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The entire palace was very big, and the Immortal Emperor treated his close subordinates very well, so he also divided part of the palace for them to live in.

Huo Xiu was also one of those subordinates.

Xi Ning now was able to use spiritual skills, although he didn’t really know how to use them.

But he could walk very fast and it almost seemed like he was flying.

He then reached the place that the system said in a very short time.

Someone was guarding outside the hall, and when he saw him coming, he hurried to greet him.

“Your Royal Highness Why did you come to the West Hall today, did you get lost If you need me to……”

“I heard some crying sound in the hall, what’s the matter” Xi Ning interrupted him and walked straight forward.

“I’ll go in and take a look.”

In fact, he didn’t hear any sound at all, but the people in the West Hall didn’t dare to stop him, and hurriedly explained with a grin.

“General Huo caught some disobedient spirits and he was about to deal with them.

If this disturbed you……”

While the person was speaking, Xi Ning had already pushed open the door of the hall.

As the system said, there were several people kneeling in the hall, Huo Xiu was raising a person’s chin and looking at them.

Seeing Xi Ning come in, Huo Xiu was puzzled.

He straightened up his body and greeted Xi Ning.

“Greetings to Your Royal Highness, why did you……”

Xi Ning nodded perfunctorily and pointed at the people on the ground.

“Who are they”

“Recently, an immortal reported that there were spirits causing trouble.

I took the time to take a look and caught a few of them.” Huo Xiu retreated to the chair beside him and sat down, he also poured two cups of tea.

“In addition to some little spirits, I also caught a low-class devil which Your Royal Highness had witnessed here before I had time to deal with them.”

He pushed a cup of tea to Xi Ning’s direction, motioned him to come over and sit down, but Xi Ning remained unmoving.

“General Huo is really sympathetic to the populace.” Xi Ning looked at the group of people kneeling in the middle of the hall, with doubts on his face.

“But aren’t there special prisons in the palace Why did the general bring them into the hall”

Huo Xiu didn’t panic when Xi Ning asked him that.

He took a sip of tea and said, “I hope that Your Royal Highness won’t laugh at me.

It’s really hard for me to restrain myself.

I want to have a taste of some beautiful little spirits.”

He actually said it straightforwardly, Xi Ning was a bit stupefied.

“But don’t worry, Your Royal Highness, I will definitely discipline them, and I will never let them cause trouble again.” Huo Xiu put down his teacup and changed his expression again.

“The Immortal Emperor also discussed the words ‘enjoying the sweets of life while one is young’ with me.

After all, life and death are impermanent.

If my soul is gone someday, I don’t want to die with regrets.

Isn’t that right, Your Royal Highness”

He also brought out the Immortal Emperor.

In other words, he meant that even if the Immortal Emperor knew that he did this, he wouldn’t do anything to him.

Huo Xiu refused to release them, does it mean that his mission will fail Xi Ning stood still and did not speak for a while, he was thinking about what else could be done.

“How about this.” Huo Xiu took the initiative to break the ice, and blinked ambiguously at Xi Ning.

“Your Royal Highness, would you also like to pick one to bring back to your place”

Huo Xiu didn’t believe that Xi Ning would really pick one.

Even though this seventh prince lived in the palace, he didn’t even have a close servant.

Maybe he didn’t even know what sexual intercourse tasted like.

Moreover, these little beauties with delicate skin and tender flesh should be treated with love……

Huo Xiu looked at Xi Ning calmly.

His glance shifted from his blue hair to his white fingertips, and suddenly he heard Xi Ning say, “One is not enough, I want all of them.”

Huo Xiu couldn’t believe his ears, and he smiled reluctantly.

“Your Royal Highness you are so good at joking, you……”

“I am not joking, I want all of them.” Xi Ning looked very interested, he mimicked Huo Xiu’s movements that he saw when he came in.

He raised the chin of a person near him, but suddenly he was stunned.

This is a low-class devil, about fifteen or sixteen years old, with a black mark between his brows representing his devil identity.

However his face looked exactly like Song Zhou.


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