.

Xi Ning waited for a while, then stretched out his hand to remove the black cloth.

He sat up against the edge of the aquarium and looked around.

There was a lot of dust everywhere.

A few broken chairs and tables were thrown at the corner of the room, which he surmised was a temporarily locked utility room.

He was now in the territory of interstellar pirates, plus he had become a helpless mermaid.

He had no legs and couldn't even leave this aquarium.

His current situation was not good.

He still didn’t know which character Song Zhou was in this world, and he also didn't know what mission he had to do.

Xi Ning hadn't fully adapted to the feeling of losing his legs.

This tail was good-looking but useless.

He waved his tail gently, leaned against the edge of the aquarium and asked the system, “Have you found the plot”

“I found it, I found it.” The system's tone sounded a lot calmer than before.

It said to Xi Ning, “According to the plot line of the original book, these interstellar pirates will demand a ransom from the Federation.

After about two months, master, you will be sent back to the Federation unharmed.”

As an important hostage, the pirates wouldn't do anything to Xi Ning, but Xi Ning probably wouldn't have a very comfortable life in these two months, just by looking at the dusty room he was currently in.

Xi Ning sighed, “Two months…...

such a long time.”

The system also briefly mentioned the situation in this world.

Xi Ning's identity this time was Prince Cyril of the Sea Clan, and he went to the Federation in order to marry the second son of the Federal President.

The original book was a novel with an interstellar background.

The person that Xi Ning would marry was one of the protagonists, who was the top, and the other protagonist, who was the bottom, was a minister of the Beast Clan.

At this point in the book, the relationship between the Beast Clan and the Interstellar Federation was not so good.

The two protagonists had to go through a lot of difficulty to get together.

In the original book, Prince Cyril was only a minor character that only appeared for a short time.

After becoming the protagonist’s fiancée, Prince Cyril fell deeply in love with him.

Even though the protagonist had no feelings for him, Cyril died to save him before he could actually marry the protagonist.

The bug in this world was that the data of the character Cyril has been corrupted, which caused the original plot line to not be carried out.

Xi Ning needed to replace him and complete all the plot lines of this character.

“Wait, do you mean that I have to die for the protagonist in order to complete the mission”

In the past few worlds, he didn't have to go to such an extent.

Xi Ning didn’t trust the central system.

“If my body in this world died, it wouldn't do me any harm, right”

“No it won’t, master can rest assured,” the system assured him.

“After the final plot point is completed, master will directly return to the void and proceed to the next world.”


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