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This was just Song Zhous guess.

There were many things that he still couldnt make sense of in Xi Nings actions, but Xi Ning did not intentionally hide his actions.

Xi Nings expressions of excitement and joy that he had seen didnt seem to be faked.

Xi Ning was stunned when he heard this.

He had a sudden urge to tell Song Zhou everything.

But this was against the rules and Song Zhou may not believe it.

Yet his “medicine” was right in front of him and he offered to help him.

Maybe he wouldnt have to suffer from his illness as he had before.

Song Zhou saw that Xi Ning was hesitating and softened his voice as if he was coaxing him.

“I will bring you breakfast every day from now on.

You must eat it.”

Xi Ning gasped slightly, his heart feeling like a complete mess.

He pulled Song Zhous sleeve.


Song Zhou sat back again and patiently waited for Xi Ning to organize his thoughts.

Since Butler Lin would come back soon, Xi Ning quickly thought about it and said, “It seems to be what you said but I dont know why.”

Xi Ning sat up a little bit and tried to get the expression on his face to look helpless and pitiful.

“Usually I cant eat anything, only the food that you brought……”

Why did this sentence feel strange Xi Ning held back the second half of the sentence and said, “Is there something wrong with me I didnt dare to tell this to the school doctor just now……”

Xi Ning had a helpless expression on his face, and the expression that he made could easily trigger peoples desire to protect him.

The system praised him, “Master, you are doing great!”

Xi Ning heard the system but felt uncomfortable.

“Shut up! Silence.”

Xi Ning didnt know whether Song Zhou would believe his words.

Song Zhou paused for two seconds.


Butler Lin came back just at this moment with Xi Nings schoolbag.

He was walking toward the cubicle while asking, “Second young master, shall we go back now I have asked the driver to drive in directly.”

Song Zhous words were interrupted.

He didnt continue speaking and helped Butler Lin to support Xi Ning to get up and then send him back home.

Xi Ning could only put this matter aside and wait until the next opportunity to bring it up.

After getting in the car, Xi Ning looked at Song Zhou through the window.

Before the car drove, Song Zhou mouthed three words silently.

Xi Ning recalled Song Zhous words on the road and what he said should be “dont be afraid”.

After returning home, the cooking auntie found out that Xi Ning had a stomach ache earlier and quickly made him some porridge.

Her face was distressed and she couldnt help but say, “Second young master, you can tell me whatever that you wanted to eat in the future.

Auntie will make it for you, so dont starve yourself any more.”

Xi Ning nodded desperately.


The cooking auntie was still worried and watched Xi Ning drink half of the porridge before leaving.

Xi Ning wrinkled his face as soon as she left.

In order to prevent the cooking auntie from being suspicious, he suppressed his nausea and tried to eat more but his stomach was still feeling uncomfortable.

Moreover, he had his stomach ache before lunchtime.

Now that he missed Song Zhous lunch so much.

Compared to the first time, Song Zhou also intentionally increased the variety and quantity of the food in his lunch.

Xi Ning wondered if he could try giving some money to Song Zhou next time as a subsidy to see whether he will accept it.

It would be great if Song Zhou could be hired directly as his personal chef…… Xi Ning had this thought again.

But if that happens, the cooking auntie might be sad……

Xi Ning laid on his bed and didnt want to move.

He played on his phone for a while and then stared blankly at the air.

After some time, someone knocked gently on the door of his room.

“Second young master, someone is looking for you.”

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Xi Ning wondered, who would come to find him

His stomach no longer hurt so much, he got up and opened the door.

“Who is looking for me”

The servant pointed to the door with a cautious expression on his face.

“He said he was your classmate.

I saw him visit you last time, so I let him in……”

Xi Ning faintly guessed it was Song Zhou after hearing it but he couldnt believe that Song Zhou would come since it was still school hours.

He followed the servant, walking towards the stairs then looked down.

As expected, Song Zhou was standing by the door.

Song Zhou raised his head and smiled at Xi Ning when he saw Xi Ning walking toward him.


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