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Xi Ning replied, “I will ask the driver to come and pick you up.”

After Xi Ning called the driver, he also called Dr.

Li, but the line was busy.

Xi Ning had no choice but to get up to wash himself up first.

When he grabbed a mirror to look at the back of his neck, the skin around the glands was still normal, and didnt feel itchy as it had last night.

Was it just a common cold Xi Ning went downstairs and forced himself to eat something, and then he asked the servant for some cold medicine and antipyretic medicine.

After eating, Xi Ning went upstairs to rest.

Who knew if it was just the psychological effect, but Xi Ning felt better after taking the medicine.

There should have been some soporific ingredients in the medicine.

He leaned over on the small sofa and fell asleep.

Xi Ning was woken up by someone.

Someone gently lifted him up a bit, and touched his forehead and cheeks.

Xi Ning opened his eyes and saw Song Zhou sitting next to him.

Song Zhou then opened his collar to check his glands.

“Where are you feeling uncomfortable” Song Zhou touched the red marks caused by laying on the sofa that were on Xi Nings face.

Song Zhou frowned slightly.

“Have you seen the doctor yet”

“I already took medicine in the morning……” Xi Ning had no headache anymore, but he still felt weak and didnt want to move.

“Maybe its a cold.”

Xi Ning did have a bit of a fever, but it was not serious.

Song Zhou poured a cup of warm water for him.

He also found a pack of wet wipes on the table and wiped Xi Nings face.

It was almost noon at this time.

Song Zhou pressed the back of his hand against Xi Nings forehead.

“Are you hungry What do you want to eat at noon”

Song Zhous hand felt cool on his forehead.

Xi Ning tilted his head and rubbed against it.

“Anything is fine.”

Song Zhou got up and opened the door, but he happened to meet the cooking auntie who was carrying some food.

The cooking auntie heard from the servant that Xi Ning was sick again and was looking for medicine, so she cooked some light dishes for Xi Ning.

She also saw that Song Zhou came so she prepared two portions of meal for them and brought them up.

“Is the second young master feeling better” The auntie smiled at Song Zhou, bypassed him and put the food on the table.

“These are made specially for you two, and there is some chicken soup.

Are both of you feeling hungry now”

When Xi Ning and Song Zhou saw this, they couldnt say anything to refuse, so they both agreed.

After the cooking auntie left, Xi Ning collapsed on the sofa weakly and said, “You can eat first, I can still hold on for a while.”

Song Zhou approached Xi Ning and squatted down, he traced Xi Nings hair with his fingers, and comforted him.

“If you feel better, lets go out for a walk later”

Xi Ning closed his eyes and said, “Okay.” Song Zhou got up and went to the table to eat the meal.

There was a faint scent of the food coming from the direction of the table.

Xi Ning changed his posture on the small sofa and looked at Song Zhous back.

He suddenly felt a little hungry.

The feeling of nausea when he normally saw food at home seemed to disappear.

Xi Ning couldnt help getting up and walking towards Song Zhou.

He pulled up a chair and leaned beside Song Zhou while watching him eat.

Song Zhou originally thought that Xi Ning was just bored, until he saw Xi Ning kept staring at the meatball that he had picked up and there was a yearning look in Xi Nings eyes.

“Do you want to eat it” Song Zhou hesitated for a moment.

These were all made by other people and Xi Ning should not be able to eat them.

Xi Ning looked at the other pair of chopsticks on the side and didnt want to move.

His eyes were stuck on the meatball that was on Song Zhous chopsticks.

“I want to taste this.”

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Song Zhou moved his chopsticks with the meatball to Xi Ning, and Xi Ning took a bite and ate it directly.

Previously, Xi Ning could only eat what Song Zhou personally bought or made.

Could it be that his strange disease had disappeared

Song Zhou took another pair of chopsticks and handed it to Xi Ning.

“Do you want to try to eat some”

Xi Ning swallowed the meatball in his mouth and frowned.

“Forget it……how about you let me taste that also”

Xi Ning pointed to another portion of shrimp tofu steamed egg, but obviously he didnt want to take it himself.

Song Zhou then brought the bowl of shrimp tofu steamed egg over to Xi Ning and fed him with a spoon.


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