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What was the basis for the compatibility of pheromones Could two people without any relationship attract each other with only pheromones

Xi Ning felt aggrieved.

He became an omega in order to do the missions.

He didnt want to be a person controlled by pheromones, but if the person was Song Zhou……

Song Zhou thought that Xi Ning was still being affected by the pheromones from yesterday afternoon, so he panicked.

He pulled his chair away and squatted down to inspect Xi Nings forehead.

He whispered to Xi Ning, “Should I take you to the infirmary”

He didnt want to alarm other people.

The pheromone detector in the classroom was still flashing.

He could detect that Xi Nings emotions were currently very unstable, and Xi Ning had started to release some of his pheromones.

It was best to leave before the detector gave an alert.

The infirmary again…… Song Zhous hand that was on his forehead was dry and cool.

Xi Ning retained some of his consciousness, but he still couldnt smell the scent that he yearned for.

Song Zhou probably didnt know that he was an alpha and was undergoing gender differentiation.

Not to mention that Song Zhou didnt know that he became like this probably because he accidentally smelled Xi Nings pheromones.

The morning class was about to begin, Xi Ning pushed Song Zhou away.

He picked up his suppression spray and ran out of the classroom.

There were not many students in the corridor.

Xi Ning lowered his head and turned left and right into an unlocked utility room.

There was no detector installed in this utility room.

There was thick dust everywhere and it seemed that normally no one would come here.

Xi Ning clutched his nose and walked to the corner.

He took the suppression spray and sprayed it on the back of his neck twice.

The system asked nervously, “Master, are you feeling better Why dont you ask for leave to go to the hospital The school infirmary has limited equipment, so it is better for you to go directly to the hospital.”

Xi Ning agrees with the systems suggestion.

However, when he touched his pocket, he found that he had forgotten to take his phone.

He had no choice but to take the suppression spray and spray it again.

He felt that his sanity was gradually recovering and the heat on his body subsided a bit.

Xi Ning didnt want others to know his situation, especially Song Zhou.

He decided to go back to get his things after he had fully recovered.

When Xi Ning first learned about this ABO world, he felt that people who were out of control under the influence of pheromones were like beasts.

Now that he personally felt it, it was even more unacceptable.

When he thought that he was in estrus because of Song Zhou…… Xi Ning picked up the spray and sprayed it twice again.

The system constantly paid attention to the changes of pheromone in Xi Nings body, but it could only look at some superficial data, such as excessive adrenaline in the pheromones, and then draw a conclusion based on the comparison of the data found.

The system was checking the data while comforting Xi Ning.

“Master, dont be afraid.

Pheromone instability in adolescence is very common.

Medical technology in this world is fairly advanced.

Medicine can solve most of the problems……”

Suddenly, there was a noise coming from the door of the utility room, and someone knocked on the door from outside.

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Xi Ning was startled.

He held his breath and looked at the door.

Song Zhous voice sounded at this moment.

“How are you feeling”

Song Zhou actually followed him.

Xi Ning clenched the suppression spray in his hand and didnt reply.

“If you dont want to go to the infirmary, you can just ask for leave and go home.

Your things are still in the classroom.

Would you like me to bring them for you”

When Xi Ning ran out of the classroom, Song Zhou followed him immediately.

He didnt know what was going on with Xi Ning, so he waited outside of the utility room for a while and knocked on the door.

The utility room was very quiet.

Song Zhou was worried about Xi Nings condition, so he opened the door directly.


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