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Xi Ning listened to its explanation and breathed a sigh of relief.

“You scared me to death.

Lian Mian just failed to undergo gender differentiation.

I thought that he was unable to undergo gender differentiation.”

“But……” The system opened the mission screen cautiously.

“The mission has been released.“

[ Lin Mian failed to undergo gender differentiate for the first time, the possibility of plot change is increased by 20%.


The mission was released just now.

It was based on Lin Mians physical examination report, so there should be no mistake.

This time Lian Mian fainted because of gender differentiation, but Xi Ning didnt know what caused the failure.

Xi Ning has a headache.

“Even if he failed this time, isnt there another time This mission doesnt give any suggestions.

I cant help him differentiate.”

The system comforted Xi Ning.

“As the protagonist, he will definitely undergo gender differentiation smoothly.

The main system only makes a probability analysis based on the facts.

The probability of plot change has only increased by 20%, so its not a big deal.”

“But if I dont do something, will my mission points be deducted” Xi Ning quietly asked.

“Will I be punished”

The system choked.

“This, this…… isnt there Song Zhou! With him by masters side, there is no need to be afraid of deducting points anymore!”

Xi Ning took a deep breath and silenced the system.

In fact, what the system said is reasonable.

With an increased probability of only 20%, the deductions and penalties shouldnt be too heavy.

Besides, he also had Song Zhou with him.

Xi Ning put the matter aside first.

He could still use the “pheromone catalyst” medicine that he bought today as the last resort then maybe it would succeed.

Lin Mian stayed in the hospital for two days and then came back to class.

He seemed to be in a good condition and Xi Ning could not see any abnormalities from him.

The pheromone catalyst and collar had been delivered.

Xi Ning put a bottle of pheromone catalyst in his schoolbag.

He has already read the instructions carefully.

This catalyst only needed a short time to be effective and it has no side effects.

It was most suitable for people who were unable to undergo gender differentiation for a long time due to poor physique.

But Xi Ning is not sure why Lin Mian failed to differentiate, so he doesnt plan to use it for the time being.

Xiao CongYi stayed in the hospital for two days and went home.

Xi Ning also received a reward of 2 mission points.

At the same time, Xiao CongYi also brought him a message that Father Xiao would be back in a while.

In the normal plot, Father Xiao would provide a little assistance to the development of the protagonists relationship, but he was usually too busy and had to leave soon after returning, so there were not many scenes with him.

Xi Ning didnt care about it too much, and responded perfunctorily.

It was another holiday weekend, and this time Xi Ning asked Song Zhou of his own initiative “Will you come to my house”

The classmates in the front row heard what he said.

They turned their heads with shocked expressions, but they were glared at by Xi Ning.

Song Zhou replied obediently, “Okay.”

Xi Nings situation had been stable these days and he hadnt asked for leave anymore.

He also waited for Song Zhou to buy him his dinner from outside the school everyday.

Although it was a little troublesome, Song Zhou had no complaints.

“Or I can go to your house.” Xi Ning lowered his voice.

He tilted his head and leaned on the table.

“If you think it is inconvenient, then just forget about it.”

Xi Ning thought that since Song Zhou usually cooked and brought food for him, but he was unwilling to receive money from him, if he could go to his house this weekend, he could buy something and take it there.

Song Zhou turned his head to look at him.

He suddenly stretched out his hand to lift Xi Nings head up a little.

Xi Ning didnt understand why he did that until Song Zhou put his hand between him and the desk.

He was leaning on the warm back of Song Zhous hand, his face turned bright red.

He could even smell the scent of detergent on Song Zhous sleeves.

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Xi Ning slowly got up and sat upright while coughing slightly.

Song Zhou pulled back his hand before answering Xi Nings question.

“Okay, I am fine with either.”

The next class was English.

Song Zhou was the representative of the English class.

He had to go upstairs to the office to get the test papers.

He left after replying to Xi Ning.

Xi Ning was thinking about what things that he could bring for Song Zhou on the weekend.

He thought of preparing some cooked food and raw food.

He also wanted to buy a new set of tableware, and even change Song Zhous lunch box to a new one.

Xi Ning waited until the class bell rang, but Song Zhou did not come back.

The English teacher did not come either.

When Xi Ning was puzzled, the school siren suddenly sounded.


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