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The system opened the mission information and gave him a brief introduction.

This was a world of cultivation, and it was derived from a novel without CP.

The protagonist was a talented mortal.

When he was fourteen years old, he entered the cultivating immortal sect founded by the human race, and eventually he reached the peak of life.

Then the system told Xi Ning that the protagonist was only ten years old at this point of time.

Xi Ning walked slowly in the corridor, occasionally there were some people passing by and they would bow to him, he was surprised.

“Ten years old Then what is my mission”

The system explained that the bug in this world lay in a side character.

He was originally a negative character.

One day, this character suddenly collapsed and he became even more evil, causing chaos in the immortal world.

The center system detected that if he continued to do so, he would harm the environment of the protagonist’s future development.

And this person couldn’t be eliminated directly.

His son had an important supporting role in the book, and he hadn’t been born yet.

If he was eliminated directly, the important supporting role would disappear, and this world was very likely to collapse.

Therefore, Xi Ning’s mission was to prevent this side character from doing evil.

Even if he wanted to kill him, he had to wait until the mother of this important supporting actor became pregnant.

Xi Ning frowned and listened.

“When will this supporting character’s mother be pregnant”

The system opened the mission panel to check, and then replied after a while.

“According to the normal timeline, his wife will be pregnant in a year.”

Xi Ning, “……”

The description of his illness was still displayed on the mission panel, and the sentence, [Having contact with the right person will ease your illness] was still there, exactly the same as in the previous world, except that his illness had become skin hunger.

Xi Ning thought of Song Zhou when looking at it.

He felt very upset and looked away.

He left so suddenly.

He didn’t know what happened to Song Zhou later.

Besides, since he left suddenly, would the original Xiao Ning come back and continue to replace him What would happen between him and Song Zhou

Xi Ning asked the system while waiting in the void, but the system said that it couldn’t search any answer about it.

And now because of this important supporting role, he had to wait at least a year.

Xi Ning felt more upset the more he thought about it.

He walked to a garden and casually found a stone bench and sat down staring blankly at the air.

The system carefully comforted him.

“Actually, master, you can also try to make this important supporting role’s mother get pregnant earlier Ah, but if the time of pregnancy is different, will it be the same person……”

After the system said that, it also couldn’t figure out the correct answer, so it went to check the information silently.

Xi Ning sat in the garden for a while, he then got up and walked back.

His identity in this world was the seventh son of the Immortal Emperor.

His mother was of the azure dragons clan, so he also had a little dragon blood.

Although he was a loner and had no sense of existence, he was still favored by the Immortal Emperor, and he usually had no worries about food and clothing.

The side character that collapsed was a general under Immortal Emperor command.

Although he had a high position, he was still a class lower than Xi Ning.

Even if Xi Ning went against him, he at least dared not say much in front of others.

Xi Ning had just arrived in this world.

He was also in a low mood and didn’t want to do anything now.

His skin hunger seemed to have begun to take effect.

He began to feel slightly irritable and anxious, and he wanted to go back to the room just now and take a rest.

When he walked halfway, the system sent a mission instruction.

[Huo Xiu caught several spirits and a low-class devil and has returned to the immortal world.

He wants to keep them in his mansion.

The probability of character collapse has increased by 20%.]

Huo Xiu was the side character who gradually collapsed.

It was very obvious what this man wanted to do.

Since the mission instruction had been sent, Xi Ning had to stop this.

Xi Ning paused.

He stared at the mission reminder for a long time and then turned around.

“Where is he”

The system was a little worried about Xi Ning’s current state, but the mission could not be ignored.

And they still didn’t know who the person in this world that could relieve Xi Ning’s illness would be…… The system led the way for Xi Ning.

“At the West Hall.”


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