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However, Song Zhou still couldnt refrain from the anxious and impulsive emotions that he felt.

Since he just smelled Xi Nings pheromone, some hidden desire was also growing inside him.

Xi Ning took the meal and started to eat.

He was already starving after dealing with the situation just now.

Seeing that it was getting dark outside, the driver sent several text messages to remind Xi Ning.

Song Zhou has been sitting next to him while watching Xi Ning eating his dinner.

Xi Ning took a few bites and turned to Song Zhou and said, “Why dont you go back first Its getting late.

The driver is already on the way and I will go home after eating.”

“Me, go back first”

Song Zhou repeated Xi Nings words in a low voice while raising his eyes.

“Do you want to be here alone And leave the school alone”

Xi Ning saw that Song Zhou seemed to be angry again.

He was confused because he just wanted Song Zhou to go back soon so he wouldnt waste his time here.

With such a short distance from the classroom to the school gate, how could something possibly happen to him

Xi Ning lowered his head and continued to eat.

“Im fine by myself, you can go back first.”

At this time, even the system said, “As an omega, master you should be more cautious.

Its better to let him stay with you here.”

After hearing that, Xi Ning paused his movement and hesitated.

Song Zhou tightened his fist that was on the side of the table and let out a sigh.

Song Zhou did not speak again but he did not leave either.

Even though Xi Ning had used the suppression spray, he may not be completely fine.

He also threw away his pheromone-blocking tape.

How could he leave Xi Ning alone in this situation

There was a desire to have Xi Ning all by himself in his chaotic emotions.

He didnt want other people to smell Xi Nings pheromone.

This might be the real reason for his anxiety.

Both of them were sitting quietly in this weird atmosphere.

Xi Ning suddenly smelled a strange scent.

The scent gave off the fragrance of the cold wind.

Xi Ning was initially a little irritable because of the series of events just now, but now he suddenly felt relieved, as if he was comforted by the scent.

The redness and swelling around his glands disappeared completely, and his delicate skin returned to normal.

The pheromone that he had accidentally released was also covered.

Xi Ning didnt know the change that happened on the back of his neck.

He only felt that the scent was too weak.

He wanted to get closer and smell it more.

Xi Ning continued to sniff the scent in the air and finally found out that it was coming from Song Zhous direction.

Xi Ning dropped his chopsticks and leaned forward, almost leaping onto Song Zhou.

Song Zhou reached out his arms to support Xi Ning, his drooping eyelashes left a small shadow on his skin.

“Whats the matter”

Xi Ning looked dazed.

He wrinkled his nose and sniffed in front of Song Zhou, and said to himself, “What is this scent”

“Scent” Song Zhous heart missed a beat as Xi Ning leaned over and smelled the space between his collar and chin.

“What scent”

When the two were about to hug each other, the system shouted with its maximum volume.

“Master! What are you doing! Your pheromone is abnormal again!”

Xi Ning came back to his senses, he was so shocked and he got up and backed away from Song Zhou Immediately.

Xi Nings chair clashes on the concrete floor, making a loud noise in the empty classroom.

Song Zhou was pushed away by Xi Ning.

Song Zhou was leaning against the table and watching him silently.

“Master, how did you feel just now Were you affected by those alphas” The system rummaged through the background information of this world and tried to find out why Xi Ning suddenly acted strangely.

“Are you still feeling uncomfortable Do you want to use the suppression spray again”

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Xi Ning took a deep breath.

He was afraid to look at Song Zhous eyes so lowered his head and picked up his mobile phone and schoolbag.

“Im leaving now.”

It almost seemed like Xi Ning was running away.

Song Zhou was still worried about Xi Ning.

He got up and followed Xi Ning quietly and saw him leaving the school gate and getting in the Xiao family car before returning to the classroom.

Xi Nings half-eaten meal was still left on the desk.

Song Zhou quietly looked at it for a while and then threw it away in the trash can.

Before Song Zhou left, he took out his mobile phone.

The sky outside the window had begun to darken, and the bright light from the phones screen looked very obvious in the dim classroom.

Song Zhou opened the search box of the browser on his phone and entered a line of words: the signs of gender differentiation.


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