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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 252

Just as he was struggling to make a decision, a strong wind came from behind him.

Nighthawk's body reacted faster than his brain, and he tilted his head to hide in reflex.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a dazzling blade.

The person behind him was also dressed in black, covering half of his face and he was unable to see who it was, but his shot was very ruthless.

Nighthawk’s arm was injured as he was unprepared and he immediately threw a smoke bomb and quickly fled from the scene.

The fight between the two in the dark did not disturb anyone.

Seeing Nighthawk fleeing in a hurry, the man in black did not chase after him, and went back into the darkness.

He took out a communicator and sent a message.

Nighthawk was injured and did not dare to go back to his residence or go to Fei Shi's place.

He was afraid that someone would tail him.

He found a remote corner and hid until it was almost dawn, making sure that no one came to apprehend him.

Only then did he quietly leave.

After he dealt with the wound, he reported the matter to Fei Shi, “Looking at his actions, it doesn't look like he's here to ruin our plan.

There is a high probability that he is just protecting that Sea Clansman secretly.

As I thought, there’s no way there’s only a few people guarding the prince of the Sea Clan……”

This time he was careless, but Nighthawk didn't dare to go there for the second time, as he worried there would be an ambush waiting for him.

Before Fei Shi could reply, he said to the communicator, “It's impossible to assassinate him in a short time without anyone noticing, I'll think of another way, or let's start with Morrison first.

Don't you have a good relationship with Morrison Compared to me here, you can easily poison him or something……”

Fei Shi on the other side of the communicator didn't make a sound.

After a while, he pressed the hang up button and threw the communicator aside.

The next day, Louis got up early and found that the communicator that Carl gave him had some new messages.

When Louis opened it, his face became more solemn.

When he was with Xi Ning last night, he did hear some faint sounds outside.

He put on his clothes and went out to take a look, but didn’t see anything unusual.

Carl's message said that someone wanted to harm them last night, most likely from the Beast Clan, but fortunately, he had arranged people to protect them secretly, and the other party had fled after being injured, and he shouldn't dare to come over in a short time.

He also asked Louis to be more alert.

If he felt that he couldn't protect Xi Ning, he could consider taking Xi Ning to his general's mansion.

He had a way to deal with the federal president.

Louis rubbed the side of the communicator and replied with a message, “Thank you, I will consider it.”

He put away the communicator and went back to the bed to wait for Xi Ning to get up.

He kept this matter a secret as he didn't want Xi Ning to worry.

He followed Xi Ning back to the Federation, but he still hadn't considered many things.

If it wasn't for Carl, something might have happened last night.

Louis didn't expect the Beast Clan to be so courageous that they would dare to enter the palace of the Federation.

Or maybe there were already spies inside the Federation.

Otherwise, how could an outsider sneak into the inner layer of the palace so easily without being discovered.

Louis felt more and more that he had to take Xi Ning out of here, but there was no one around him that he could use.

The fastest and safest way at present was to ask Carl for help.

Not only Carl, the system also reminded Xi Ning to let him be more alert recently.

In the plot of the original book, His Royal Highness Cyril was attacked one night.

Fortunately, he was only slightly injured.

The president was very angry when he knew this, and sent a lot of people to protect him.

What Xi Ning didn't know was that someone had already come last night.

Of course, the system could protect his body from dying without completing the mission.

Even if his heart was stabbed, it was able to drag it until he can get treatment, but the system still doesn't want Xi Ning to be injured.

As for the final mission, after the system had speculated and calculated during this period of time.

As long as the two conditions are met at the same time, Xi Ning did not need to actually die, and the mission would be considered a success.

One was to save Morrison, and the other was to make everyone think that Xi Ning is dead.

When Xi Ning heard it, he felt that it was more difficult than the original mission…...

Just when he was worried, Louis silently asked the palace guards to step up their patrols, and the three meals that were brought in every day were strictly checked.

The servants didn't know why, and thought that Louis was just suddenly making a fuss.

Who dared to touch the things in the federal palace But they dared not defy Louis and test every food delivered for drugs.

But it shocked them when they really tested it.

They found that one of the biscuits that Xi Ning often eats was poisoned.

The servant was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat behind his back.

He hurriedly reported to Louis, but Louis still kept it a secret and didn't let Xi Ning know.

And such a big thing must be reported to the president.

In his anger, the president allocated twice the number of guards to Xi Ning's palace according to the plot of the original book, and strictly investigated the palace to find out where the poison came from.

Xi Ning noticed that there were more guards in the palace, and vaguely sensed something had happened.

Before he could ask, Louis took the initiative to ask, “Would you like to live with Carl for a while”

This time, not only did the Beast Clan come to assassinate him at night, but poisonous food was also brought in.

Louis felt more and more that there were spies hidden deep in the Federation, and it was not safe at all here.

“Can I live with him” Xi Ning's eyes lit up, and then hesitantly asked, “Will the president agree”

He really wanted to go.

Among the people in the Federation, Carl gave him the best impression, not to mention that he was Louis' father.

This was the problem that Carl needed to solve.

He also promised Louis before.

Louis took out the communicator to send a message and said, “Don't worry, he will agree.”


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