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Lin Mian thought at first that someone was making a joke of him intentionally, but after hearing Xi Nings explanation, he realized that it was Xiao CongYi.

Xi Ning was afraid that Lin Mian would think too much and specifically said, “My brother also wants to celebrate his birthday in advance, and its more convenient to celebrate it together.

If you really mind, I…… can go talk to him.”

In other words, Xi Nings sentence implied that its fine for both of you to celebrate your birthdays together, right If you are not happy, its none of my business.

Im just helping you out.

Lin Mian couldnt reject him and left with a distracted look.

Xiao CongYi also asked Xi Ning to go with him to the birthday party, saying that since the relationship between Xi Ning and Lin Mian had improved, Xi Nings presence as a familiar face would also make Lin Mian feel more secure.

Xi Ning hesitated a bit.

It didnt matter if he went or not.

The problem was that Song Zhou obviously didnt like him getting close to Lin Mian.

If he went to the birthday party, Song Zhou would probably be unhappy about it.

So he found an opportunity to ask Song Zhou, “My brother and…… Lin Mians birthday, would you like to go with me”

“Why would I need to go” Song Zhou lowered his head and turned his pen.

“Whose birthday is it Your brother and Lin Mians birthday so coincidentally fall on the same day”

Xi Ning lay sideways on the desk, his eyes staring at Song Zhous face.

“The difference between both of their birthdays is only a couple days, but it is mainly for Lin Mian.”

Song Zhou said, “Then you dont have to go.”

“Its not so good to reject it, since it is also to celebrate my brothers birthday.” Xi Ning leaned closer and whispered, “besides my brother personally begged me to go to his birthday party.”

Although Xi Ning was not exaggerated about it, he knew that Xiao CongYi really hoped that he could come.

Xi Ning quietly reached out and grabbed Song Zhous sleeve.

He pulled it and said, “Can you come with me I cant eat anything, so I will leave after dinner.”

Song Zhou did not look at Xi Ning.

He held Xi Nings fingertips with his hand and continued to write in the notebook with his other hand.

It was currently a self-study period.

The teacher was not in the classroom, and since they sat in the last row again, no one would notice them.

Xi Ning waited quietly until Song Zhou put down the pen after writing the last question.

Song Zhou squeezed Xi Nings hand.


The specific time for the birthday party was set after class the day after tomorrow.

Xiao CongYi worried that Lin Mian would not go, and waited at the door of the first-class before the class bell rang.

But Lin Mian seemed to be in a good mood, and he didnt show any unwillingness.

It was his birthday, after all.

He was happy that someone remembered his birthday.

On the way there, the system suddenly said, “Master, there is a plot that will happen in advance, and it will most likely happen tonight.”

Xi Ning and Song Zhou were in the same car, Xi Ning opened his eyes when he heard this.

“What plot”

“Xiao CongYis…… fiancée has returned from abroad.

There is a high probability that she will come to Xiao CongYis birthday party tonight.”

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“Tonight” Xi Ning sat up straight.

“Why havent I heard you say anything about this before”

The system explained that Xiao CongYi and his fiancée are childhood friends.

She had been studying abroad for several years.

In the original plot, she came back with Xiaos father.

They should have appeared in the later stage.

But because Xi Ning recently got sick so often, it caused Father Xiao to worry Xiao CongYi wasnt managing him properly, so Father Xiao decided to come back early.

Speaking of this, Xi Ning remembered that Xiao CongYi had indeed mentioned to him that Father Xiao was coming back some time ago, but he did not expect that he not only came back secretly but also brought someone with him.

Today was Lin Mians birthday, but it was impossible for that fiance to find the place they were holding the birthday party, right Besides, he believed that Xiao CongYi would take care of it if anything happened.

And the most important thing was that he did not receive any mission reminder from the system which meant that the plot would not change.


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