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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 229

As soon as he passed the living quarters, the place gradually became noisy, and the pirates who were included in this operation were very excited.

The weapons and warships of different sizes were all ready, only waiting for Louis’s order to open the hatch.

They were already waiting near the route.

Langdon kept looking at the clock in the control room, and finally at about 4:30 a.m., he saw the merchant spaceship coming towards them.

“Boss, here it is.” Langdon quickly went out with the communicator, while reporting, “There are three patrol warships in the periphery.

According to this number, the total number of warships will not exceed fifteen, and the firepower level is medium to low.”

This merchant spaceship should not be loaded with anything too valuable, but since they are already here, no matter what, they can't leave empty-handed.

Louis stood at the glass window and watched for a while, then turned around and said, “Let's go.”

After Louis left, Xi Ning woke up after only a short sleep.

He couldn't sleep after that.

He fumbled to turn on the light and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside.

It was 5 in the morning.

He tidied up and opened the door.

There were two guards outside the door arranged by Louis.

Seeing him come out, they bowed respectfully, “Your Highness.”

Xi Ning walked out slowly along the corridor, and the guard was not far behind.

He walked all the way to the cafeteria and only saw a few servants who were in charge of cleaning.

The others probably followed Louis out.

He found a corner with a small glass window, but it was probably at the wrong angle, he couldn't see anything other than the black starry sky.

Xi Ning had no choice but to simply find a place to sit down, lean back in the chair and doze off while waiting for Louis.

On the other hand, everything went very smoothly for the pirates.

They successfully entered the spaceship and controlled everyone.

Some pirates were patrolling the periphery, and they would notify Louis immediately if there was any situation.

After the cargo door was opened, Louis walked in and turned on the lights.

It was filled with some kind of fabric that was a speciality of Wei Xing’s planet.

He remembered that there was a race in the galaxy who liked to use this kind of fabric to make clothes.

It should be able to sell for a lot of money in the black market, this trip is worth more than expected.

The pirates who were in charge of loading the goods were quick in their work.

They filled the goods in boxes and sent it to a special battleship to transport it back to the spaceship.

The cargo was quickly half cleared.

At this time, the battleship guarding outside the spaceship sent a communication signal.

There was an unknown spaceship or battleship approaching.

The distance was still far away, and the identity and purpose of the other party is unsure.

Langdon informed Louis immediately when he received the news.

“I've checked it several times, this route has only this one spaceship passing by today.

It's not normal for other ships to appear at this time.”

If it was an ordinary small manned spaceship, it was no issue at all.

They wouldn't dare to do anything when they saw the interstellar pirates.

At most, they would detour and leave and then call the police.

When the interstellar police arrive, they can't even see their shadows.

But it might not be an ordinary spaceship.

There was still half of the fabric in the cargo unloaded.

Louis looked down at the time on his watch and made a quick decision without hesitation, “Retreat immediately.”

Although the other pirates were puzzled, Louis must have his reasons for doing so.

Everyone stopped loading the goods and quickly evacuated with the remaining boxes.

This time, Louis had ordered them in advance before robbing.

No one on the merchant spaceship died.

Only a few people were injured when they resisted violently.

The accompanying caravan employees had long heard of the notoriety of this group of interstellar pirates.

Seeing that they left so soon and left half of the goods without taking them away, they almost thought that they had mistaken the wrong group.

When everyone returned successfully, the spaceship turned around and fled at the fastest speed.

Louis simply counted the supplies and announced that although the operation was only halfway through due to the approach of an unknown spaceship, the total price of the supplies had exceeded expectations and was basically a complete success.

He hurried back while everyone cheered.

When he passed the hall, he saw Xi Ning, who was so sleepy that he couldn't keep his eyes open.

The guard wanted to call out to him, but Louis raised his hand to stop them, and they retreated into the distance.

Louis approached quietly, wanting to carry Xi Ning back to his room and sleep.

When he reached out to touch him, Xi Ning opened his eyes, yawned, and said in surprise, “......You're back”

Xi Ning looked up and down at Louis.

“You didn't get hurt right”

“Am I so weak to you” Louis simply picked up Xi Ning and sat with him on the chair, wiping the tears off his eyes.

“When did you get up”

“I just got up.” Xi Ning yawned again, snuggling up to the familiar aura and feeling sleepy.

“Did everything go smoothly”

Louis kept the matter about his encounter with an unfamiliar spaceship in secret, he only said, “It went well.

I only took half of the things with limited time, and I didn't kill anyone.”

Xi Ning could hear the meaning in his tone.

He had tried his best to minimize casualties.

The pirates still had to survive, which was basically the only good thing he could do at the moment.

“Okay, got it.” Xi Ning's fingertips stroked the light black bags under Louis' eyes.

“Would you like to go back and rest for a while”

In these few days, Louis had not slept well in order to arrange the robbery.

He hadn't slept all night yesterday, and now Louis also felt a little sleepy after relaxing.

He hugged Xi Ning a little tighter.

“Kiss me first.”

Not sure where he got this addiction from, he always preferred Xi Ning take initiative.

Xi Ning leaned close to his side face, and Louis' eyes showed obvious dissatisfaction.

Xi Ning straightened his face, kissed him again, and tempted Louis to kiss him even deeper.

Xi Ning seemed to hear the footsteps of someone approaching, but his vision was blocked by Louis, and Louis refused to let go of him.

He squeezed his waist tightly through the clothes, and held Xi Ning's head with the other hand so that he could not move away.


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