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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 223

The other person said nonchalantly, “That’s not a problem.

We can just hijack another spaceship some other day.”

Louis heard it too.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that Xi Ning lowered his head and didn't have any reaction, he suddenly realized a problem.

He is a notorious interstellar pirate, and some things would be counted as his responsibility even if the people under him did it.

But Xi Ning, as the noble Highness of the Sea Clan, the fiancée of the second son of the Federal President, would Xi Ning not like to continue staying here

And he must have been spoiled in the sea palace.

He had already suffered a lot of grievances when he was kidnapped.

Louis thought about it and suddenly stopped walking, he then reached out and hugged Xi Ning.

The people around turned their heads and looked at them.

Xi Ning's ears turned a little red, and he whispered, “What are you doing Let me down.”

“Are you tired of walking I'll carry you over there.” Louis strode toward the barber, and quickly left the place.

Xi Ning's legs were indeed a little sore, so he obediently leaned against him and didn't move.

The person in charge of the haircut was a middle-aged man.

Louis had ordered him beforehand to turn down the appointments of the rest of the people on the spaceship, so he was currently waiting exclusively for Xi Ning.

Louis was still watching beside him, the barber didn't dare to talk to Xi Ning, and asked him in a soft voice how short he wanted his hair to be cut and if there was any hairstyle he wanted.

In the end, Xi Ning asked him to give him the most common short haircut, which made him feel a lot better when he looked at himself in the mirror.

Louis only thought that he was good-looking no matter what, so he put his cut hair in a small bag and put it away, and carried him all the way back.

On the way, Xi Ning asked him, “What are you going to do with my hair”

Louie said shamelessly, “That's my hair now.”

Seeing Xi Ning's strange expression, Louis snorted coldly.

“The entire spaceship is mine, you are mine, and naturally your hair is also mine.”

Xi Ning was speechless for a moment.

Just as he was about to refute him, he caught a glimpse of a red rope around his neck, and Xi Ning curiously stretched out his hand and pulled it out.

Before Louis could stop him, the blue-glowing fish scales were pulled out from his collar, and Xi Ning was stunned.

“As expected, you took my scales.”

“It's mine now.” Louis was not at all embarrassed after being exposed.

He had already returned to the room, put down Xi Ning and put the fish scales back into his shirt.

Xi Ning wanted to pinch his face hard, but turned around and saw that there was a new small bed in the room.

He was puzzled, and Louis explained, “Didn’t I say before that you will sleep with me in the future.”

If he slept with Xi Ning in his arms every day, he couldn't guarantee that he would not do anything.

At that time, Xi Ning would say that he is bullying him again, but he also doesn't want to let Xi Ning sleep in another room.

Nowhere was as safe as by his side.

The small bed was very empty and there was also no mattress.

It seemed that those things had not been delivered.

Xi Ning walked over and touched the railing at the head of the bed.

“Didn't you say that if I don't want to sleep here, can I move out during the day”

Louis pinched his earlobe.

“What I didn't say that.”

The person who came to deliver the mattress and the sheets was knocking on the door outside.

Louis opened the door to let them in, and instructed them to move the bed to the inside.

Xi Ning found a chair and sat down, watching them lay out the mattress, put two soft quilts on it, and then they also put on the softest and thickest fabric on the spacecraft.

The space in the room was limited.

Apart from being a bit small, this bed has no other shortcomings.

The size was just right for Xi Ning.

Xi Ning looked at it for a while and turned his head.

He was sitting on Louis' desk, and there was a palm-sized monitor on the table in front of him.

Xi Ning picked it up and looked at it, and accidentally pressed the button on the edge.

The screen lights up, and it displayed an empty room.

The room looked very familiar to Xi Ning, so he then took a closer look at the furnishings.

Wasn't this the room he lived in before

Xi Ning suddenly understood that Louis had been watching him secretly before, so sometimes he came at the perfect time.

He silently complained in his mind, this pervert.

Louis watched his subordinates make the bed, and from time to time he did it himself.

He didn't even notice what Xi Ning was doing.

There are many buttons next to the display screen.

Xi Ning clicked it a few times at random.

He saw the installation time of the surveillance camera and the time it was first used, he recalled that this should be the first day he first saw Louis.

There is also the frequency and total duration of the monitor's usual viewing times.

There was a line of small print that shows, “The number of viewings in the past week: 216 times.

Viewing time: 385 hours.”


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