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Lin Mian couldnt stand Lian Zes insults.

He raised his head and glared at Lian Ze angrily, looking like a hamster who had been robbed of food.

Lian Ze smiled and poked the side of Lin Mians face.

He was doing all this on purpose, and hoped that someone would tell this to Xiao CongYi to make him angry.

Xi Ning hesitated for a while.

If he showed up, he might not be able to drive Lian Ze away.

But if he didnt do anything, would Lin Mian blame it on Xiao CongYi again

There was no one in the original plot who stood up against Lian Ze for Lin Mian.

Xiao CongYi only found out about it afterwards and went to settle scores with Lian Ze.

There were no mission instructions from the system, but maybe he can try to win over Lian Mians favorability since Lin Mian was basically his “sister-in-law”……

Everyone in the classroom basically knew Lin Mian but no one wanted to cause trouble.

Xi Ning suddenly stood up from the last row and his chair made a loud noise.

Lian Ze raised his head to look at Xi Nings direction.

He raised his eyebrows.

“I wondered who it was.

It turns out to be Xiao…..”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Xi Ning suddenly sit down again.

Lian Ze.


Lin Mian also glanced back.

He squeezed the page on his book and turned back without saying a word.

Xi Ning who was sitting on his chair was struggling.

His wrist was held tightly by Song Zhou.

He was pulled by Song Zhou just now and Xi Ning lowered his voice.

“What are you doing”

Song Zhou leisurely flipped through a page of the textbook with the other hand.

“Class will be starting soon.”

Sure enough, the next moment the school bell rang.

The teacher came in with his textbook while pushing up his glasses and saw Lian Ze.

“You are not a student in this class, right Why not go back to your class“

Lian Ze got up lazily and walked out the classroom.

Song Zhou only let go of his hand at this time and continued to read his book, as if nothing happened just now.

Xi Ning rubbed his wrist.

Song Zhou was quite forceful when grabbing him.

But he wasnt hurt so he didnt think much.

The system was very angry.

Just now it wished it could pull Song Zhous hand away from Xi Ning.

Hearing some insults from it, Xi Ning couldnt help but say, “Why do you hate him so much”

“I am a most dedicated and thoughtful intelligent system to you master,” the system said, “We should quickly get rid of this kind of BUG that affects the plot.

Dont worry master, I will protect you……”

“Oh,” Xi Ning said expressionlessly.


The gossip between the students spread extremely quickly.

When school was over in the afternoon, Xi Ning was told that Xiao CongYi had gone to find Lian Ze and asked him to go home first.

The driver was afraid that Xi Ning would be worried and said, “Second young master, dont worry.

Young master will be able to handle it well.”

Xi Ning saw Lin Mian on the side of the road just before getting into the car.

He asked the system, “Xiao CongYi went to settle scores with Lian Ze because of Lin Mian, does Lin Mian know about it”

The system checked and said after a moment.

“He will only know about this after a week.

This is an important plot point which helps the relationship between both protagonists to make a big progress.”

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Xi Ning rubbed the tip of his nose and thought.

“If I let him know today, will it change the plot”

Without any mission instruction, the system can only rely on its own system calculation to make decisions.

“According to Lin Mians personality, he will definitely go to find Xiao CongYi after knowing it.

And on the other hand, according to Xiao CongYis personality, he would feel that Lin Mian is worried about him.

The effect is similar to the original plot.”

Xi Ning felt the same way.

After getting in the car, he asked the driver to drive up to Lin Mian and lowered the window.

“Lin Mian, why isnt my brother with you”

Lin Mian was puzzled.

“Why would he be with me…… Isnt he supposed to be with you”

Xi Ning pretended to be surprised and said, “He said he was going to find Lian Ze to settle the scores.

Oh, Lian Ze is the person who came to the classroom to find you today.

I thought he came to find you first, after all……”


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