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Song Zhou waited for about ten minutes.

He turned on his phone and looked at the calls and text messages that Xi Ning had not answered, and decided to go upstairs directly to find Xi Ning.

He got up to go to the second floor and looked for the room along the corridor.

He happened to see a servant coming out of Xiao CongYis room with some clothes that needed to be cleaned in her hand.

Song Zhou stopped her and asked, “Where is Xiao Nings room”

The servant saw that he had an unfamiliar face and was dressed in very ordinary clothes, but Xiaos house could not be entered casually.

So she thought that his man might be a friend of the second young master.

She hesitated for two seconds and pointed to the opposite door.

Song Zhou thanked her, and when she went downstairs holding the clothes, Song Zhou walked to Xi Nings door and knocked.

“Xiao Ning”

He knocked several times and waited patiently at the door.

Finally, he heard some sound in the room and Xi Ning came over and opened the door sleepily.

Xi Nings face looked a little pale and his hair was messy.

He stared at Song Zhou who was standing at the door for a long time before he could react, and quickly said, “Im sorry, Im sorry, I overslept……”

He was still tired and didnt hear the alarm.

He didnt know Song Zhou had called him.

Xi Ning pulled the door open, turned around and walked to the bathroom.

“You can sit anywhere you want, Ill go clean up myself immediately.”

Song Zhou stood outside the door for two seconds, then hesitantly stepped into Xi Nings room.

The room was clean and tidy.

The clothes and everything were placed where they should be.

Only the desk and bed were a little messy.

Song Zhou glanced around and sat down on the small sofa opposite the desk.

This was the first time he had come to a classmates house and he had never had the opportunity to enter such a rich villa area before.

The whole house looked rich and luxurious inside and outside.

Song Zhou looked calm.

He sat on the sofa and opened his backpack, taking out the exercise book and test paper that he had brought.

Xi Ning came out quickly and changed out of his pajamas.

He pulled a few sheets of tissue to wipe the water drops from his face and forehead.

“Im really sorry, have you waited a long time”

“It didnt take long” Song Zhou didnt get angry.

“You can go to eat first”

Xi Ning rubbed his hungry stomach and said ashamed.

“Then wait for me, just a few minutes.”

The cooking auntie should have made porridge in the morning.

Xi Ning quickly went downstairs to the dining room and found a bowl of porridge in the holding cabinet.

He took it out and took a few mouthfuls with his eyes closed, but he felt more uncomfortable than when he was hungry.

He endured it and tried not to spit out the porridge.

Eating breakfast was like torture for him.

Xi Ning sighed while holding his forehead when going back upstairs.

If only he could turn Song Zhou into his personal chef.

Song Zhou was very efficient.

He had already set aside a place on the desk to put his own things.

Xi Nings desk was so large that it would be perfectly fine to seat two people.

He saw Xi Ning went to have breakfast quickly, but when he came back, his face had become paler.

Song Zhou frowned and asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable”

Xi Ning shook his head.

“Im fine.”

It is impossible for him to have Song Zhou cook for him without any reason…..

Hed wait until noon.

Xi Ning took out his homework and sat next to Song Zhou.

“Then… which subject first”

Song Zhou selected a subject at random.

He had never done homework or talked about problems with others.

He had always been alone, and Xi Ning…..

insisted on switching groups to be with him last time.

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Thats why he keeps this matter in his mind.


He wanted to see if Xi Ning really had the ability to solve the physics question just like on the blackboard last time or if it was a coincidence.

Xi Ning had no objection and opened the physics test paper.

The system was afraid of Xi Ning blowing off his cover, so it even carefully wrote out the draft for each question.

Xi Ning just needed to copy it.


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