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Chapter 88

Maybe it was because of his skin hunger, but Xi Ning felt that after he came to this world, he was always in a bad mood.

He closed his eyes and didn't let himself think more about it, and said to Chu Yi, “You can leave first.”

After he waited for the system to come back and reply to him, he would get to know the answer, so it was useless even if he kept guessing it now.

Not only did Chu Yi not leave after he heard Xi Ning’s words, he instead stepped forward and half-kneeled in front of Xi Ning.

“Your Royal Highness, do you have a headache Do you want me to help you massage it”

He saw Xi Ning look over and smiled lightly.

“This should make you feel more comfortable.”

The tree spirit told Chu Yi in the afternoon that Xi Ning's discomfort was mostly due to the growth of his dragon horns, but he never stated that massaging it could relieve the pain.

Xi Ning was stunned for a while, because Chu Yi smiled like Song Zhou.

Even the curvature of the corners of his mouth was so similar.

Xi Ning froze for a moment.

Chu Yi didn’t rush XI Ning either.

He looked up at Xi Ning while half-kneeling down.

Finally, Xi Ning lowered his eyes.


Xi Ning actually wanted to give it a try.

Was Chu Yi the “antidote” in this world If his skin hunger was relieved, he should be able to feel it soon…...

After Chu Yi got Xi Ning’s approval, he asked Xi Ning to lie down on the couch while he stood on the side of the couch.

When Chu Yi’s hand gradually approached him, Xi Ning was a little nervous, and he closed his eyes as if waiting for execution.

At the moment when Chu Yi’s fingertips touched his forehead, Xi Ning couldn't help but let out a moan.

Chu Yi quickly pulled back his hand and he looked at a loss.

“Your Royal Highness, does it hurt”

He just touched it lightly, why was Xi Ning so finicky

Xi Ning shook his head while clutching his sleeves.

“It doesn't hurt…...”

Chu Yi was really his “antidote”.

Although it was only a slight touch, Xi Ning could feel it very clearly.

He had been uncomfortable for most of the day.

In addition to the headache from time to time, he was also in a bad mood.

He felt inexplicable anxiety and did not know how to alleviate it until Chu Yi touched him just now.

However, his “antidote” quickly disappeared.

The very short contact time hardly helped at all, instead Xi Ning had a stronger urge for Chu Yi to touch him.

But he is still not completely sure whether the person in front of him was really Song Zhou or not.

Xi Ning could only forcibly endure, not letting Chu Yi touch him, and urge Chu Yi to leave again.

“No need to massage anymore.

You can leave now.”

In Chu Yi’s sight, Xi Ning was feeling so uncomfortable that he squeezed his palms tightly.

His fingertips even turned white because of the force and Xi Ning’s expression on his face seemed to be a bit aggrieved.

Even though Xi Ning was asking him to leave, his tone of voice seemed unwilling to let him go.

Xi Ning didn't want to look at Chu Yi’s face for the time being, and turned away.

Chu Yi looked at Xi Ning's back a few times, then he got up and left.

Not long after he left, Xi Ning got up and ate some snacks.

When he opened the mission panel, he found that the system had not come back.

It was already dark outside.

Xi Ning opened the window and enjoyed the blowing wind for a while, then he got ready to go to sleep.

It was the first time that he wore this kind of ancient costume, and he fumbled when taking off his robe and only left wearing a single white coat.

He also didn't know where to clean himself.

In this bedroom, except for the bed, there was only a table, chairs, and couches.

Xi Ning guessed that there should be some cleaning spell, but he only can faintly use some spiritual power in the body, and didn’t know anything else.

The system was not here either.

Xi Ning felt uncomfortable if he slept without cleaning himself, so finally he condensed a puddle of water to wash his face before lying down on the bed.

The windows of the bedroom were always open.

After a while, a black smoke floated in and slowly condensed by the bed.

Chu Yi appeared from the smoke.

He was wearing another kind of black shirt and was holding a red bracelet in his hand, but he was in the shape of an adult man, and his face was not like his original fifteen or sixteen years old face.

Xi Ning, who was asleep, seemed to feel something and frowned.

There was some black smoke floating from Chu Yi’s fingertips to Xi Ning's nose.

Xi Ning’s brows were relieved and he fell deeply asleep.

Chu Yi wandered around the bedroom, and finally returned to the bed to look at Xi Ning's sleeping face, as if admiring an exquisite porcelain.

There was a black paper crow flying in silently at this time.

Chu Yi raised his hand to let it rest on his arm, and took out the sound-transmitting ball from its mouth.

After reading the message in the sound-transmitting ball, the paper crow and the sound-transmitting ball shattered into smoke together.

Chu Yi sat down by the bed, he reached out to pick up a strand of Xi Ning's hair and wind it between his fingers.

“Your Royal Highness ……” Chu Yi muttered to himself with a thoughtful expression on his face and a voice different from his original voice.

Finally, he let go of Xi Ning’s hair, turned into smoke and left through the window.


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