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This is different from the lunch that Song Zhou used to bring to school every day.

The freshly cooked egg fried rice is fragrant.

The fried potatoes are simple but they taste good.

Even though they are the simplest foods, they are delicious when eating together.

While Xi Ning was eating, Song Zhou was also watching him silently.

Seeing that Xi Ning accidentally got choked when eating too fast, he hurried to pour some water for Xi Ning.

Song Zhou made just enough for two bowls.

Xi Ning still hadnt had enough after he finished eating his portion.

He took the initiative to clean up the dishes and chopsticks.

“You can go upstairs first.”

He secretly regretted that Song Zhou didnt make more.

If he did, he could still eat it at night.

After finishing cleaning the dishes, He saw that Song Zhou did not go upstairs first, instead he was leaning on the stairs to wait for him.

When Xi Ning almost reached his room, he wanted to ask if Song Zhou still wanted to do revisions together in the afternoon.

“Do you……”

There was a sudden loud sound coming from the gate on the first floor.

Someone was about to push the door open.

Xi Ning heard Xiao CongYi and Lin Mians voices.

Why did Xiao CongYi come back at this time

Xi Ning reflexively pulled Song Zhou and quickly hid in his room.

He even closed the door gently so that Xiao CongYi wouldnt find out.

Song Zhou, who was pulled in, looked puzzled.

Xi Ning explained in a low voice, “My brother doesnt know you are here.”

Knowing Xiao CongYi, he would definitely ask questions when he saw Song Zhou.

Furthermore, if Lin Mian was really there, he couldnt let them come into contact with each other.

Xiao CongYi had already entered through the door and was walking up the stairs.

He was speaking with Lin Mian with an angered tone.

“If I did not go there, would you just stay with that person all day”

Xi Ning leaned on the door to eavesdrop.

He heard Lin Mians timid voice.

“I am just doing revisions together with my classmates.

Why do you even care about this”

“What revision would need two people to do it alone”

They had already reached the door of Xiao CongYis room.

Listening to the sound, Lin Mian should have been forcibly grabbed by Xiao CongYi.

Xiao CongYi said, “What subject do you want to do revisions in Ill help with it.”

Lin Mian struggled.

“You let go…… you are kidnapping……”

Xi Nings eyes widened and asked the system, “Which plot is this”

The system quickly checked the plot and replied.

“This is the original plot of the book: Lin Mian and an alpha made an appointment at a coffee shop to do revisions because of the assistance program.

Xiao CongYi happened to pass by and saw them together…..

so he forcibly brought him back.”

Lin Mian was weak at arguing, and his blushing face was more like inviting.

Xiao CongYis attitude eased a bit, he let go of Lin Mians hand but still prevented him from leaving.

“Since youre here, let me help you to do revision.

I can teach you anything, I am far better than that alpha in the cafe.”

Tsk tsk tsk, I can feel Xiao CongYis jealousy from here.

Xi Ning watched their interaction with a grin.

The faster Xiao CongYi and Lin Mians relationship progressed, the happier he became.

“Why would I want to do revision with you……” Lin Mian was pressed against the wall by Xiao CongYi, holding back his tears.

“Our teacher requested this.

Why are you like this……”

Xiao CongYi lowered his voice.

“Why am I like this You have been arguing and avoiding me all this time.

You dont know how much I am…..”

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Xi Ning heard some strange sounds.

He was stunned for two seconds before he realized what was happening.

He hurriedly stepped back like a cat that had its tail stepped on, and he accidentally bumped into Song Zhou who was behind him.

Song Zhou stretched out his hand to support him.

He looked at Xi Nings neck from the behind, and held his breath.

“Whats wrong.”

Xi Ning turned his head and stood back up.

“Its nothing……”

Xiao CongYi and Lin Mian had already returned to their room.

Xi Ning immediately received the reward from his mission.

[The plot is back on the right track, the probability of the protagonists repairing their broken relationship is increased by 40%, 5 mission points are rewarded.



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