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He Has a Sickness that Needs to be Cured Chapter 257

Louis caressed Xi Ning's hair.

He looked too calm and had no idea about federal officials, so Xi Ning explained, “His name is Fei Shi.

Do you remember the banquet we attended when we first came He was the one who appeared in the bathroom with Morrison...…”

Louis raised his eyebrows.

“So they have a love-hate relationship”

Xi Ning finally realized that something was wrong with him, and stared at him for a long time, then tentatively said, “You…...are you……”

Louis called him, “Babe What's wrong with me”

Xi Ning was stunned for two seconds and said in surprise, “Have you recovered your memory”

Louie replied “yeah” with a sigh, he hugged Xi Ning and smiled, “As soon as I woke up, I remembered everything.”

Xi Ning was happy but he felt strange.

What exactly were the conditions for Louis to recover his memory He couldn't figure it out at the moment, so he continued to talk to Louis about his mission, “I've been waiting for you to recover your memory for a long time…...

I'm about to do the last mission, and I have been afraid that you won't agree to it.”

“Going back to the Federation I indeed won’t agree.” Louis frowned.

“Also, what is your mission I remember you said that you need to fake your death after Morrison is safe”

It had not reached the last moment yet.

Louis only recovered his memory of Xi Ning, and he couldn't enquire too much about the mission or the system.

Louis had already recovered his memory.

Xi Ning no longer had anything to hide and answered honestly, “My original mission should be to die for Morrison.”

When Louis heard the words, he was stunned for a moment, and a trace of hostility rose in his eyes.

“How dare they make you do such a mission……”

Xi Ning tightened his arms around Louis' waist and comforted him, “There is another solution.

As long as everyone thinks I'm dead, it will be alright.”

Louis calmed down and repeated in a low voice, “Everyone thought you were dead…...including Carl”

Xi Ning was stunned by the question.

They are now living with Carl, and they still need his help in the follow-up mission.

If they want to fake death under his nose, it may not be that simple.

“Or……” Xi Ning hesitated, anyway, Louis has recovered his memory now, and he will enter the next world as soon as he completes the mission, “How about I follow the original mission The system says it can adjust my pain to the lowest level, it will just be like falling asleep, and when I wake up, it is already……”

“Impossible,” Louis interrupted, “don't even think about it.”

Xi Ning immediately shut his mouth.

Louis' expression softened, and he leaned in to kiss him.

“It doesn't matter if the completion of the mission is flawed.

At most you will just receive a smaller reward.

If there is any punishment, I……”

He wanted to say that he could hack into the system to change the settings when transferring the world, but it might not be successful, but he couldn't say this, for fear of being judged as cheating by the system.

Xi Ning knew why he didn't continue to talk about it.

Nevertheless, Louis regained his memory, and he felt a lot more at ease, as if the song last night was not sung in vain.


Xi Ning determined the approximate time Fei Shi would act from the system, and Louis quickly went to find Carl.

Who knew how Louis would explain it to Carl.

Louis went all afternoon and when he came back, he told Xi Ning, “He can’t arrest Fei Shi now, but he will send someone to protect Morrison and not allow him to be killed.”

With these words, Xi Ning finally felt relieved, and asked him how he should prepare to fake his own death.

“I haven't told Carl about this yet,” Louis wasn’t worried about Carl's thoughts, and he had no reason to stay in the General's Mansion after Xi Ning faked his death.

“Let’s wait and see.

Don't worry, I'll find a way.”

As the plot time got closer and closer, Xi Ning received several warnings to let him go back to the mission site, but Louis told him to leave it alone, it would be fine.

“What's your illness in this world” Louie recalled carefully how he got along with Xi Ning and how Xi Ning acted when facing others, he asked in an unsure tone, “......Autism”

Xi Ning retorted, “It's aphasia! You are the one that has autism…..”

Louis laughed twice, then after a while he said, “So you can only sing to me”

Xi Ning was very embarrassed because of the singing incident last time, so he deliberately didn't mention it again.

At this time, he blushed quietly, “Um…… Yes.”

They were basking in the sun by the pool in the backyard.

Louis lowered his voice and said, “Sing for me again Let me listen carefully.”

“No,” Xi Ning immediately refused and looked around, “It will be heard by others……”

“Then sing for me tonight.”

Xi Ning suspected that Louis did it on purpose, and was too embarrassed to ask again, so he turned his head and didn't continue the topic.

He also discovered recently that there seemed to be more guards arranged by Carl near them.

Xi Ning mentioned it to Louis once, and Louis only said, “Let him do what he wants.”

He knew that Carl wanted him to recognize him as his father and return to his ancestry, but when Xi Ning's mission was completed, Louis would leave with him.

But he might be able to take advantage of this and ask Carl to help Xi Ning feign his death.


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