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The voices outside the door got smaller and smaller, Xi Ning still heard some phrases such as “face injuries”, “rubbing medicine” and so on.

It didnt take long for him to receive the mission reward from the system.

[The plot is back on the right track.

The probability of the protagonists repairing their broken relationship has increased by 40%, 3 mission points are rewarded.


Xi Ning didnt feel so happy.

He closed the mission panel and turned over in bed.

At a later time, Xiao CongYi and Lin Mian went downstairs to eat together and asked the servants to come up and inform Xi Ning.

However, Xi Ning did not go to eat dinner as usual.

The servant didnt dare to disobey Xi Ning.

He went downstairs and told Xiao CongYi.

Xiao CongYi said with an angry expression on his face, “Xiao Ning only asked for a leave because of a stomach ache yesterday, and he doesnt want to eat again”

Lin Mian also knew about Xi Nings stomach ache yesterday.

He suddenly remembered that when he was in the alley, Song Zhou was holding a box meal.

He whispered, “Maybe he already ate with Song Zhou before he came back”

Lin Mian felt that Xi Ning had changed a lot and this had caused him to always subconsciously want to pay attention to him.

Even though he had misunderstood Xi Ning before, he couldnt help but guess the relationship between Xi Ning and Song Zhou.

There is also the sentence that Lian Ze said.

“Both Xi Ning and Xiao CongYi have the same taste and interest in betas” seemed to continue to echo in his ears.

Xiao CongYi asked, “Who is Song Zhou”

Lin Mian seemed to realize that he had said the wrong thing.

He pouted his lips and lowered his head without answering Xiao CongYis question.

Xiao CongYi didnt want to say anything harsh in front of Lin Mian, seeing that his relationship with Xi Ning has eased and Xi Ning no longer rejected Lin Mian.

He called the servant.

“Pack these dishes and send them to the second young masters room.”

After he finished speaking, he turned his head and smiled at Lin Mian.

He grabbed a fish steak for Lin Mian and gently said, “Lets continue eating.”

The next morning, Xi Ning went to the dining room to get some food and saw Xiao CongYi and Lin Mian.

He then greeted them unwillingly.

There were dark circles under Xi Nings eyes, and he didnt look very happy.

The meal that was sent to his room last night was untouched and it was sent back out again.

Xiao CongYi was worried that Xi Ning would get a stomach ache again so he stopped Xi Ning and asked, “Why didnt you eat dinner yesterday”

Xi Ning lowered his head and picked one of the nicest breads on the dining table.

“I already ate before I went home.

Im going to class first.”

He was still thinking about Song Zhou, and he didnt want to deal with Xiao CongYi and the others.

Since the relationship between Xiao CongYi and Lin Mian seemed to be back on the right track.

It was only a matter of time before he completed the mission.

As for Song Zhou…… After the incident yesterday afternoon, Xi Ning was a little nervous when he thought of seeing him in the classroom.

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He didnt sleep well last night.

He had strange dreams all night.

He looked at his reflection in the mirror when he was cleaning his face just now.

His face looked so terrible that it looked like he had stayed up all night.

As for that dream, he seemed to have dreamed about Song Zhou, and there was also that special scent that smelled good.

But for the rest of the contents of the dream, he has forgotten about it after waking up.

Xi Ning habitually brought breakfast to Song Zhou when he left.

He looked down at the bread in his hand and sighed.

No matter how much he guessed and worried, he still had to go to school normally.

Wasnt it just one Song Zhou What was he so afraid of

Upon entering the classroom, Song Zhou also sat in the classroom early as usual and he was reading a book.


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