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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 238

After the initial pain, Xi Ning adapted quickly.

Louis said he would only do it once, but in the end they did it until it was almost dawn.

Louis brought back some water and wiped him briefly, removing the clothes he put on the sheets.

Xi Ning was so tired that he fell asleep immediately when he touched his pillows.

There was still some smell in the tent, but he cared about it anymore, and slept with Louis until noon.

The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to see if Louis had recovered his memory.

To his disappointment, Louis didn't seem to have gone through any changes at all.

Xi Ning didn't know what went wrong, or if his guess was completely wrong.

After lunch, he pestered Louis twice.

Afraid of hurting him, Louis couldn't stand the temptation, so he grabbed Xi Ning's waist and said, “If I knew that you liked it so much, I should have…..”

The subordinates didn't dare to disturb them and went for a walk in the distance on their own.

There was no one else on this planet, not even passing spaceships, so they basically didn't have to worry about safety.

Later in the afternoon, they went to the sea.

Xi Ning felt less uncomfortable when he turned back to fishtail, and after swimming slowly for a while, he came back to lie on Louis's body while basking in the sun.

There were still some red marks on his exposed wrist, and Louis pulled it over and kissed it distressedly.

“You're so fragile, but still didn't want to let go of me.

When we get back to the spaceship, I’ll get some ointment to apply on it.”

Even after doing all that, Louis still did not recover his memory, and even blamed him.

Xi Ning glared at him, stretched out his hand and pulled his cheek, while whispering, “Beast……”

Compared with Xi Ning, who was still struggling to get him to recover his memories, Louis was very relaxed.

He felt that Xi Ning probably no longer wanted to go back to the Federation, otherwise why would he take such initiative He turned over and lowered his head to kiss Xi Ning's lips.

“Don’t you like it when I am like that”

Xi Ning shyly pushed him away and swam into the sea, but Louis didn't care about his actions, he sat up and smiled.

Xi Ning swam deep in the sea for a while, and heard a faint calling.

He couldn't hear it very clearly underwater.

He swam back for a while in doubt, and he heard Louis calling him again, and his tone was not right.

Xi Ning emerged from the water, and saw several strangers appear on the beach.

They pointed their weapons at Louis and the subordinates not far away.

They had the same symbols printed on their clothes, and the system said, “It's the people from the Federation.”

His heart suddenly fell to the bottom.

Louis was still in the shallow area, and Xi Ning swam over to stand in front of him.

Louis was very calm, he stretched out his arms and hugged Xi Ning to comfort him.

“Don't be afraid.”

An older man came out from the group of the people of the Federation.

The color of the badge in front of him was different from that of the others.

He looked around.

“It's just the four of you here”

Louie lifted his eyelids, and his tone was very mocking.

“Don’t you have eyes to see for yourself What nonsense are you saying”

He used rude words, and blatantly hugged the marriage partner of the Federation.

Some of his subordinates couldn't help but refute.


The middle-aged man raised his hand to stop them, and his tone was unexpectedly gentle.

“I'm not here to arrest you.

Come out and get dressed first.”

Hearing this, Xi Ning was very surprised.

He felt that this person seemed to know Louis and asked the system, “Who is he”

“According to his appearance and age, he should be General Carl of the Federation.

He didn’t have any important role in the original story……” The system also felt very strange.

Could it be that the world automatically completed the story Normally, he should immediately handcuff Louis and take Xi Ning back, instead of gently letting the two out of the sea.

Louis picked up Xi Ning and walked into the tent under the gazes of people of the Federation.

The subordinate wanted to take Xi Ning from him, but Carl said, “Let him go.”

He sat down at the dining table where Louis and the others had set up, and had most of his subordinates step aside, leaving only the two of them to stand by, waiting for Louis and the others.

Before Xi Ning changed his clothes and went out, he pulled Louis and asked, “Does this person know you”

He thought about a lot of possibilities, but they all felt it was impossible.

Louis only replied, “......Let's go out first.”

He took Xi Ning out of the tent.

Carl saw the two coming over and pointed to the other side of the table.

“Have a seat.”

Louis first let Xi Ning sit down and then sat beside him.

He then took a sip of water from the cup on the table.

Carl didn't seem to care about Xi Ning.

His appearance looked very kind, and the fine lines at the end of his eyes made him look like he was smiling.

He waited for Louis to put down the cup and said, “Seems that you have gotten bolder.

You even dare to rob His Royal Highness Cyril.”

While Xi Ning sat on the side uneasily, pinching Louis's hand under the table nervously.

Louis raised his eyebrows, “Rob”

He turned his head and kissed Xi Ning's lips, then turned to Carl and explained kindly, “See, we are in love with each other.”

The subordinates behind Carl were so angry that they could not do anything because of Carl's orders.

Xi Ning was also startled, but then Carl laughed.

Only then did he take a good look at Xi Ning and said with a serious tone, “So, does this make His Highness Cyril my daughter-in-law”


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