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Louis leaned against the door, knocking while admitting his mistake in a low voice, “I’m sorry babe, I was wrong.

I’ll never hide anything from you again.”

They were arranged to live with Carl’s subordinates in the accommodation area.

Someone heard the sound and opened the door to take a look.

Although Carl knew the relationship between the two, he didn’t make it too obvious.

He arranged two rooms for Louis and Xi Ning.

Louis’ room was next door, but he didn’t go there, instead he sat outside Xi Ning’s door.

“Ning Ning, can you open the door” Louis stopped knocking, leaned on the door and whispered as he knew that Xi Ning could hear him, “I promise not to touch you.”

His behavior was so abnormal that someone had already secretly reported to Carl, and it didn’t take long for Carl to appear at the end of the corridor, showing an expression of watching a play.

Louie was a little embarrassed.

He turned his face and ignored Carl, slamming his forehead on the door.

“Don’t be angry, babe……”

After twelve o’clock in the evening, the lights in the common area and the corridor were turned off, but Louis was still sitting at the door with his eyes closed, as if he had fallen asleep.

After a long while, there was a faint sound in the room.

Xi Ning couldn’t see anyone through the peephole.

He didn’t know if Louis was still there, so he quietly turned the doorknob and opened a gap, trying to take a look outside.

He only saw a figure at the door when Louis suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the door.

“Babe, are you not angry anymore It’s cold outside.

Can you let me in”

Xi Ning knew that he wasn’t cold at all.

The Federation was much richer than the pirates, and the heater in the corridor was on at all times.

Louis grabbed the door again and wouldn’t let him shut the door.

Louis was finally able to enter the room and, as soon as he closed the door, he hugged Xi Ning and kissed him.

“Ning Ning is so cruel.

My legs are stiff.”

“I am not as cruel as you.” Xi Ning felt a little unhappy when he remembered his anxiety and feeling of loss that he had gone through the past few days.

“Even other people know that you will be leaving with me, but I didn’t.”

When Louis was about to leave, the other pirates were not surprised at all; they had obviously been given advance notice.

Xi Ning lowered his head and was sullen.

Louis knew that he was wrong.

He pulled the chair and sat down.

He hugged Xi Ning on his lap and coaxed him, “I’m the one who made a fool of myself.

Besides, how could I let you go back to the Federation alone”

“But you said that you don’t want to be the general’s son.” Xi Ning leaned on Louis, surrounded by his familiar smell, his anger almost gone.

Louis raised his eyebrows and said, “I did say that before, but it does not conflict with going to the Federation with you.”

Xi Ning listened ignorantly, but if he didnt use the identity as Carl’s heir, what identity could he use to stay with him after they went to the Federation

Louis explained that he went to Carl a few days ago and said that he could go back to the Federation, but he did it for Xi Ning, and he wanted to have more time to consider becoming his heir.

Carl readily agreed.

As long as Louis was willing to get on his spaceship, there was still a glimmer of hope.

He also wouldn’t lose contact with Louis like before.

“If I didn’t guard you carefully, what if you really married someone else” He couldn’t resist when Carl wanted to take Xi Ning away.

After Xi Ning returned to the Federation, he would just find another chance to escape with him.

After Carl’s spaceship arrived in the Federation, Louis put on the servant’s clothes and took the pills Carl prepared for him, turning his black irises blue, a characteristic intrinsic to the sea clan.

When Xi Ning was sent to the Federation’s spaceship, he was accompanied by a servant of the sea clan.

As early as when the pirates hijacked the spaceship and counted the prisoners, he disappeared.

Most of them lost their lives in the chaos and he was probably one of them, so Louis took the opportunity to pretend to be him and enter the palace of the Federation with Xi Ning.

Carl sent a message on the way, saying that his subordinates found traces of interstellar pirates during a routine patrol in the galaxy, and he happened to have free time, so he simply hunted them down in person only to find Cyril, who had been kidnapped by the pirates.

The pirates used His Royal Highness Cyril as a hostage.

As long as Carl let them go this time, they would hand over the person intact, otherwise they would detonate a bomb and die together with the hostage.

After weighing the consequences, Carl let the pirates go and successfully rescued His Royal Highness Cyril and brought them back.

When thinking about this matter carefully, there were still many doubts, but Carl was the general with the best rating in the Federation and the most popular among the people.

In addition, he did bring back the long-lost Xi Ning.

Even though there were some doubts, those voices soon disappeared.


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