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Xi Nings thought was very simple.

If Lin Mian underwent gender differentiation faster, the plot would also progress faster.

Xi Ning needed to ensure the completion of the mission.

Only then would he have the energy to think about other things.

The system was very quiet and it was probably because it had not recovered from the shock of realizing that Song Zhou was an alpha.

Xi Ning waited until noon and then he went downstairs to heat up his meal.

The cooking auntie was surprised to see the lunch box in his hand.

“Second Young Master, whose lunch box is this”

“My classmate gave it to me.” Xi Ning didnt show any expression on his face.

“His mother knew that I have a weak stomach, so she made some dishes that are suitable for me.”

The cooking auntie didnt completely believe what Xi Ning said.

She wanted to see exactly what was in the lunch box.

When Xi Ning had a stomach ache, she blamed herself the most.

She was constantly worried that Xi Ning would not eat well every day.

However, Xi Ning ran out of the dining room while holding the hot lunch box before the cooking auntie could respond.

“I will go upstairs and eat while doing my homework.”

In the afternoon, Song Zhou came by himself at the same time as last time.

This time the servant led him to the front of Xi Nings room automatically.

Perhaps it was because the original host of this body had a bad relationship with his classmates before, and he never took a friend home, which made Song Zhou very special.

Even if he seemed to be from an ordinary family, the servant did not dare to neglect him.

Xi Ning opened the door to let him in.

He sniffed subconsciously as Song Zhou walked by, but he didnt smell any scent.

Song Zhou put down his schoolbag and saw the box of medicine on Xi Nings desk.

He picked it up and glanced at it.

“Are you feeling better now What did the doctor say”

“Yes, I am feeling better.” Xi Ning sat down on the bed.

“The doctor said…… My glands are more sensitive than ordinary peoples, and the pheromones that I suddenly came into contact with yesterday were too mixed up.”

Xi Ning intentionally didnt mention anything about the incident in the utility room that happened this morning.

Song Zhou put down the box of medicine.

He responded to Xi Nings answer in a low voice and walked towards him.

Even though Xi Ning already took the medicine prescribed by the doctor at noon and put on a new pheromone suppression tape with better effect, he was still wary of Song Zhou and retreated a little.

However, Song Zhou just bent down to pick up the quilt that was hanging down to the ground and placed it back in its place.

“What do you want to eat later”

“I am fine with anything.”

Xi Ning looked at Song Zhou.

“Did you ask for leave again Dont you need to attend the classes”

If Song Zhou had been delaying his studies because of him, he would feel bad about it.

But Song Zhou had already asked for leave several times, would the teacher really agree Since he didnt have the privileges like Xi Ning.

“Ive self-taught myself the future lessons.” Song Zhou was totally unconcerned about it, as if it was just a trivial matter.

Xi Ning just remembered that Song Zhous grades were also good.

Even if he was not in the top three in each subject, he was definitely placed in the top ten.

Except for physics, which was the only subject that dragged him down.

Their assistance program was still on-going.

However, since too much had happened in the past few days, it had been put on hold.

After the system knew that Song Zhou was an incompletely differentiated alpha, it felt that he must be plotting against Xi Ning and said with doubt, “Song Zhous other grades are so good, but why is only his physics so bad He must have intentionally gotten low grades so that he could be alone with master……”

“Then how did he know that I would help him with physics And according to your logic, he should also want to be alone with Lin Mian.”

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Apart from the pheromone aspect, Song Zhou was so kind to him.

What if Song Zhou just wanted to repay him for tutoring him in physics

When it involved the plot, the system silently shut up.

After Song Zhou went downstairs to the kitchen, it appeared and said, “Master, go take a look at Song Zhous school bag to see whether there are any physics workbooks and test papers.”

Xi Ning frowned.

“What are you planning to do”

The system confidently said.

“Lets check whether or not he really cant do physics problems.

The questions that the master copied for him are not easy.

I dont believe that he can solve it just after some simple explanation.”

So what if it proved that he was pretending to be bad at physics Maybe he had planned to use it as a chance to be alone with Lin Mian before, but now his plan has already been destroyed by Xi Ning.


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