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But…… Xi Ning hesitated.

He got up and walked towards Song Zhous school bag.

Its fine if I just took a look right If Song Zhou really was pretending to be bad at physics, I would have more reason to doubt him on other aspects.

The things in Song Zhous school bag were neatly arranged.

Xi Ning looked for a while and found several workbooks that were not issued by the school.

Song Zhou obviously bought them and did the exercises inside it.

He took out one of the physics workbooks and turned over a few pages.

The neat handwriting on the workbooks was the same as the solution written by Xi Ning.

He didnt need the system to speak out, Xi Ning can see that the score that Song Zhou can get in the workbook was completely different from Song Zhous physics score during the exam.

Song Zhou really was intentionally getting low grades in physics.

The system immediately raised the alert flag, saying that Song Zhou must be plotting against Xi Ning when he offered to do revision at the beginning.

Maybe he also intentionally made Xi Ning have a false estrus.

Xi Ning remained silent.

He put the things back in place, opened the door, and went downstairs.

When Xi Ning walked near the kitchen, he heard the voice of the cooking auntie talking to Song Zhou.

“Xiao Song, do you often cook at home”

Who knew when the cooking auntie went to the kitchen.

She had even started chatting with Song Zhou.

She seemed to be talking about cooking.

Song Zhou replied, “Well, I live alone.”

“Its usually quite hard, right You have to study and take care of yourself.” The cooking auntie felt sorry for Song Zhou.

“I have to thank you for cooking for the Second Young Master.

Although the Second Young Master is sometimes a little willful, he is still young after all.”

Xi Ning was embarrassed to hear that from outside the kitchen.

He was no longer young, not to mention the body he was currently in was the same age as Song Zhou.

The cooking auntie was just passing by coincidentally to take a look.

There were still other things she needed to do.

She left the kitchen after a short while and she didnt find out that Xi Ning was on the other side of the door.

After she walked away, Xi Ning entered the kitchen and leaned against the cabinet.

“Auntie didnt ask why you are here”

Song Zhou turned his head when he heard the sound and wiped his hands on his apron.

“Yes, she asked.

I said I came to visit you and you wanted me to cook for you cause you are hungry.”

What a good reason…… Xi Ning took a closer look.

Song Zhou was braising the corn rib soup.

There was also some sliced meat and vegetables that were placed aside, which Song Zhou was about to use for cooking.

Xi Ning tilted his head to watch him cook and suddenly said, “You are so kind.”

Song Zhou took a moment to look at him, but he did not answer.

Seeing that Song Zhou didnt have much of a response, Xi Ning turned to another direction.

He grabbed Song Zhou sleeve and looked up at him with a serious expression.

“Are you also so kind to others as well”

Song Zhous movement was restricted.

He gently pulled down Xi Nings hand and moved his lips.

Xi Ning didnt wait for Song Zhou to speak out, he suddenly laughed and said first, “If you were an alpha, there must be a lot of people who would like you.”

Song Zhou squeezed his hand tightly.

Xi Ning broke free in the next second.

He turned around and walked out of the kitchen and said, “I will go to do my homework first.”

Xi Ning went downstairs just to take a look at Song Zhou and then went back to his room again.

The system didnt understand why he said those words to Song Zhou just now.

Shouldnt Song Zhou be questioned and be kicked out of the Xiao family now

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Xi Ning only said, “Since he doesnt want to tell the truth, Ill let him keep his secret.”

Today Song Zhou cooked a lot of dishes.

After everything was done, he put them in the dining room and asked Xi Ning to come downstairs to eat.

Seeing that it was getting late, Song Zhou was about to go home, but Xi Ning stopped him.

“I cant finish eating so much by myself, why not eat together”

Song Zhou hesitated for a moment, but he did not refuse.

Only the two of them were sitting in the large dining room.

Xi Ning eagerly got up and served Song Zhou a bowl of soup.

“Thank you for cooking for me today.”


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