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Song Zhou was picked up by the driver as usual on Sunday.

As soon as Song Zhou walked in, he was pulled into the room by Xi Ning.

Although Xiao CongYi was dissatisfied, he couldnt do anything about it

Xiao CongYi still had other important things to do today.

Lin Mians birthday was around the corner.

He had to choose gifts and make preparations in advance so he left the house early in the morning.

As soon as Song Zhou came, Xi Ning kept looking at him.

Yesterday Song Zhou took away the remaining bottle of pheromone catalyst.

Xi Ning guessed that he might use it.

But after Xi Ning observed Song Zhou for a long time, he didnt seem to find any special changes to Song Zhou.

“Are you feeling better today” Song Zhou peeled the shell off a tea egg and held it in his hand to feed Xi Ning.

After knowing that Xi Ning could eat what he fed him, Song Zhou stopped cooking at the Xiao house.

It was okay to cook once or twice, but it would inevitably make people feel it was weird if he did it often.

Even though he still had doubts about Xi Nings strange disease, it was not important.

Xi Ning swallowed the tea egg.

He nodded and said, “Yeah, I am fine already.”


Li called Xi Ning and asked him about the condition of his body last night for fear that something might happen to him again.

Xi Ning answered the doctor about his bodys condition one by one, and finally hesitantly asked if he could have close contact with another persons pheromones, the one with high compatibility.


Li was silent on the other end of the phone for a long time but finally said, “Yes, but dont go too far.

Although you are an adult, you still have to control yourself……”

Xi Ning answered in agreement repeatedly and hung up the phone quickly.

As for his estrus period, it would be settled a week later.

At that time, the effects of short-term suppression medicine would have just passed.

This was also Dr.

Lis suggestion.

Xi Ning himself was rather awkward about this.

He wished to delay it as long as possible, but couldnt stand the urging from Xiao CongYi and Butler Lin.

After all, his body couldnt use suppression spray too many times.

But when he was in estrus, he had to stay at home for several days.

What about his meals Should he ask Song Zhou to stay with him Would Xiao CongYi agree

Xi Ning hadnt mentioned this matter to Song Zhou yet.

He wanted to think of a solution later at that time.

Before he asked for leave, there happened to be another monthly exam.

The teacher also approved his leave request, and advised him not to fall behind in his studies while at home.

Recently, Xi Ning had made some improvements in all subjects, and he was no longer bullying Lin Mian like before.

The attitude of the teacher towards Xi Ning had also improved a bit.

Xi Ning asked the system before, since there is a big difference between him and the original character, if he went OOC, would it cause any impact when he completed the mission and left the world

The system searched for the information for a long time and said, “I didnt find any instructions saying that you are not allowed to OOC or what to do after completing the mission, so master, you need not worry so much.”

Xi Ning was relieved when he heard that, this small world that was derived from the novel was not so logical, and since there was no requirement, he didnt care about it anymore.

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A few days later, it was Lin Mians birthday.

This was his nineteenth birthday.

When he was a child, he was living in the countryside with his parents.

That caused him to be older than his classmates in his year, and he was only a couple of days younger than Xiao CongYi.

Xiao CongYi knew that Lin Mian would not take the initiative to celebrate his birthday since he was afraid of spending money.

So he secretly prepared a lot without telling Lin Mian, and told others that he was preparing for his own birthday in advance.

Xiao CongYi also notified some of his best friends, and he also asked Xi Ning for help to invite classmates who had made friends with Lin Mian.

But the classmate who invited Lin Mian could never use the name of Xiao CongYi.

Xi Ning could help him with this, but gradually, Lin Mian knew that “himself” was about to celebrate his birthday.


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