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After Louis returned to the spaceship, he threw the communicator directly into the trash can.

Later, Carl also had someone decipher the communication system on the spaceship, and he talked to Louis several times, wanting to know his current situation, and every time he spoke, he revealed the idea of

wanting him to go back.

Louie refused every time, and then he recruited Langdon and reinforced all the systems on the spaceship.

Carl could no longer contact Louis.

This was the first time in more than a year that they both had a conversation again.

Xi Ning listened carefully.

He guessed that someone must have quietly picked up the communicator that Louis threw away.

He thought that…… it was most likely Vera.

She was the person on the spaceship that wanted Xi Ning to leave the most.

If it was Vera, she had indeed guessed correctly that Carl would definitely bring him back, and knew that Carl would not do anything to Louis, but she was so sure that Louis would not go back to the Federation with him

But in fact, Xi Ning also didn’t know Louis’s choice.

He leaned on Louis and said softly, “You must have suffered a lot.”

From the many details that Louis just mentioned, Xi Ning could roughly imagine what kind of life he had since he was a child.

A person from a completely different world suddenly appeared and said that he was his father.

It was normal that Louis couldn’t accept it.

Xi Ning had his own selfishness, but Carl’s appearance was the best solution for now.

If Louis was willing to go back to the Federation with him, at least they would not be separated.

He also had the opportunity to explain to Louis what he had to do, or wait for him to regain his memory.

Louis slightly raised the corners of his lips.

He actually didn’t care too much about the past.

“After becoming a pirate, it’s much better.”

Not only was he free, but he also had a good life.

It was an accident that Carl came to visit this time…..

Louis thought of something, and the corner of his mouth pressed down a little.

Xi Ning did not mention the matter of returning to the Federation.

It was already dark outside.

Louis turned on the lights in the tent and lay down with Xi Ning in his arms.

Carl did what he said and let Louis and Xi Ning play at the beach for two more days before being brought back to the spaceship.

His fleet was suspended around the spaceship.

Weapons could fire at the spaceship at any time; Louis was not there, Vera and Langdon were also nowhere to be seen, the pirates on the spaceship did not dare to act rashly.

Louis and Xi Ning were surrounded by them as soon as they returned.

“Boss, are those people outside from the Federation”

“What on earth are they trying to do, steal our sister-in-law”

“We didn’t even know when they approached.

Were the people in the control room dozing off”

Vera and Langdon, who were nowhere to be seen for several days, also appeared in the crowd.

Langdon had a bad expression on his face, he stepped forward and said in a low voice, “Boss, I have something to tell you……”

“No need, I know it’s not your fault.” Louis patted Langdon’s shoulder, looked at Vera not far away and sneered, he then said in a volume that everyone around could hear, “You guys can ask Vera all these questions, after all, she was the one who sent the coordinates to attract the people of the Federation, and she knows more of the details me.”

There was a dead silence, and everyone followed Louis’s line of sight to look at Vera.

Vera’s expression changed, but she quickly calmed down.

“What are you talking about I don’t understand.”

When Louis was away, she made an excuse to stay in the control room with Langdon.

When she noticed an unfamiliar battleship approaching them, she released smoke and stunned everyone in the room.

When the time was almost up, she woke up with everyone.

Even if Langdon suspected her, he had no evidence, and neither did Louis.

As Louis’ right-hand man for so long, her prestige among pirates is not much weaker than that of Louis.

As long as she refused to admit it, what could Louis do with her

Louis didn’t want to say a word to her again, so he retracted his gaze and said, “Those people outside won’t do anything for the time being.

Just stay at ease.”

After he finished speaking, he took Xi Ning back to his room.

But these pirates had never experienced such a situation before, how could they be at ease They want to ask Louis again but dare not speak.

And come to think of it, the control room had never done wrong.

Could it be that there were really traitors on this ship…… Someone turned their suspicious eyes to Vera again, only to see that Vera already quietly left.

In the afternoon, Carl and some of his men boarded the spaceship.

The pirates were very hostile to them, standing around and staring at them, until Louis ordered, “They are all our guests, arrange the best rooms for them.”

Carl looked around in the spaceship, nodded in approval and said, “That’s right.”

Louis didn’t know what he was bragging about.

He didn’t even bother to ask, and said with a sullen face, “When will you and your people leave”

“Have you forgotten When I leave, I will bring His Royal Highness Cyril with me,” Carl reminded kindly.

“As for you, I will give you another week to consider.”

In other words, after a week, whether Louis was willing to go back to the Federation with him or not, he would leave with Xi Ning.

Louis had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

Carl had every opportunity to take Xi Ning from him directly, but now he let him make his own decision.

If he still disagreed, would he let him go like before

He watched Carl enter the room he arranged, turned around and walked back.

At noon on the second day after his arrival, Carl came out to eat with his subordinates in the cafeteria.

No matter how many people were staring at him, he remained calm.


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