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Chapter 89

Xi Ning woke up very early.

When he opened his eyes and saw the floating bed curtains and his huge bedroom, he almost thought he was dreaming as he still hadn't been able to get used to it.

Xi Ning came back to his senses, he first opened the mission panel and called the system a few times, but it did not respond.

How come the system was taking so long to check the data Xi Ning sighed and when he was about to get up, there was a knock on the door.

“Your Royal Highness.” From the sound of it, it was Chu Yi.

He knocked on the door very softly and spoke softly, “Are you awake”

Xi Ning struggled between “He must be Song Zhou” and “He may not be Song Zhou” for a while.

He then sat up in bed.

“Come in.”

Chu Yi opened the door.

He was holding a bowl of steaming soup.

Xi Ning didn’t know what it was made of but there was the faint smell of flowers.

Did people in the immortal world eat these things However, even though Xi Ning hadn't eaten anything during this period, he didn't feel hungry.

He glanced at the soup in Chu Yi's hand, and still took a few sips.

Xi Ning had just woken up, so he was only wearing a single thin shirt.

His shirt’s collar was slightly open, revealing a small section of his collarbone.

When Xi Ning raised his wrist to drink the soup, his thin blood vessels could be seen clearly, exposed to the sunlight.

Chu Yi looked at Xi Ning's trembling eyelashes.

He quickly retracted his gaze when Xi Ning put down the bowl and raised his head.

There was still a small portion of the soup that Xi Ning hadn't finished drinking.

Chu Yi took the bowl and put it on the table.

He then walked over and picked up the robe that Xi Ning put on his bedside.

“Your Royal Highness, do you want me to dress you up”

Xi Ning finally realized that something was not right.

“Are you…...serving me”

“Yes, Your Royal Highness,” Chu Yi said with a puzzled face.

“Uncle Rong said, this is what you meant.”

Uncle Rong is the tree spirit.

When he saw Xi Ning bring these spirits back, he only asked the name of Chu Yi, and seemed to pay more attention to him.

Even though Xi Ning didn't say anything in the end, Uncle Rong made the arrangements on his own.

If Xi Ning was not satisfied, he would reallocate Chu Yi.

Xi Ning quietly opened the mission panel and searched for it to find out who Uncle Rong was.

“......Okay, I see.”

Chu Yi was holding Xi Ning's robe in his hand.

He cautiously asked again, “Then should I dress you”

Xi Ning hesitated and stood up.

“All right.”

It was true that he didn’t know how to wear ancient clothes.

It would be nice to have Chu Yi help him dress and it would be even better if he was Song Zhou.

When Chu Yi approached him, Xi Ning found that even though Chu Yi looked young, he was quite tall.

Chu Yi dressed up Xi Ning gently, and when he touched Xi Ning through the clothes, he seemed to relieve a bit of the symptoms from Xi Ning’s illness.

Xi Ning even had the thought to open his sleeve to let him touch his skin.

Chu Yi noticed that Xi Ning's body was getting stiffer and stiffer.

When he occasionally touched Xi Ning, he would avoid him a little bit, but there was no repulsed expression on Xi Ning’s face.

Chu Yi was very curious.

He pretended to accidentally hook Xi Ning's little finger when finishing with Xi Ning's sleeves.

Xi Ning's hand trembled.

He could feel the subtle touch for only a short moment.

He withdrew his hand and took a step back and was obviously resisting.

“Your Royal Highness……” Chu Yi didn't seem to understand why he did this, his expression was a little hurt.

“Does Your Royal Highness dislike me Or did I do something wrong...…”

He quietly looked at Xi Ning, and saw Xi Ning’s face had turned red and his light-colored pupils were like amber wetted by rain.

Then Xi Ning tilted his head and looked away.

“You leave first.”

Chu Yi repeated these three words in his heart.

He looked down and said, “Yes.”

Chu Yi turned and left with Xi Ning's unfinished soup, and closed the door.

Xi Ning felt more at ease after he left.

He couldn't ignore the effects of the illness and the antidote on him, and also the words that Chu Yi said, about whether or not he didn’t like him.

Xi Ning didn’t understand why he said that, but when he said it with that face, it made him feel upset.

Xi Ning was still waiting for the system to check the data.

If they were not the same person…...he must send this Chu Yi away.

The farther the better.

Xi Ning's forehead began to hurt again.

He took a closer look with the water mirror and found that there were two obvious green spots on his forehead, which also felt a little swollen when he touched them.

Was it possible that this Seventh prince had a hidden sickness The system was not around, so he was unable to check his physical condition now.

Xi Ning frowned and rubbed his forehead but it did not relieve the pain at all.

Soon he knew what was going on.

Uncle Rong sent two boxes of ointment over at a later time.

“Your Royal Highness, Immortal Emperor knows that you are unwell recently, so he ordered someone to send these two boxes of medicinal ointment.” Uncle Rong opened the lid to show Xi Ning one by one, and the strong smell of medicine spread in the air.

“Your Royal Highness, your body is weak since childhood so you must use it and don't try to act tough.”

Xi Ning picked up the ointment and dipped it with his hand.

“This is……”

“This box contains cloud mist grass and immortal Ganoderma.

It is the best for relieving pain and removing bruises.

Remember to apply it to the dragon horn spots once in the morning and evening.”

“Dragon horns…...” Xi Ning touched his forehead, only to remember that his body has the bloodline of the azure dragon.

No wonder he had been in pain these two days.

It turned out that his dragon horns were about to grow.


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