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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 209

Louis stared at the monitor for a long time before turning it off.

The reason he called Langdon out in the front hall just now was to order him to arrange a new room for Xi Ning.

He also gave Langdon a surveillance camera to install in Xi Ning's room.

When Langdon took the surveillance camera, he looked at Louis indescribably, as if he was a pervert.

Louis didn't explain too much.

Langdon also didn't dare to ask more and just did what he said.

Louis got up and went to take a shower, and when he came back, he turned on the monitor again.

The little mermaid in the center of the screen lay quietly under the water and it seemed like he was asleep.

Wouldn't it be uncomfortable to fall asleep in such a narrow space and a cold aquarium

Louis swiped his fingertips on the screen a few times and zoomed in to take a closer look, but the aquarium and the water surface made Xi Ning's face blurry.

Only the fish tail behind him was very dazzling and shining with fine blue light.

When he opened the black cloth in the front hall and saw Xi Ning for the first time, there was only one thought in Louis's mind: to be able to marry such a pretty sea clan was way too good for that stupid goose of the Federation.

When he took a second look, he felt that fifty million was too little.

Such a living treasure, even if he just stayed here temporarily, he had to take care of it well and guard it carefully.

He was well aware how the group of people under him were, and also Vera…...

Louis picked up the communicator beside the table, pressed a few buttons, and after it had connected he said, “Inform Vera and ask her to go to the nuclear star to dig a thousand tons of coal, and she won't be allowed to come back if she can't finish digging that amount.”

“Ah…… ah” The person on the other end of the communicator suspected that he had heard it wrong, “Boss, but the nuclear star does not produce coal mines……”

Louis didn't bother to explain any more, so he hung up the communicator and the only answer to the other person was the beeping sound of the communicator hanging up.

The subordinate held the communicator while frowning, and after a while, he had no choice but to dial Vera's number.

Vera listened expressionlessly to what the subordinate said and replied, “Okay, I'll go right away.”

She had never disobeyed Louis' orders, and won’t disobey his order this time too.

She knew that she did something wrong in today's matter.

If someone found out about her small actions, it  would also ruin Louis’s reputation.

She hoped that when she came back, the mermaid would no longer be on the spaceship.

Xi Ning didn't know anything about this.

He spent a few days in his room peacefully.

Every day, there were people who came to bring him food and water at regular intervals, but every time those people that came into his room always kept their heads down.

After tidying up, they would quickly leave and did not dare to look at Xi Ning at all.

Other than these, everyone also overlooked one thing, the water in Xi Ning's aquarium had not been changed for a long time.

In his beast state, Xi Ning required less food compared to ordinary humans every day, and the substances that the body cannot absorb are usually scattered in the water through the movement of his fish tail scales.

The water in the aquarium began to become cloudy, and a thin layer of dust sank under it.

Xi Ning felt uncomfortable in such water.

He wanted the person who brought him food to help him change the water, but he couldn't speak.

So at the time when he heard footsteps outside the door.

He tries to sit upright and lie on the edge of the aquarium, trying to attract the attention of the servant.

When the servant came in and saw his abnormal actions, he was totally unconcerned and after putting down the plate of food, he left immediately, as if Xi Ning was some kind of ferocious beast.

Xi Ning watched as he closed the door, opened his mouth, and fell to the floor from the edge of the aquarium as he lost his support.

Fortunately, the aquarium was not too high, so Xi Ning didn't feel any pain.

He turned his head to look at the aquarium and sighed.

Don't tell him that he had to change the water himself He grabbed the edge of the aquarium and tried his best to pull it, but the aquarium didn't move an inch.

The system advised, “Master, you should go back to the water first and try again when the servant comes over to deliver your meal next time.”

“No, I'm not going in again.” Xi Ning was very disgusted by the dirty water.

He looked around the room and saw the bathroom not far away.

He also felt that his body was dirty and wanted to go to the bathroom to wash himself.

It would be great if there was also a bathtub in it.

Louis turned on the monitor as usual, and what he saw was Xi Ning who was crawling on the floor.

He gasped, subconsciously picking up the communicator and wanting to call Langdon over to see what was going on, but stopped when the call was halfway through.

Louis put down the communicator and walked quickly to Xi Ning's room.


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