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After Xi Ning finished speaking, he stood up and stood beside Song Zhou.

“At this point, there is no reason for me to lie.

If you still disagree, dad, I don’t want to go back……”

Xi Ning had a determined expression on his face, as if saying, “If you insist on taking me away, I will still go on a hunger strike and try to run off again.” Father Xiao frowned and looked at Doctor Li.

“Is it possible for his situation to happen”


Li responded quickly, “This is the first time I’ve heard about a situation like the Second Young Master’s, so more comprehensive tests need to be done.

However, there have been some similar cases in the past where some omega who suffers from autism or depression is healed with the help of their husband…”

“Moreover.” Dr.

Li looked at Xi Ning and Song Zhou.

“The second young master is very sensitive to external pheromones or hormones because of his sensitive glands.

A little carelessness will trigger a negative reaction.

But it seems that Xiao Song protected the second young master very well.”


Li was simply a godly assistant! Xi Ning cast a grateful look at him.

Father Xiao was a bit moved by Dr Li’s words.

He called the Butler Lin outside and asked a few questions in a low voice.

Butler Lin also heard their conversation outside the door.

After Xi Ning escaped from the house yesterday, he arranged someone to follow him quietly, so naturally he saw Song Zhou feeding Xi Ning in the restaurant.

Combined with some abnormalities that Xi Ning previously had at home, Butler Lin thought for a moment, and said a few words near Father Xiao’s ear.

Father Xiao was glancing back and forth between Xi Ning and Song Zhou.

Xi Ning was unable to guess what Father Xiao was thinking from his expression.

Xi Ning tensely clenched his fists.

Song Zhou tilted his head and softly calmed him.

“It’s okay.

Don’t worry.”

He could see that Father Xiao was a bit swayed.

Besides, Dr.

Li had also agreed to him staying with Xi Ning so it was impossible for Father Xiao to refuse.

Sure enough, Father Xiao stood up and nodded slightly.


Xi Ning was overjoyed, but Father Xiao spoke again.

“But there are some conditions.”

Song Zhou packed his belongings and got into the Xiao car with Xi Ning.

They were in the same car as Dr.



Li turned his head from the co-pilot’s seat and handed Xi Ning a small bottle with some colorful small, round tablets in it.

“This is a lozenge that can calm emotions.

Whenever the second young master feels anxious or uncomfortable, you can take one,” Dr.

Li said and looked at Song Zhou who was to the side, and smiled.

“Although Xiao Song may not have a use for it, I also prepared a bottle for you.”

Xi Ning thanked him.

He was still wearing Song Zhou’s clothes, and he had no pockets on his body, so he put it in Song Zhou’s school bag.

Father Xiao also asked Butler Lin to apply for a few days off from school for Song Zhou.

He would only go back to class after Xi Ning’s estrus period ended.

The teacher probably guessed the relationship between Xi Ning and Song Zhou, and wanted to ask a few more questions, but was blocked by Butler Lin’s excuse of “they had hired a private tutor” and had to give up on asking.

Xi Ning was marked temporarily early last night, but now Song Zhou’s pheromones in his body were gradually dissipating.

He was very irritated to see the fast passing scene outside the car window, and buried his face in the front of Song Zhou’s clothes on his way back while taking a short nap.

When Xiao CongYi pulled open the car door and saw the situation in the car, he frowned.

He knew that Father Xiao was going to pick up Xi Ning.

He wanted to go with Father Xiao and also asked for leave.

But Father Xiao worried that he couldn’t control his pheromones because he was a young alpha, which would affect Xi Ning, so he won’t let him follow.

But no one told him that Xi Ning would bring someone else back.

Song Zhou woke up Xi Ning.

Xi Ning opened his eyes and saw Xiao CongYi.

Xi Ning then slowly called him, “Brother……”

Father Xiao got out of the car and walked over.

He raised his hand and glanced at his watch, and said to Xiao CongYi, “It’s getting late.

You go to school first.”

It was obvious that Song Zhou came over with Father Xiao’s permission.

Xiao CongYi swallowed his words back into his stomach, nodded and left.


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